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1) Remove serpentine drive belt.
2) Disconnect electrical from alternator.
3) Remove mounting bolts.
4) Remove alternator.

Reverse to install.

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Sounds like you have a plugged heater vent tube, this is on the lower passinger's side firewall. You can usually clean the junk out with a small wire, carfull, water will pour out !

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u can access it from the inside but u have to remove the panels first to reach for it. U can do it, good luck.

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buy a better transmission for it... i recommend jasper. rebuilt to over specification and lifetime warranty

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According to the wiring diagrams, you vehicle is only equipped with one (1) Cigar Lighter/Power Outlet. Usually, the wiring diagrams will show others as possible options if they are available from the manufacturer. There are no optional additional power outlets on the diagrams I have.

However, power outlets are available at most aftermarket parts stores...You could install an additional one if you have a need for another one.

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fancy electronics and their faulty ,its these chineese chips they use nowdays,best advice is to disconnect and reverse like i was taught ,look over your shoulder

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three screws on the inside behind the triangular trim ,if power heated mirror then you may need to remove the door panel to get to the wiring connections

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first try some WD40 sprayed into the inner door this may loosen things up, ask you said the door locks sometimes worked.
if not sounds like the linkage in the door has either bent, come off, or water got in and rusted things up, in any case you will have to take the inner door panel off using a tool you can pick up at the auto parts store.
In the door ( beside the window mechanism ) you will find heave metal rods/linkage for opening /closeing the door latch and lock.
you will have to see that all are connected and not just hanging.
you will also find a connected to this linkage a small round or rectanular item with a couple of wires this is your electric door lock. you will have to manually check to see all are moving freely and if not fix it. or just take the car to a mechanic or body shop.
good luck

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Hello, I have a few ideas about your problem. The tie rod ends keep the front wheels parallel to each other and they must be tight to maintain front-end alignment. If you previously had square rotors in the front, the tie rod ends had a work out and may have loosened up. If you decide to replace the ends and do not want to get an alignment, then try replacing each end like this:

If you can put the wheels on portable ramps or blocks of wood, keep the weight of the vehicle on the tires. Mark the rod with paint, scribe the rod with a hacksaw, or put a piece of wire on the thread side of the rod to mark the tie rod ends' position. Take one side of the tie-rod and drop the end out of the wheel fixture and then unscrew the end while counting turns. Replace with a new part and turn in the same amount of turns. The new end should be close to the mark for the old end where you previously marked the rod. The accuracy comes in when you go to attach the tie rod end into the wheel fixture. The tie rod end should line up exactly with the wheel fixture and then draw straight up into the housing when you tighten the tapered end of the new tie rod into place. By having the weight of the car on the tires, you should minimize the slack between the 2 wheels.

Just remember that you may have slack in both ends and there is a tendency to make all of the adjustment on the first side you do. This would throw the front-end alignment off.

The next step is to check drive-train vibration. If you have an Automatic this is a little easier. It will not hurt to put the trans in Neutral to see if the vibration goes away when performing high speed braking. If the brake action is smooth with the trans in Neutral, but not in Drive, you may need to have the PCM reprogrammed. The trans is suppose to release the overdrive and go into standby mode while the gears are downshifting. The delays and timing of this mode are programmed into the PCM. It can simply be a Solenoid is sticking or the software needs a tweak to release everything cleanly.

For a stick-shift, you may be starting to feel a throwout bearing vibrate or a clutch plate wobble from worn parts. Sometimes vibrations travel through different pedals if the tension is less on the Brake than the tension on the clutch. This is usually the case when down shifting.

I hope I have given you some ideas and you find my solution very helpful.

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There are fuses for the radio in the fuse panel inside the car. The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the CD stowage box to access the fuses. Fuse number 31, 20 amp, fuse 57, 7.5 amp, radio and cluster (accessory), fuse 62, 7.5 amp, Radio (Start). There is a Subwoofer fuse in the Power Distribution Box, number 11, 30 amp fuse.

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The fuse must be in the main fuse box. The position and function of the fuses is normally marked on the inside of the fuse box cover and also in the owner's handbook. If you don't come right with these, work your way through the fuses looking for a blown one. To ease your search the wiper fuse it should be around 15 to 20 amps.

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How To Install Replace Remove Rear Inside Door Panel Ford Focus 00-07

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All vehicles will slide in the snow. Traction control or not. What traction control does, in simple terms...Is when your wheel start to slip, which is detected by some sensors, it lowers the vehicles throttle position, slows the RPM's down, even if your foot is still on the gas, for a matter of seconds, until the wheels stop slipping. So when you feel or hear your vehicles engine slowing down on its own, its best to just let off the gas and let it go for a couple seconds. A way to test the traction control...From a stop, if you are in the snow, and you push the gas down a good bit, make it spin, and the vehicle should seem to power down on its own, while the light comes on, if it does not do this, then traction control would not be working. Hope this helped.

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You don't, you replace it from inside boot (trunk)

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fuse or door light plunger

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try tapping on the head of the key to jar the tumblers loose.

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You don't. The bulb is in a socket that can be removed from the backside of the light. Usually with a twist.

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Check Ebay

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Just get it downloaded here :


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it is the clutch slave cyl. check fluid it could be same as brake fluid refer to owners manual for location of resivor

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