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That is because the entertainment system is part of the security system, you are locked out.

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jan 02, 2020 | 59 views

Make sure you know where the coolant is leaking from and do not let it run to low and overheat. If the check engine light is only flashing and not staying on steady this signifies a soft code or pending code. So this issue must've just started I assume. A PO300 code means it has a multiple cylinder misfire.

Be aware that overheating as well as misfiring are the biggest reasons for a catalytic converter to plug. Just another reason to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Nov 03, 2019 | 58 views

ck fuel press,poss.vacuum leak at intake manifold

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 188 views

p0302 is a misfire code at #2cyl,may be cause of other codes,?p210-codes have 5

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 49 views

if the seloniod is ok on the trunk release and if you are mechanically inclined pull the trunk release button from the glovebox and jump between the two wires on the connector, that should open the trunk

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 11, 2019 | 1,018 views

I have checked 200 and 2001 Lincoln Ls, both 5 and 8 cyl engines.

I can't find a code 91....I can find code 109....thats Barometric sensor.

Do you have more info>

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 15, 2018 | 290 views

Problem with shift interlock system ,maybe ! This is a safety system that will not allow the gear selector to be move from park unless driver is pushing on the brake pedal . Has a locking solenoid in shifter assembly . Is your vehicle column shift or on the floor console shift ? Has a electrical brake switch ,wiring ,an the solenoid . Could also have a control module involved ,GEM . Don't know for sure without looking up in factory service repair manual .

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Dec 11, 2017 | 69 views

When you changed spark plugs did you notice any oil on the insulator or wire plug? Or any oil in the hole that the spark plugs are in? This model of LS were built with gaskets that seem to always fail. Lincoln came out with new gaskets in 2002 or 2003. If there was any oil in the above mentioned places your coils (COP Coil on plug) could be shorting out due to the oil degrading the insulator on the cops.The fix for this is to replace the valve cover gasket set with the upgraded set. Also it's almost impossible to find which coil is bad, and I recommend replacing all eight of the COPS. You can find them online pretty reasonable. I have used these and they seem to perform as good as the Dealer parts, but at a fraction of the cost. This solved the problem on my 2001 LS V8. Also these cars are known to have problems with the timing chains, which could also cause your problem. The adjuster shoes that keep the timing chain tight are plastic and wear out and come loose. Some times causing the engine to jump time and in the worst case could allow the pistons and the valves to come in contact. That will destroy the engine.

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Oct 18, 2017 | 81 views

if the belt is moving , the engine is turning over
what you are trying to say is that it is cranking but not starting
I would be checking wire connectors for the cam position sensors , injector wires and any other connection s around the area you have been working
make sure that you have not caught a wire under a cover

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Sep 17, 2017 | 76 views

Hey Chelsea,
I would have the transmission fluid and filter changed and see what happens. If this does not fix it... time for a transmission repair shop trip.. find a QUALIFIED professional to do the work - THAT GUARANTEES THEIR WORK!!

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Sep 13, 2017 | 176 views

I have a 2004 Lincoln LS with the 3.0 engine,bought used a couple of years ago,lost power,the hose that goes to the PVC valve broke at clamp in front,found a new hose from Ebay for 50 bucks,I fixed it.The guy that I bought it from had someone put new spark plugs in and they didn't put hose back on right and the valve cover gasket wasn't put on right which makes it leak oil now,plus the radiator is leaking at top on the left,so now I have to add anti freeze often till I can fix it,that's a common problem with our Lincolns.Open your hood,at the top right by windshield is your antifreeze over flow container,check,it's probably out,I use ZEREX G-O5 from Advance Auto parts.Open hood and look for antifreeze around and you will find the leak,mine is to the left side,down a little,but toward top of radiator.

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Aug 24, 2017 | 106 views

it will fire but not start! ?????????? I assume from your post that when you turn the key to the start position the starter engages the flex plate and spins the engine , but does not start an run . This is a engine cranks but doesn't start an run condition . Crank no start ! Not it will fire and not start !!!!!!!!!
What's missing ? spark , fuel , compression Videos on youtube showing how to test for these thing's . Search crank no start

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Aug 21, 2017 | 82 views

The vehicle has one fuel pump and it is controlled by the rear electronic module .
Free wiring diagrams here http://www.bbbind.com/free_tsb.html
Enter the vehicle info. Year , make , model an engine . Under system click on Engine , then under subsystem click on fuel controls . Then click the search button , then click the first blue link . The fourth diagram down . You will see fuel pump relay , rear control module , fuel pump module ! I would check the rear electronic module .

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on May 15, 2017 | 405 views

open the bannet it will be on driver side .

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 12, 2017 | 30 views

Overheating Due to corrosion block in Water Pump on Erratic engine coolant temperature or intermittent overheating can be caused by corrosion inside the water pump. ...Either condition reduces coolant circulation resulting in engine overheating.

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Apr 12, 2017 | 291 views

Probably. The fuel pump is really easy to do on an LS. Just remove the rear seat and make sure to keep spark or heat sources away. DO THE FUEL FILTER too. don-ohio

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 27, 2017 | 204 views

What fuse ? Number an location , lincoln doesn not lable fuse's ,use's number > Fuel pump relay doesn't power fuel pump directly an the fuse does not either .The fuel pump is controlled by the rear electronic module . Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop . Unless you know how to trouble shoot automotive electronic control modules . Check out wiring diagram here


2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Mar 24, 2017 | 110 views

Do you know how to do automotive electrical testing , how to use a wiring diagram , how to use a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ? Copy of Voltage Drop Essentials TST Motor Age Without doing some testing guessing is all we would be doing . Your best bet may be to take to a qualified repair shop .

2001 Lincoln LS | Answered on Feb 23, 2017 | 70 views

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