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dear friend-if your mark at the bottom is on TDC then that is fine,there is a 8mm hole in the top sprocket.alighn the hole with the mark on the cylinderhead,put belt on and tention turn ones around and lighn up marks.re-assemble.

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check the oil stick if their is a milky like substance on it if so the the block could be cracked. i hope not. The mechanic should've notice this if thats the problem. do check plug also. H.I.W.H

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check the vacumn pipes that run to to advance unit near the ignition module

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This could be a lot of things. The 'check engine' light is only an indication that somethign is wrong. this usually only means that a sensor that determines how the car will rn is broken, wore out, or lost connection. I would take it by a shop.
what they will do is plug your car into a computer ( that costs thousands) and the computer will give them a code that will give hints to what happened and what needs attention.
if the light is only on sometimes then it's just a connection but on all the tiem you need a new sensor somewhere. hope this helps

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try these website to see if they have your car listed its www.autozone.com if they have your car listed you be able to get pictures and diagrams and check on a price at the same time and here is another website its www.alldatadiy.com if all fails stop by your local library and get your hands on a Haynes auto repair manual for your car.

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Go to http://www.hmaservice.com/ and register (vehicle by VIN). Afterward, you'll have access to technical information (manuals, wiring diagrams, service bulletins, etc) about your vehicle. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) regarding the timing chain noise.

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did they repalce the upper mounts? sound like that's the problem.

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Larger exhaust, go to a 2". Thats about it unless you want to dump a couple grand into custom fitting a turbo system into it.

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The switch that controls this is attached to your brake pedal itself. You'll have to lay on the floor, looking up under your dash and you'll see a couple of wires attached to the switch that is attached to the pedal. Spray some WD40 all around that switch, pump the pedal a few times and all should be well.

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have tried to steer it a little while you turning the key? because some the steering lock was stuck.

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What are you talking about?.. I presume you are replacing the Timing Belt or are reinstalling it OR you want to VERIFY if the engine is in ACCURATE time? There are TWO timing MARKS.. one on the CRANKSHAFT & other on the CAM SPROCKET.
Maybe this will help.
53acef3.jpg This is with Crankshaft at TOP DEAD CENTER.

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go to http://www.hmaservice.com/ and register. After that, you'll have access to manuals, service bulletins, wiring diagrams, etc.

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Go to http://www.hmaservice.com/ and register. There you will find ALL you want to know about your vehicle.

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They use throw away bolts. One use only, so don't reuse your old ones. You will need new ones. The smaller bolts 1st torque setting 22Ft/Lbs and the larger 26ft/lbs, the 2nd torque setting 60 degrees both bolt sizes and the 60 degrees for the third.

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When gasoline sits for that length of time it turns into a varnish like substance. It gets the consistancy of something like real sticky warm creamy peanut butter. (basically turns to thick sticky muck). Which plugs the pick-up screen on the fuel pump, the fuel injectors and can even plug the fuel lines. Fuel injectors are designed to "spray" the fuel into the intake in a very fine mist. I believe the reason it starts then dies is because even though the injectors are plugged they will "drip" fuel because of the pressure that fuel injection works on. The "drip" is just enough to fire the engine and then die.
What you can do to confirm that the problem is actually fuel related is, using a can of carbuerater cleaner (in a spray can) start the engine while spraying into the air intake. If the engine keeps running as long as you keep spraying, the problem IS fuel related. If the engine doesn't stay running when sprayed. Then the problem is NOT fuel related. I don't recommend using "brake clean" to do this because some brands of "brake clean" are non-flammable. I hope I wrote this so that you understand what to do. Good luck.

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(1) No need to know if engine block coolant drain plug was available. Once the water pump was removed, all engine block coolant was drained. (2) After removing the three engine mounting bracket bolts, I also removed the mount bracket from the the body and made enough room to replace the timing belt easier.

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can you please tell me how to fix these 2 codes on a 1.8L HYUNDAI Elantra p0707 and p0712 i just had the trans rebuilt and now these codes are coming up

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Your pipes are corroded remove your water hoses and check where the pipes are corroded and replace. Probably a good time to replace your hoses and coolant when you have the system sound

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You have to use a ring compressor. Available at any auto parts store.

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