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ck for poss.vacuum leak at upper to lower intake manifold gaskets,also ck fuel press

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 28 views

need to take to tech to add fluid from access port at rear of trans with reed tool

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 32 views

It only cost a few dollars more to get the regulator and motor Assembly together . When you pull door panel , if it has not been replaced before you most likely have to grind factory rivets of take it of door and buy nuts and bolts for new assembly you will see a bolt on each side of reg. to take galss out get in touch you run in ti problem ?

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 03, 2019 | 224 views

it is down under the intake manifold. the intake manifold must be removed to get to it. this vehicle is known for developing a vacum leak in the elbow hose that connects to pcv valve, so ive done a few.

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Oct 26, 2018 | 4,617 views

These are high current motors and you risk fire with any wiring error. Toyota just had a recall on these switches. Recommend replacing same with same, they are fairly simple, but take pictures as you disassemble. Be sure to lube the new switch with silicone. While at it, run canning paraffin (Or a candle) up and down the glides of all windows to make travel easier. .

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 15, 2018 | 76 views

If you're finding it difficult to service/repair your car, get one of those online manuals. You'll not have to wait for others to answer, or rely on mechanics and all. Plus I know a website that has very good manuals online, without expiry i.e. for lifetime.

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 05, 2018 | 78 views

p0136= O2 sensor bank 1 pass side
P0156= " " 2 dr side

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/david_4c166ba81493f541

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Feb 22, 2018 | 148 views

You need to check the door switch. You can't pull the fuse because you will stop other essential items. If you can find the sounder under the dash you can disconnect it.

it uses a sensor. This video shows you how to fix.

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Feb 13, 2018 | 477 views

Fuel fuse ? There's a distribution box under your close to the battery I'd imagine..
Open the cover the relay your looking for SHOULD be marked inside the cover..
Sometimes the write what it is and where on the diagram sometimes it has numbers you gotta look up in the owner's manual

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Feb 04, 2018 | 261 views

P0190 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction (FRP) The comprehensive component monitor (CCM) monitors the FRP sensor to the PCM for VREF voltage. The test fails when the VREF voltage from the PCM drops to a voltage less than a minimum calibrated value.
  • VREF open in harness.
  • VREF open in sensor.
  • VREF open in PCM.
Verify VREF voltage between 4.0 and 6.0V.
Your vehicle has electronic returnless fuel system . A control module controls the fuel pump speed from inputs from the PCM - engine computer from the fuel rail puressure sensor . The modules on your vehicle are on a serial data bus (network) an they send messages from one to the other . The REM - rear electronic module is in charge of controlling the fuel pump through PWM - pulse width modulation .
Pulse-width modulation Pulse-width modulation (PWM), or pulse-duration modulation (PDM), is a modulation technique used to encode a message into a pulsing signal. Although this modulation technique can be used to encode information for transmission, its main use is to allow the control of the power supplied to electrical devices, especially to inertial loads such as motors

Your problem maybe the fuel rail pressure sensor is bad , but could be something else .Hooking up a factory or professional scan tool to check data parameters is the proper way to diagnose .

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Nov 23, 2017 | 81 views

Does the heater work ? blower motor pushes air out of the vent's ? A/C compressor doesn't engage ? I'm try to figure out what you have going on there . completely dead on dash panel ? Two fuse in the central junction box F2.14 10 amp an F2.20 10 amp these power the climate control panel . Relay one has nothing to do with it . If the fuse's are good you need a new control panel .

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Nov 18, 2017 | 99 views

Don't worry I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem, just check the link I
2000 Ford Lincoln LS Workshop Service Repair Manual

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Oct 26, 2017 | 79 views

The LS has a hydraulic cooling fan up until the 2003 model year. I had a heck of a time trying to find the overheating problem on my 2001 LS V-8. The degas bottles are known to split and leak . I replaced mine as it had several splits in it. That didn't help at all. The problem that causes the over heating most of the time is the hydraulic actuator solenoid that is on the hydraulic cooling fan pump on the passenger side of the engine. If you have the car running with the hood open and the a/c on hi cool, the cooling fan should be spinning very fast! The fan should make a pretty loud noise. Mine would spin but not at the high speed it should. If the actuator is not kicking on and opening the valve that allows the hydraulic fluid to spin the fan at full speed then your engine will get hot.
You can find the actuator online for under a $100. To find where it's located get under the passenger side of the car. Find the pump which is on the front of the engine. The actuator is on the side of the pump and hard to get to and see but take your time and use a good light.. Look for a wire that powers the actuator and it will lead you to it. It is a tight job to replace it but it should take no longer than an hour.

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Oct 18, 2017 | 102 views

Bank one is on the passenger side of the engine.

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Oct 18, 2017 | 38 views

Yea , take it to a qualified repair shop that has a scan tool that can show misfire data . That's the best way . What engine ? 3.0 L or 3.9 L . Both have COP - coil on plug ignition system . I have replaced a bunch of these coil's an spark plugs . The spark plug get so worn the spark can't jump the gap an fries the coil and if it goes like that long enough it will short out the driver (transistor) in the PCM engine computer . The last one i worked on cost the owner over 2 grand. New computer , programming , new coils , plugs , plus my labor .

Ford Coil On Plug Misfire Quick Diagnosis Methods

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Aug 04, 2017 | 93 views

The PCM - powertrain control module energizes the A/C clutch relay . Don't know what this other guy's talking about ? No VCRM on your vehicle .Engine computer controls it . PCM . Now if the climate control , heater / A/C is not blowing out of the vent's it's probably the heater blower control module . If you had it to a shop what did they say was wrong ?

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jul 04, 2017 | 159 views

need to check the wire harness for shorts

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on May 06, 2017 | 106 views

Your AC mechanic is a know nada POS. Your AC is not working because the clutch is not being properly energized so as to turn the compressor which as you indicated is working and fully charged. Either the climate control head you just got is no good, ditto for the low pressure cut off switch, thermostat.. Best thing to do is get a hold of someone who has the AC schematic and can check out all of the electrical components in the way of getting power to the clutch!

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 24, 2017 | 85 views

run the fault codes first
use a quality injector cleaner to clean up the injectors

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 17, 2017 | 83 views

142536 is firing order for 2004 v6 3.0. Go to www.lincolnvscadillac.com to make sure. don-ohio

2002 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 10, 2017 | 876 views

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