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if it is leaking you will burn up your engine eventually . most of us drill a hole in them and with a punch pry the old plugout .have seen some the simply drive new one in over the old plug putting the old one inside the block

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Aug 19, 2016 | 45 views

try mass air flow sensor

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Jan 17, 2015 | 118 views

you will have both a throttle position sensor and a peddle position sensor both fitted to your throttle ,the cars ECU must pick up both sensors so it is not doing so you may need to change the throttle body.as you can not just change the sensors on there own.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Jan 11, 2015 | 128 views

Probably need new ones

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Jul 02, 2014 | 96 views

The MPV did not come with the 2.5 but the 3.0 V6. It has hydraulic cam followers and they are non adjustable.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on May 01, 2014 | 78 views

ignition coil

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Apr 13, 2014 | 19 views

IF you have a motor driven fan it will be connected by a viscous fan hub . replace the viscous fan hub as it is not working and pulling air through the radiator when you need it most. I imagine that the temperature will be higher than normal while sitting at lights . If it is an electronic fan the run fault codes and look for fan relays --fuses-- and temperature coolant sensor, problems.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Feb 26, 2014 | 82 views

Check the radiator-it may have blockage. Take it off and turn upside down and flush from the bottom.
If the top hose gets hot, that means the thermostat is opening. The bottom hose should be at least warm, and quite warm if radiator flow is good.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on May 01, 2015 | 842 views

have you checked that the electric cooling fan is working ?? if so check the thirmostat by removing and placeing in boiling water and placeing a thirmomitor in the wather the stat should open at aprox 88- 92 deg, failing that have the head gasket checked

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Dec 30, 2013 | 72 views

defective rack and pinion, something wrong with either side causing it to bind up during a left turn... Get the front end off the ground and see if it turns left, if not start looking...

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Dec 28, 2013 | 24 views

Michael,guess what!Your suppose to test it while it's on vehicle with a pressure gauge,here's a link.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Nov 27, 2012 | 201 views

check transmission oil level or the trans mission is roasted

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Sep 27, 2012 | 146 views

In most cases this means you have a defective transmission and the tow were just a coincidence.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Aug 30, 2012 | 362 views

take the engine out and replace with another engine.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Aug 14, 2012 | 22 views

For gear shift issues and gear stuck issues,the help links are provided below. Click the link below to go through troubleshooting procedure:---- ---- Car will not move when in gear?

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Car is stuck in park and the shift will not move?


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Automatic transmission will not go into high gear?

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This will help.


Car repair guide? http://technoanswers.blogspot.in/2012/03/car-repair-guide.html

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Mar 30, 2012 | 1,121 views

Possible the metal cable has snapped or there is fault in the link to the hood lock or the pulling lever. You will need to use a screw driver to release the hood by pushing the lever on the hood lock. Once this is done then the mechanism can be traced for smooth motion , use lubrication on the linkages to make the levers work smoothly as also on the locks.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Mar 14, 2012 | 319 views

You need to check the heater hoses and frost plugs, it is about all that is in the starter area that could be leaking, try not to drive it with the leak as you risk serious damage.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Mar 11, 2012 | 63 views

My strong guess without looking at it would be a cracked exhaust manifold, when it gets hot the metal expands an it doesn't leak.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Feb 07, 2012 | 1,338 views

you will have to fill the cooling system and get all the air out of the system at the same time you can see if you notice a leak anywhere(dripping of liquid)and if so trace were the fluid is leaking out of.once the cooling system is full pressure test the system and see if you see a leak and find were its leaking.once you find whats leaking then you will know what you need to fix it.

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on Aug 10, 2011 | 180 views

Well depending on the noise, it could be a starter, or it could be whats called the flex plate (assuming yours is like most and its an automatic) There is a sheetmetal plate that bolts to the crank of your engine that then allows the torque converter of your transmission to turn. This Flexplate that connects the turning part of your engine and the main turning part of your transmission also has a ring of teeth on it that the gear of your starter engages into to turn the engine round to get your car started. If its a tinging or clanking sound similar to to the metalic sound of aluminum or light stainless frying pans then it might be a flexplate going bad. If it sounds like a deep clunking noise it might be an engine problem. If the initial sound is more of a grinding kind of noise and then goes away after a few seconds of running the starter may be staying engaged after the engine starts. That would be the starter and maybe an additional problem with the flexplate as well. If its a flexplate sound there should be a cover on the bottom of the transmission directly behind the engine that has just a few bolts . Jack up the car, put it on jack stands or drive it up on some ramps. Unbolt the cover and see what the flexplate looks like. See if the teeth are bad and lightly push it with a screwdriver or something and see if it is loose. If could also be a torque converter going bad but the transmission would normally slip if that was the problem.
Hope this helps you narrow it down...

1995 Mazda MPV | Answered on May 25, 2011 | 604 views

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