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change the ******.. they are notorious far going out. mine has 86000 orginal miles on it and i just had to have mine rebuilt.

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Please see my tip at . These are generic instructions. If you getstuck or need specific instructions for your car, please get back to me with model, year and engine info.

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I'm afraid you have a dilema my man!
Your A/C system is computer controlled. The switch that you are "crossing" is not actually a switch like way back in the old days. It is a pressure SENSOR, which provides a signal to the computer. The computer is the one who decides if the clutch is going to turn on or not. The only way to figure this out is to retrive fault codes from your climate control system and diagnose accordingly.

The only way to display diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) is by using a TECH 1. There are no provisions for "ON-BOARD" diagnostics.

NOTE: Most after market scan tools will NOT access these codes. Follow the proper instructions, located in the owners manual, for the specific scan tool being used.

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Oil pressure is generally not related to oil level unless the oil level is low.
Oil pressure is created by a pump and as the engine parts wear over time, the oil passes through them easier causing oil pressure to drop.
It is also possible that the loss of pressure is caused by an oil pump that has worn, but don't get your hopes up.
If the vehicle has a lot of mileage, has been driven hard, has not had the oil changed regularly, this occurs.
It is sometimes possible to put additives in your car that are "thicker" than oil and this will give you some time to decide what to do.

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Change the thermostat! The thermostat is what opens and closes when the engine gets too hot or cold. When it heats up, the valve opens and kicks the fan on.

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The fault lies in the wiring (complete electric circuit) which is leaking and getting the battery discharged. Alternator is only to charge the battery when the engine is running.

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Brake Pads wear,caliper pistons extend out
further & the fluid follows & level goes down

Been that way for 100 years

So you haven't been checking the level

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trying checking the spark plugs and wires then try the coils on top of the engine control module

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You may be having AC problems but that is not what happened when the Steering locked unless the AC is on the same belt as the Power steering unit. That whining you are hearing when you turn is actually the power steering unit being low on fluid or the power steering pump going out. Based on what you have described my guess is that the unit has gone out and needs to be replaced. As far as the AC compressor is concerned, if the unit is low on Freon it will not engage once it gets too low unless the clutch goes out. When you look at the center of the AC compressor when the engine is running and the AC is off you should see the pulley free spinning and the very center of the pulley won't be spinning, that is the clutch Dis-engaged. When you turn the AC on the Clutch should engage and allow the compressor to work. You will hear it kick in and kick out repeatedly if it is low on Freon. If it is too low it will never kick in because the low pressure switch won't allow it.

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check the bulbs if thats not it, it could have an electrical problem somewhere in lighting system

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most auto parts stores will loan axle socket kits that has like 5 different sizes

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I have the same year car and what happened is the drivers door the wires bend where they enter the car from door and they break. I have fixed four wires in mine so far

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Some of the cars use a round disc with two round proungs on eather side its a special too to turn the calpier in....if this is not the case most likely the Caliper is locked up and need to be replaced.
If it is a standeard caliper (pistion) You can pick up a pistion compresser from any auto parts house about 15.00

Best of luck

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Clean the part of the caliper and mounting bracket were they slide together and were the pads slide/mount.. also make sure the rubber hose and brake line is not crimped or twisted to stop fluid from going back to master cly. the flexible rubber brake probably has an internal wall break. pressure applied causes a fluid bubble inside the wall that effectively closes the line and not allow all the relief fluid to pass thus the caliper has some residal clamping power left and causes sticking and hot brakes. check your pads for glazing and stress cracks also when it's apart. Also make sure the piston boot on the caliper isn't torn. ------- If the brake hose was ever mishandled, it could be damaged inside. The brake hose is two layers of rubber hose with braiding between them. If it is damaged internally, a flap of rubber could be acting like a check valve. ----
When you push on the brake pedal, brake fluid goes to the caliper. But when you let go of the pedal, the broken loose flap of rubber blocks the flow of fluid back up to the brake master cylinder so the caliper sticks.--------------

you must thoroughly clean the steel-to-steel mating surfaces when installing new calipers and/or brake pads. The axle, the caliper, the rotor and bearings all align nicely so to give you a nice and smooth braking motion. If there is even so much as a tiny pebble between the caliper and where it mounts or a brake pad and where it mates up to the caliper, then something is not aligned properly. It is important to clean these mating surfaces thoroughly. You can take a wire brush and make the mating surfaces shine and it helps fix the problem. ---------- It may also be a loose or misadjusted wheel bearing. I have seen that before, when you have the vehicle raised try grabing the top and bottom of the tire and see if there is any play top to bottom.--------- ---------- Other possibility can be proportioning valve? The master cylinder feeds one line to it but each front brake has its own line from the valve to the caliper.------- --------- as you mentioned the calipers are replaced in your case, i suggest recheck the calipers alignment, clean the inside surface and including that also get the pads and rotors replaced.Also inspect that brake line is clear and brake fluid is running to the brake caliper.--------- This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Have you checked the fuses.

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The power steering fluid reservoir is located on the passenger side front of the engine, it is roughly square and black plastic with a twist off cap, check level hot and add so fluid is within two lines on the plastic dip stick which is part of the cap of the reservoir.

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We had a similar problem. There was a crack in the air intake plenum gasket. Spraying carb cleaner around it can tell if that's the problem. It will clear up for a few seconds if it is. Not too bad to replace.

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Have you checked your ignition relay? Also check the ground for proper grounding. If the ground is not correct then you will not start. You can also try running extra ground wire from the starter to the frame of the vehicle sometimes that will also cure the issue. I would check the fuse and relay first before anything else though.

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