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Hello magarrrcr: My name is Roger and I will help you. Yes you can gain access through the trunk area. Remove the spare tire cover,jack and tire. Pull back the trunk liner. Remove the fuel sender access cover.Disconnect the fuel lines and the power wires. Remove the retainer ring and lift out the unit. It may be necessary to rotate unit as you remove it. NOTE (module will jump up when you remove the lock ring). Replace the pump and reverse procedure to reinstall the pump. Also beware that fuel system may be under pressure and is flammable. Watch for fuel spillage upon removal of the sending unit. Should you need further help please just ask. Please rate the answer. Thank You for using Fix Ya. Roger

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It may be a bad radiator cap or the top radiator hose is loose or worn out. Water may be coming out as steam which is difficult to trace. If you have white smoke at the back or check your engine oil for water content, your head gasket may have gone bad. If you have coolant mix that at 50/50 ratio into the radiator. It is colored green or pink and should be easier to trace to make sure the leaks are not in the other parts of the cooling system. It could be on the other hose, radiator or the engine.

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FUEL SENDING UNIT there is an access hole under the carpet in the back right corner of the trunk. access this compartment and have someone else turn the key but not all the way to start the engine to check if the unit is operational it is easy to tell because you will hear it. humming you will probably need to replace it- here and here are detail instructions on replacing a pump similar to yours.
Best of luck

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I suggest check ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sensor, sound like go to bad or out range.

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Hello there and thank you for choosing fixya:
This is caused from 1 of 3 things
1 .the steering box being worn out Most common.
2 the tie rods are misadjusted or are worn out
3. the power steering pump is leaking and has either went air bound or has failed
I would take this as a serious matter and get this vehical into a shop and have it looked at asap ok?
hope this helps
Best regards MIke

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something in the "always on" circuitry is drawing too much current. find the fuse for the power door locks and remove it and see if that helps. power door locks seem to go bad and cause this in a lot of GM products. if that does not do it, then you are going to have to pull the fuses one by one and leave it sit overnight until you find the magic fuse. when you find that it starts, something on that circuit is bad, and you are going to have to live without it or pay to get it fixed.

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Regular is not causing your problem, while it is recommended that you use premium fuel, it will adjust timing for regular-your issue is something else. If it stalls at a light, is there any check engine light? Things that might cause this are Idle Air Control valve, the Throttle Position Sensor-it might also just need a good old-fashioned tune-up, plugs, plugs wires, air filter, oil change. fuel filter-since you just bought it, you have no real way of knowing what is good and what isn't, so you should either find a honest mechanic or do the work yourself. I have a 2001 Aurora, they are great cars and have great engines, but they can be a challange to work on, so first determine if the basic stuff is good-air filter, clean the throttle body, if the plugs and plug wires are old, change them. that's a good start, from there if you need an IAC or TPS, local junk yards are full of them (they use Caddy components too) so you can save a lot that way.

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its does. but it could also the the belt and pulley on the water pump which is located on the drivers side of the motor. also check you power steering fluid... good luck

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you should have a tune-up done every 30-40 thousand miles(50-60 thousand kill).this is probably shorter than what a manufacture will say because they market low cost of repairs over time.but when the plugs are left in too long they will(can) seize in the heads causing more aggravation and money to fix.

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electric fans come on only when necessary,, once the sensor gets the signal do they come on. if your car isn't overheating hes probably right.

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You may or may not need to replace the battery. To check if it is a drain from one of the systems on your car; unhook the battery overnight and see if it kept the charge till morning. If it is still charged in the morning then it is not the battery.

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  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
  2. Partially drain the cooling system.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Water pump pulley bolts, loosen but do not remove at this time
    • Drive belt
    • Idler pulley
    • Water pump pulley
    NOTE: The water pump is attached to the engine with both long and short bolts, be sure to note their locations.
    • Water pump and discard the gasket
    NOTE: Note the locations of the 5 long bolts.
  4. Clean the water pump mounting surface. Fig. 1: Be sure to install the 5 long water pump bolts in the correct locations - 3.5L engine 9300z502.gif
    Fig. 2: Water pump mounting - 3.5L engine 9300z503.gif
    To install: NOTE: Be sure to install the 5 long bolts in the proper locations.
  5. Install or connect the following:
    • Water pump using a new gasket. Torque the bolts to 124 inch lbs. (14 Nm).
    • Water pump pulley
    • Idler pulley. Torque the bolt to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
    • Drive belt
  6. Refill the cooling system.
  7. Start the engine and check for leaks.
3.8L Engines
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Drain the cooling system.
  4. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Serpentine belt
    • Heater and bypass hoses from the water pump
    • Water pump pulley
    NOTE: The long bolt can be removed by aligning the bolt head with the frame rail hole.
  5. Install an engine support fixture.
  6. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Torque axis mount
    • Water pump and discard the gasket
    To install: Fig. 3: Exploded view of the water pump and mounting bolt locations - 3.8L engines 7922xg01.gif

  7. Thoroughly clean all the sealing surfaces.
  8. Apply a thin bead of sealer around the outside edge of the water pump
  9. Install or connect the following:
    • New gasket
    • Water pump. Torque the inlet and outlet side bolts to 29 ft. lbs. (39 Nm) and the remaining bolts to 97 inch lbs. (11 Nm).
    • Torque axis mount
  10. Remove the support fixture.
  11. Install or connect the following:
    • Water pump pulley
    • Water pump hoses
    • Serpentine belt
    • Water pump pulley bolts. Torque the bolts to 115 inch lbs. (13 Nm).
    • Negative battery cable
  12. Refill the cooling system.
  13. Start the vehicle and check for proper operation.
4.0L Engine
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Drain the cooling system.
  4. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Air inlet duct
    • Water pump drive belt cover
    • Water pump drive belt
    • Lower radiator hose and bypass hose
    • Thermostat housing from the water pump housing
    • Water pump from the water pump housing, by turning the locking ring with a Water Pump Remover/Installer tool J-38816
    To install: Fig. 4: Exploded view of the water pump housing and water pump - 4.0L engine 7922xg02.gif

  5. Install or connect the following:
    • Water pump, seat the locking ring
    • Thermostat housing to the water pump housing
    • Lower radiator hose and coolant bypass hose
    • Drive belt and drive belt cover
    • Air inlet duct
    • Negative battery cable
  6. Refill and bleed the cooling system.
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It could be the instument panel relay or the instument panel dimmer switch.

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This could be due to a fuel system problem, perhaps a clogged fuel filter. Since any debris in your gas tank would be settled to the bottom for the initial startup, the fuel pump picks up clean gas and has no problem supplying the injectors. As you drive, the circulation of the gas from the tank through the filter could cause the filter to plug up with debris, gradually losing power until fuel pressure is not sufficient to keep the car running. Try replacing the fuel filter and running some fuel injector cleaner through with your next fill-up.

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Remove the retainers from the back,and remove the headlight as a whole from the front,and replace the bulb inside,do not touch the new bulb on the glass part. Should be 2 retainers holding the housing in place, one to each side. Good luck.

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turn your a/c on which should send signal to cooling fans to operate, regardless of engine temperature. check for voltage on cooling fan wires. if voltage is not present check relays and fuses located passenger side front of vehicle under hood. if voltage is present, then i would replace the cooling fans

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these 'shortstar' engines are well known for low oil pressure at idle, so look first to be sure it is full on the dipstick-it takes about 7 quarts to be full. If you are using 5w-30 oil (recommended), consider changing the oil and refilling with 10w-40, and buy a good filter like purolator Pure One, or a K&N, Wix or Delco. If theis happens even when cold, you have a problem that will be a lot more expensive-oil pump is going or gone, or you have worn bearings and this is going to require a rebuild of a used engine, very expensive.

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The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora with the Northstar engine has a timing chain.

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Step 1:
Be sure the ignition key is not in the ignition, and the headlight switch is in the "Off" position.

Step 2:
Locate and remove the two headlight assembly screws on the top rail of the headlight assembly. Use the nut driver to remove them.

Step 3:
Place a rag between the headlight assembly and the bumper to protect the paint.

Step 4:
Wrangle the assembly outward. There is a guide pin behind the assembly on the fender side that holds it in place. This needs to be popped out of its socket in order to remove the headlight assembly. Pull slightly outward from the side, then forward and away from the car.

Step 5:
Locate the correct bulb socket (high-beam/low-beam). Disconnect the wire connector using the flathead screwdriver.

Step 6:
Turn the socket 1/4-turn counterclockwise to remove the socket from the headlight assembly. Remove the old bulb.

Step 7:
Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly, and turn clockwise to lock into place. Be careful not to touch the glass bulb of the new socket. This could degrade headlight performance.

Step 8:
Reconnect the wire connector to the bulb. Test the light before replacing the headlight assembly, then turn off the lights again.

Step 9:
Reinsert the headlight assembly, making sure to align the guide pin into the socket. Replace the screws and tighten.

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Hi and welcome to FixYa!

Where does it leak? On the rack and pinion or on the power steering tank? If it's from the tank then it's just gonna be a hose problem will surely need replacement. If it's underneath the rack and pinion then the oil seals are surely worn out. This will need to be pulled out to gain access to the rack and pinion oil seals. Once they are replaced it will surely stop the leak.

Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one!

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