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Use good quality belts from the list of manufacturers out there, Gates is very good and so is Goodyear.

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jun 23, 2016

I am unsure what your looking for but i will send you what I got .

Behind Instrument Panel
  1. Warning buzzer unit AW6
  2. Service reminder unit EM1
  3. Engine/brake warn light check unit WL 1
RH Toe Box Area
  1. Diagnostic relay module MF16
  2. MFI ECM unit ECM
  3. Main MFI relay module EF6
  4. Fuel pump relay module EF6
Adjacent Dash Fuse Box
  1. Lighting relay module Ls2
  2. Starter relay module ST6
  3. Wiper delay unit FW3
  4. Flasher/hazard unit DF5
  5. Inertia switch EF9
  1. Air conditioning compressor connector, 110 only
  2. Fan temperature transmitter, 110 only
  3. Water temperature sensor
  4. Starter motor connector
  5. Air conditioning connection, 110 only
  6. Ground
  7. Air conditioning connection, 110 only
  8. Main cable assembly connection
  9. Ground braid
  10. Main fuse box
  11. Main cable assembly split charge connection, 110 only
  12. Gearbox ground
  13. Split charge terminals, 110 only
  14. Battery terminal Ground
  15. Battery terminal Positive +
  16. Isolation switch terminals
  17. Engine ground strap
  18. Split charge unit terminals
  19. Coil connections
  20. Low tension connection, 110 only
  21. Alternator connection
  22. Ignition module connection
  23. Oil temperature sensor connection, 110 only
  24. Oil pressure switch connections


  1. Inertia switch connection
  2. Hazard flasher relay module connection
  3. Wiper delay unit connection
  4. Starter relay module connection
  5. Lighting relay module connection
  6. Fuse box
  7. MFI Connection
  8. Air conditioning harness connection, 110 only
  9. Speaker connections
  10. Windshield ground, 110 only
  11. Windshield relay module connection, 110 only
  12. Windshield timer unit connection, 110 only
  13. Audible warning unit connection
  14. Auxiliary instrument connections
  15. Heated rear window switch connection, 110 only
  16. Heated Windshield switch connection, 110 only
  17. Hazard warning connection
  18. Heated rear window
  19. Service reminder indicator unit
  20. Engine/brake warning lamp check unit
  21. Air conditioning illumination connection, 110 only
  22. Starter/ignition switch connections
  23. Tachometer connections
  24. Instrument panel connections
  25. Wash/wipe switch connection
  26. Horn/indicators/dip switch connection
  27. Lighting switch connection
  28. Not used
  29. Panel light dimmer connection
  30. Interior light connection
  31. Interior light connection
  32. Panel light ON resistor
  33. Wiper connections
  34. Instrument connections
  35. Heated rear window relay module, 110 only
  36. Voltage sensitive switch
  37. Heated front windshield connections, 110 only
  38. Mirror connections, 110 only

  1. Indicator connections RH side
  2. Horn connections
  3. Headlight connection RH side
  4. Ground
  5. Side marker light connection
  6. Side marker light connection
  7. RH Door switch
  8. Spare
  9. Heated rear window connection, 110 only
  10. Engine harness connection
  11. Air conditioning harness connection, 110 only
  12. Chassis harness connection
  13. Ground
  14. Washer pumps connection
  15. Brake switch connection
  16. Main fuse box connection
  17. Radio connection
  18. Split charge connection, 110 only
  19. Park/Neutral position switch connection
  20. LH Door switch
  21. Washer pumps connection
  22. Ground
  23. Indicator connections LH side
  24. Side light ground -
  25. Side light positive +
  26. Headlamp connection LH side
  27. dak408_77.gif
  1. Purge valve connection
  2. Injectors
  3. A/C connection
  4. Idle air control valve connection
  5. Ground
  6. Mass air flow sensor connector
  7. Resistor
  8. LH HO2S connector
  9. Engine ground
  10. Coil connection
  11. Chassis harness speed sensor connector
  12. Throttle position sensor connector
  13. RH HO2S connector
  14. Coolant temperature sensor connector
  15. Fuel temperature sensor connector
  16. MFI connection
  17. Main harness connection
  18. Diagnostics plug
  19. Fault display unit connection
  20. Fuel pump relay module
  21. Main relay module
  22. Fan timer relay module, 110 only


1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Mar 02, 2015

it should be under the drivers seat.....
hope this is helpful

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Dec 09, 2012

check to see if the cable or the shifter inside the T-box is operating properly. What I mean is to disconnect the cable and manualy shift it and drive , If it pops out look inside the box if not you have problem on the outside,which is not hard to figure out. If it is inside I will look for a trusty Technician to look at it . good luck

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jan 14, 2012

Have you checked the power steering fluid level, common leak on a landrover.

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Sep 21, 2011

Some of the power steering boxes are fitted with a bleed nipple located on the side of the box: open the reservoir and leave cap off; unscrew the drain nipple and drain.
If there is no bleed nipple, unscrew the lower hose and drain. don't be in a hurry. give it time to drain properly. replace the bleed screw or hose. Fill the reservoir to the top and allow time to drain in, periodically topping up.
Start engine and check level, top up if required. while idling, turn steering left and right to full lock and check level. continue till the pump is quiet and the level is stable in the reservoir. You will have to check the level again the next day.

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Mar 09, 2011

blotchy wear is a sign of worn shocks

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Aug 20, 2010

Visit: www.mg-rover.org

It's a very big MG-Rover forum and you should find it a useful source of info.

If you decide to register enter my username as a referrer: HotTubRepairer


1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Apr 09, 2010

Its possible the fuel lift pump is faulty. remove the fuel filter, if you see that its half full of fuel, then this will tell you the pump is at fault.
There is a lever on the fuel lift pump, turn the ngine till you feel itgo harder, then feel the travel of the pump and if it is firm or easy to operate.
Lift pump failure is common on these.

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Oct 19, 2009

Hi There. One possible approach would be, with the ignition off, remove the fuses one at a time and place a multimeter, set up to measure current, across the fuse terminals. If you do not have a multimeter, a low wattage bulb (5W) with wire attached may work. Some equipment like the stereo will use a few millamps but any significant current draw will identify the circuit responsible. Then use the manual to find which equipment is fed from that fuse or see what equipment does not work with the fuse removed. Mechanical relays can stick causing current drain problems. I wouldn't think there is a direct short because this would blow the fuse in the circuit. The alternator itself can drain a battery if the rectifier starts to break down. As it is difficult to measure current going through the alternator, you could measure the battery voltage while the alternator plug is removed. A small increase in voltage (maybe less than 1 volt) occuring at the same time as the plug removal would suggest current draining through the alternator. The voltage measuring technique can be used for the fuse removal if you prefer. Hope this helps. Good luck!

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Oct 08, 2009

Check the flexible tube between the tank and the filler cap and the outlet hose from the tank. It's probably a slow drip which means it's leaking all the time though.

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Oct 03, 2009

Check battery for a early sign of wear Bad cell !! Also have your alternator tested by PEP Boys or AUTOZONE on A tester unit !! swampratt200 !!1 AAAEEE!!!!

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jul 30, 2009

aftermarket clutch kits for this vehicle run $500-750 and about the same for labor to remove transmission and service clutch and plate...allow $1500 for this repair.Dealer price for parts and labor could double this estimate...good luck

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jul 29, 2009

can you explain in more detail on how it responds to turning of the steering wheel?

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jul 29, 2009

hi mate i think the other chap is talking about the fuel cut off switch which is behind the center console have you lost fuel or spark i think you have a 2.0 petrol engine i would look at dizzy cap and arm then check valve timing has not jumped cheers furry

1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jul 16, 2009

Difficult to determine but i would go for pump, as its easier, cheaper and more common a fault.


1994 Land Rover... | Answered on Jan 21, 2009

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