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You say the check engine light is on, if so there will be a system fault code, read that code with a OBD2 code reader

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can i as symptoms before all those parts changed/???????
working with out a schematic, kinda stinks, no?
this IS not a no start ,sorry its NO CRANK
is car auto or stick, both are wired different.

see the steps here.
i dont have liberty books, (dont like this car)

replaced key switch, surely not, you that is not possible if car
has SKIN IMMO system. not at home, not DIY
nowwill never start. ever. (immoblized )

to crank the engine on jeeps, the start relay closes
what closes that , answer the transmission park neutral switch
try cranking in neutral yet, bingo>

no cranks are easy , see below.
no starts, vastly more complex
most these cars use permissive, start relay
the trans gives this permissive so drivers can start in gear.
and run over muffy (safety)

to fix cars like this
go to mitchells (online) google it. all shops have this....
here,, on CD, and book.

if you scanned the PCM with any scan tool
cranking, guess what, it would have errors called
this is 2005 Grand cherrokee,
see this simple drawing.
pin 30 realy must be 12v, if not fuse 10 blown or
main fuse. fronting it.
pin 86 is 12v in park and neutral, if not
p/n switch bad or loss of 12v to said switch.
pin 87 is GOAL, 12v here cranks starter.
last it that pesky 85
this is the PCM, logic
0vdc here, energizes start relay
now the bad news. if all voltage pass but 85, stuck at 12v, (circle 'A")
then you must scan the PCM to find out why
it has good reasons. and will tell you.
i can name 3 but ive not clue as to the options on car , like for example remote starting option.


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Jeep Liberty heater not blowing hot air Questions & Answers ... > ... > heater not blowing hot air > Cars & Trucks > Jeep
Jeep Liberty cars & trucks heater not blowing hot air questions and answers. Ask your Jeep heater ... My 2005 Jeep Liberty will not blow heat through ... properly.

jeep liberty 2002 heat problem/hvac box issue - YouTube

? 3:12
May 28, 2013 - Uploaded by Joffre richer-desroches
Joffre richer-desroches. ... How To Install Replace Engine Coolant Thermostat and Housing 3.7L 2002 ...

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Sounds like engine not getting fuel. Have pressue check run on fuel pump. Check to see if fuel pump circuit breaker or fuse is good

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first off ,you did electric work and skipped step 1
pull battery neg lug first.
so you blew the fuses.
what IP lights. all warning lamps.
or just the park lamps in the cluster.
part is called Illumination in said cluster.

where is these other lights, what is a driving light, (park, head,turn, what? brakes?)
tell all lights that work & not , inside and outside car.
tell what knob you turn. can be like 10x better clue...?????
burned sockets are shorted lamps, the brass base lamps love to short inside, (china made x10) get new ones from top maker....

ok, so after replacing the TL assy.
what dont work now, report all lamps.
if it's only outside lamps failing, say so..
i guess you dont know that parking lamps go to like 20+ places, inside and outside car. so. parking lamps are special if acting up
then brake lamps
then blinkers (turn signals)
then reverse.

if the parks (aka, incorrectly TAIL) are bad, then we need to know that. using the correct word.
parks are on all 4 counters, and side lights and inside car.
that is why tail lamp , is a bad name. but fuses are marked as tail on many cars.

also when working on car external lighting
make sure no trailer towing hacks are found.
look for non OEM hack jobs, at the rear corners. Uhual hacks.
or past collision damage to wiring not repaired properly.

how is that>?

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gotta love bad advice,
KJ car
and you failed to scan the PCM, so you really dont know
what system in the car set off that alarm of the 3 or 4 possible.
so, ill not guess.
to fix cars or advise, one must know how this car works.
and Tralaina dont.
the 05 KJ , FSM book is free to view. linked below'

the first answer is pull the horn RELAY,
do not pull FUSE JB F11, this kills other vital systems.
unplug horn actual or the relay (for a nice stop gap fix)
long gap, (LOL)? fix sure.
scan the PCM and win.

the horn switch activates the horn relay
as does the BCM.
but wait what causes BCM to honk horn.,
lots of things.
alarm, inputs WRONG
key fob door lock access. controls , gone wild.
and more, i dont have all programming of BCM, facts.
but is not important , what does matter is SCANNING the PCM.

YOU will get DTC errors, and now you know, WHY and WHAT
set off the alarm.

the JB is drivers cab box. J11 will kill
sun roof
and power windows. (my guess is that is important to you)
if you pull that top fuse in PDC box, lots more dies. lots.


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This is already covered on this site. Check the following link:
2004 jeep liberty code po839 4x4 switch circuit high means

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NOT a good idea, as you can do fairly extensive damage.

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This is already covered on this site. Check the following link:

2004 jeep liberty code po839 4x4 switch circuit high means

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possible - check for any error codes and then try to diagnose

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Many modern air systems in cars use the air conditioner even in cold weather to remove humidity from the air and help limit fogging of windows.

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read the fsm ?
google this see 1mil hits, same with youtube. dah?
or pry from bottom up, POP goes the rivet.? fastener.
all screws off first of all things on surface, sure.

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Likely there is nothing wrong with the fan itself, but you will need to replace the switch that controls it. That should solve the problem.

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I would suggest first checking the trans oil level. While you are doing this check and see what the color of the fluid looks like and if there is a burnt smell to the fluid. Low, discolored or burnt fluid could indicate a problem. Make sure the fluid level is good not low. If the fluid level checks out ok, go to a trans shop and have them check it for you. They should be able to give you an idea of the cost of repairs.

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is car 4WD?
ok, is this your first car?
is this your first car with A/C? for first time ever using and A/C?
(btw front defrost mode uses A/C functions)

if pure water, its just A/C condesate, 100% normal all cars.
today cars have a wide variaty of new fangled fluids.
in the olden days we had tan, and green'
now its many.
toxic AF (antifreeze) green, pin, yellow, red, orange , etc. now.
Engine oil think goodness is just tan/brown or black
pull dip stick gander at the tip (THAT is your color today)
now the transmission, A./T automatic, it usually is pink, but can be
read or dark red. (if your year has a dip stick on A/t pull it and bingo your color is there)
then there is the leaking, (rare) window washers. (can be any color)
but is soaping to the touch.
last is M/t boxes. manual gear boxes,, and transfer case (4wd)
the they can be , clear to brown. my synthetic is clear but is very viscous, and smells sweat.
Some axles and transmissions have (gear boxes) have hypoid gear lube that is brown and stinks to high heaven.. nasty smell.
But this too can be different today, and be any color, from clear to purple to brown.
last is brake fluid, its always clear, but in large volume or old is amber.
it smells sweet. and sticky.
that is what we have today.

find your cars A/C condensate drip tube under car
and memorize that location, then when it leaks, you know.
its that.
on some cars its at passegers toes.
on my jeep its dead center, of car.

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bad tranny
check fuses
check tranny level using the operators guide instructions do not guess
do not over fill a tranny

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transmission failure.
check levels, using the operators guide, do not guess.
do not check transmission levels like and engine,.

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