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have a wheel alignment done
check for dragging brake on that side.
check for under-inflated tyre
check for failing bearings

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 09, 2015 | 21 views

NO- every radio has it's own unique code to prevent theft. serial numbers will allow you to get a code from the net or take the car to a dealer and see if the code has been recorded

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 09, 2015 | 160 views

The MPI relay is usually in the center console, behind the radio.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 02, 2015 | 118 views

park It first for 10 minutes then try to start again but make sure you have been follow up the structure

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015 | 92 views

Not sure exactly what you have but if you hooked up LED's directly to a 12V power source, then more than likely you need to add a diode inline (Load balancer) so the voltage doesn't surge up and down. I would suggest cruising the internet search engines for "how to load balance my LED's" or This might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTlsswwm4Ew Or maybe you just bought some low quality LED light's off E-Bay.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 19, 2015 | 54 views

Hi there, I'm Al the owner of Big As Auto Repair

If you've never changed a head gasket before and you do it wrong it can be very costly to you. Because if you fail to set up the timing correctly you can bend every valve in the head costing you big time money. BUT, if you are still wanting to do it yourself go to my website, click on "Contact Us" and give me all the information about you car. "Engine size, Make, Model, Year and VIN number and your name. I'll help you step by step, BUT, understand I will not be responsible if you miss a step and bend the valves, but if you listen carefully and follow instructions we should be able to get you through. It's up to you, my website is below. Have an awesome day! Auto Repair

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 16, 2015 | 117 views

Hi Lee,

Youtube video shows you how. Attached...

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 07, 2015 | 40 views

11 Oxygen sensor fault.
12 Airflow sensor fault.
13 Intake air temp sensor fault.
14 Throttle position sensor (TPS) fault.
15 Idle speed control (ISC) motor position sensor fault.
21 Coolant temp sensor fault.
22 Crankshaft position (CKP) sesnor fault.
23 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor fault.
24 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) fault.
25 Barometric (BARO) pressure sensor fault.
31 Knock sensor fault.
32 MAP sensor faulty.
36 Ignition timing adjustment signal fault.
39 Oxygen (O2) sensor fault.
41 Injector(s) fault
42 Fuel pump fault.
43 EGR fault.
44 Ignition coil (cylinders #1 & #4) fault.
52 Ignition coil (cylinders #2 & #5) fault.
53 Ignition coil (cylinders #3 & #6) fault.
55 Idle air control (IAC) valve position sensor fault.
59 Rear Oxygen (O2) sesnor fault.
61 Transaxle control module torque reduction signal fault.
62 Variable Induction control (VIC) valve position sensor fault.
71 Traction control (TC) vacuum valve solenoid fault.
72 Traction Control (TC) vent valve solenoid fault.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 24, 2015 | 342 views

First off.. If you have a check engine light on, Find someone with an OBD2 READER or buy one yourself(very good tool to have) and that will give you the code(s) to your problem..

If not.. Check ALL your fuses..

If those are good and you DO NOT have a sealed tranny.. Check your fluid..

If all the above check out good.. It's gonna be 1 of 2 things..

1. Your overdrive is either turned off and/or damaged.. (Over drive on: uses all 4 gears/Over drive off: uses only 3 gears)

2. Your shift silonoid pack is damaged, which normally when this happens your car goes into a thing called "dummy mode" and keeps the tranny ONLY in 2nd gear..

Now assuming your car shifts into every other gear just fine.. And the fact that normally reverse is the first gear to go out.. I'm gonna say it's your overdrive or a relay that runs with your overdrive..

Let me know what happens or if you have anymore questions..

Proud Owner of the
sickest 97 eclipse.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 24, 2015 | 698 views

2 things; If you jack up one front wheel, stick it in gear, does it try and turn the engine? If it does then the trans is turning. Did you check the trans operated in all gears before you fitted it?

Next, is it possible the clutch friction plate is in backwards. If so then the raised side that holds the damper springs is hard up against the fly wheel and causing the drag that prevents the clutch from releasing.
I cant help with info as to whether the trans is a fit but while you are underneath the hood, look and see if the clutch arm appears to move the right amount when the pedal is pressed. The only other thing I can think of is that the trans is seized somehow. You can test this while its jacked up by starting up on idle with it in gear, the raised wheel will turn.. Try this in all gears but BE CAREFUL with it on jacks, better to have jackstands under both sides.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 02, 2015 | 97 views

If you go online and search the images for your car there are all sorts of pictures of timing marks. I put in "99 Mitsubishi Eclipse timing belt" and it all pops up.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Nov 04, 2014 | 180 views

Junk yards should have what you are looking for go online to picknpull.com

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jun 22, 2014 | 92 views

Have you carried out any repair as yet? why do you need torque setting for cam caps

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on May 23, 2014 | 112 views

Yeah me what do you need?
I am on eBay as well along with good feed back.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Apr 26, 2014 | 57 views

Check the crank shaft positioning sensor. Had same problem with a 94 model. Also in a jeep. Replacing it should fix the problem.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 18, 2014 | 104 views

the selecter rods are not in the right position you may have turned gearbox drive shaft when locating new clutch sorry your going to have to take selecter mechanism off and by a bit of trial and error reposition until you can select all gears

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 23, 2014 | 122 views

Alignment problem or you have a break hanging on the side its pulling to

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 14, 2014 | 25 views

remove the part and take it to a dealer spares department and ask for a better one of these.. Tell then where you got it from in their parts break down. Saves a lot of trying to explain.

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 08, 2014 | 71 views

Turbo or non turbo?

1999 Mitsubishi... | Answered on Dec 26, 2013 | 52 views

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