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Check your battery with a good volt meter , you should have on average 13.2 volts when fully charged . If not check to be sure your belt tension is correct and it’s not slipping. If the belt isn’t slipping take your alternator to your local parts place and have it checked out . If you have good charge in the battery check to see if your engine has a distributor or if it’s a coil pack system . If it is distributor check the pick up coil . If it’s has gone bad you will get no spark to your plugs .

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Jan 17, 2018 | 141 views

Take your Quest to a real mechanic instead of the "trial and error" crowd.

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 24, 2017 | 71 views

Check the fuel pressure, make sure it doesn't bleed down after the car sits, that causing long crank times/hard starting.

1996 Nissan... | Answered on May 15, 2017 | 100 views

Hi pressure in the fuel tank would be a vent solenoid problem .EVAP system ! Your hesitation problem could be a TPS - throttle position sensor that is worn . I would find another mechanic , testing , not thinking is the way to a proper fix > exhaust manifold to glow red , plugged catalytic converter . Have the exhaust back pressure tested .

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To turn off the check engine light you need to have codes read an then fixed , then an only then will the light go off an stay off .

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Mar 14, 2016 | 70 views

buy an old II scanner and delete your codes. You can borrow someones if anybody you know has one, but many auto parts retailers who scan your car for you will not clear your codes. You can also try disconnecting your battery for a few minutes, but that will reset everything in your car.

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This may not be the same year, but I hope this will help.

Best of luck.

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Was the heater working ok before you fitted the new thermostat?
If no, you probably have a blocked heater matrix. That means you have to either try flushing the coolant system to remove the blockage .. or.. replace the heater matrix, which isn't an easy task.

If the heater was working ok before you changed the thermostat then it's likely you still have air in the system.

Set the heater controls to hot, remove the radiator cap/coolant bottle cap and start the engine. Let it tickover and warm up. Hopefully any trapped air will be purged from the cooling system.

Are you sure that the thermostat is okay? Thermostats have a small valve in that allows air to pass through. If your thermostat is mounted like a clock ..i.e .. the face looking out - the air valve must be at the top.


1996 Nissan... | Answered on Feb 06, 2016 | 93 views

motor revving - CarGurus

www.cargurus.com > Questions > Chrysler > Town & Country

CarGurusDec 28, 2012 - motor revving - Sometimes the motor revves up and the light go dim on... If in park it takes alot of rev. to make the pop sound. ... 1996 chrysler cirrus change a bad fuel injector and now the engine revs ... Used Nissan Quest".

Idle issues... cold runs great... after warms up it hesitates ...

Feb 20, 2009 - TYC 800107P Nissan Altima Replacement Cabin Air Filter ... when i go to park the car and throw it in park it goes up to like about .... If I leave it in drive when the idling starts to hesitate it tends to make the car jump forward.

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In theory, yes, but in practice not a good idea except to verify operation. Pump relays are usually controlled by the ECU and get power from the IGN switch. Double check your grounds at the pump.

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Jan 03, 2016 | 168 views

Most likely one fuse for the whole instrument cluster. If temp gauge isn't working, the sending switch may be bad.

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Oct 14, 2015 | 60 views

which 2 sensors did you r/r? was one a temperature SENDING switch? Poss gauge ? see if your getting any voltage to the sensors themselves & same w/ sending switch.Electric fans working?

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Sep 20, 2015 | 104 views

disconnecting alarm or fuse wont help in starting your vehicle

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Aug 26, 2015 | 188 views

Hi Wendy, I'm Al the owner of Big As Auto Repair

Wendy, changing out a heater core is a big job and even a bigger job depending which engine size you have. With that said I'll need to know what engine size you have. Please go to my website and send that information through "Contact Us" and I'll send the information you'll need to do the job yourself. Have an awesome day Wendy! Auto Repair

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long and involved process,full toolkit needed

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Feb 12, 2015 | 31 views

It's not magic. There is a route the electricity take on it's way to the starter. Battery to ing sw via fuse. Ing sw to starter solenoid. Solenoid engages teeth into flywheel and connects large wiring on starter motor. Trace in that order and you will locate the problem (or tap the starter while someone holds the key in start position).

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Aug 24, 2014 | 190 views

May be several things . jack up front of car ,fit safety stands, spin wheels to locate noise . Check for worn brake pads replace if worn after checking disc for scoring, front wheel bearings can make this noise and may have to be replaced, cv joints on the drive shafts have rubber boots two inner and two outer ,check if damaged .

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Aug 10, 2014 | 129 views

Here's a link on how to replace your power steering pump,you can join A.Z site for free and use their repair guides like I do,on the left of the page is link to bleeding it. Repair Guides Power Steering Pump Removal Installation AutoZone com

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Try disconnecting the battery for an hour. This will keep any power from all systems. This works on my '96 Quest, hope is solves your problem.

1996 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 06, 2014 | 90 views

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