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White smoke is water vapour

Blue smoke is oil

Black smoke is rich mixture

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on May 06, 2019 | 1,860 views

After battery change Air bag light reset Bmw750li.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Nov 12, 2018 | 517 views

You can check this website you find there fuse box diagram and description for BMW 7-Seires


2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Oct 04, 2018 | 2,800 views


2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Jun 25, 2017 | 191 views

Check bulb. Follow the wires back from there. You will need someone pressing the brakes and a test light

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Aug 25, 2016 | 102 views

This widespread problem is the one part no one thinks of: ENGINE VACUUM PUMP.it runs mechanically off camshaft;once seal leaks,oil from camshaft housing enters vac oump and becomes ingested by engine,therefore exiting tailpipe,water accumulation in by product of catalytic converter changing smog/carbon to water/vapor.REPLACE VAC PUMP AND SEAL ,SMOKE WILL STOP!!!!

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Dec 27, 2015 | 2,744 views

You can try to search electronic diagram on google picture search.

angels eyes bmw diagram Hledat Googlem

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Nov 15, 2015 | 138 views

Press the window 'open' switch beyond the second switching position. When the window has reached the lower final position, operate the switch for at least 15 seconds but not longer than 25 seconds. Then let go of the button and immediately pull the switch beyond the 'close window' position. Do not let go of the switch! The window now moves into the top final position, stops, then moves to the lower final position, stops again and then moves back to the upper final position. The switch must be held in the "pulled beyond engaging point" position during the entire procedure. Once the window has reached the upper final position, the initialisation is complete.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Jun 07, 2015 | 861 views

There is a problem with you dynamic stability control IF you did not turn it off. Is there an ABS warning as well? If so it might be a wheel speed sensor

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Mar 19, 2015 | 101 views

BMW has been using electronically controlled automatic transmissions in most models since the late 80s. These transmission systems employ a transmission control unit which controls electrical solenoids to manipulate the various control and shift valves and functions in the transmission valve body. When the transmission control unit detects a problem that it thinks could be damaging to the transmission or engine, it goes into a fail-safe or limp mode. In this mode, the transmission will function in reverse normally, but in forward it will operate in only one gear (whether you have the shifter in D, or any of the lower gears). This will typically be 3rd or 4th gear, depending on the model. It will start in this gear and stay in this gear with no shifting. You would experience this as sluggish acceleration and higher than normal engine speed at about 40 mph and above.

If you must drive the vehicle when the transmission is in the fail safe mode, accelerate gently and keep the road speed lower than full highway speed.

Earlier models do not employ fault codes and must be diagnosed manually. Late models do employ fault codes and a diagnostic/scan machine can be used to check and read the faults to assist in diagnostics. Note that this is not your common OBDII engine management fault code tool. This is what A BMW dealer or a properly equipped independent shop would have for full vehicle system diagnostics and coding operations.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Feb 13, 2015 | 1,788 views

Typically you pour it down the tranmsission's dip stick tube.) Use an appropriate funnel for the purpose. Be sure to follow the instructions in the owner's manual for how to measure transmission fluid level before you proceed. Normally you should not have to add fluid as it is not consumed.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Feb 11, 2015 | 411 views

Hi Anon

please see link below it gives you instructions and also shows you photos on where and how to replace it, hope that helps

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Dec 23, 2014 | 729 views

BMW defroster works on vacumm so if you have air blowing from the dash vents when the seclector is on A/C and when on bi-leval the air comes out of the dash vents and the floor vents then you have a vacumm leak most likely a vacumm hose is off, Or due to the age of the car the engine heat causes the hoses to crack and break. the BMW V-8 engine has a problem with the rubber holder for the PCV valves cracking and leaking that causes very low vacumm pressure also check all of the vacumm lines that go through the fire wall most likely your problem is just a disconnected or broken vacumm hose or the PCV valve holders.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Dec 14, 2014 | 145 views

it is under the hood, passenger side rear of bay.

remove air cleaner with clip,
remove filter
remove allen head bolts on plastic cover.
# all connectors i took off the top first.
then change the bottom 1 at a time..

install the ivm back in place with plastic clip in (push back in place)

and follow in reverse...

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 146 views

I think you'll find some help from realoem.com
At least i hope so.
I cant' check it for you now, because thin dam tablet keeps on booting cos of ads:)

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Nov 25, 2014 | 134 views

you will require to take the car to a dealer to resett this

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Nov 25, 2014 | 1,382 views

the starter are right lower side of the engine betwen engine and transmision

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Oct 25, 2014 | 156 views

my car wont start 2006 bmw 750 and on the dash it will say dynamic drive inactive and also faulty transmission

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Oct 22, 2014 | 1,774 views

How would this website know that? Go ask you nearest garage, then ask the dealer for a comparison quote. Guess which one is cheaper. Check whether its pattern or genuine parts used. Nothing wrong with pattern if they are a known branded make. If you mean a full engine service with genuine parts expect $300

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Oct 20, 2014 | 75 views

most vehicle auto trans are checked while the engine is running and trans is warmed up to normal operating temp. except hondas which are checked with engine off. pull out the dipstick and the fluid level should be somewhere in between the hash marks. if its low just top off a quarter quart at a time and watch the fluid residue on hash mark on the end of dipstick.

2006 BMW 750Li | Answered on Dec 14, 2014 | 581 views

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