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they snap into place but should be ablt to get the spot mirror to replace

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Regarding the door. Ford used to use a microswitch buried in the door catch to signal when the door was fully closed Maladjustment of the door and/or striker often caused the striker to become damaged resulting in the failure of the striker to fully enter the door catch and activate the microswitch. They might still use that system.

Regarding the TPS system, it would be advisable to ask your local Ford dealer for a second opinion and a price quotation to fix it. I suggest you tell them nothing about what the tyre shop suggested might be the cause.

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If you have not performed any service, might be a good idea to replace the components that you have mentioned and check to see if the problems go away.

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the car doesn't have any vibrations unless there is a problem
you can tell the accredited service center to run the fault codes and if nothing comes up walk away from the deal until the seller fixes the fault

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The device is not compatible with the Ford electronics, simple as that. That is to say the system can't read the USB device.

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Does the right indicator on the dash flash faster then the left when on ? Bad bulb .

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How many miles on it? Coil-over-plugs and spark plugs may need changed. They can throw electrical interference which can put you in Fail-Safe mode. Happened to me.
If car has over 70K, change the Coil-over plugs and spark plugs. Don't forget to change a fuel filter every 30K also.

don-ohio (:^)

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The light is on because something has malfunctioned in the transmission system, this can be a sensor or wiring or the transmission has a mechanical fault. The next step is to have a scanner hooked up and read the fault code that was set in the control modules memory when it turned on the warning light. This may require a trip to the local dealer.

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Did you check the horn relay ?
Horn The horn system consists of the following components:
  • horn switch (part of the driver air bag module)
  • horn relay
  • horn(s)
  • clockspring
  • The horn system consists of a relay, the steering wheel switch and 2 horns. The horns receive voltage from the switched side of the relay. The horn relay is controlled on its ground side by the steering wheel switch or the generic electronic module (GEM).
    The horn relay is supplied with constant voltage from the battery junction box (BJB) on circuit 30-DA1 (RD).
    The horn switch shares the clockspring with the air bag circuits, although each of these systems work completely independent of each other.

    Inspection and Verification
    1. Verify the customer concern.
    1. Visually inspect for obvious signs of mechanical or electrical damage.

    Visual Inspection Chart Mechanical Electrical
    • Horn(s)
    • Horn switch
    • Battery junction box (BJB) fuse 7 (40A)
    • Central junction box (CJB) fuse 33 (20A)
    • Circuitry
    • Horn relay
    • Clockspring
    • Generic electronic module (GEM)
    • BJB
    • CJB

    1. If an obvious cause for an observed or reported concern is found, correct the cause (if possible) before proceeding to the next step.
    1. If the concern is not visually evident, verify the symptom and GO to Symptom Chart .
    Symptom Chart Condition Possible Sources Action
    • The horn is inoperative
    • Fuse(s)
    • Circuitry
    • Horn relay
    • Horn switch
    • Horn(s)
    • Central junction box (CJB)
    • Battery junction box (BJB)
    • Go To Pinpoint Test A .
    • The horn is always on
    • Circuitry
    • Horn relay
    • Horn switch
    • Generic electronic module (GEM)
    • Go To Pinpoint Test B .
VEHICLE RELAYS Operation Diagnosis

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Up inside right front fender , take inner plastic fender off . It's on top of the accumulator , round cylinder looking thing !

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A little white/blue smoke at startup is usually an indication of valve seals leaking a little. If it's only at startup and goes away, it's not a big problem - keep an eye on the oil level in the crankcase (dipstick).

If it's dense white smoke, and continues for up to a minute or so (or longer), you may be getting coolant into the cylinders - head gasket or worse problems. If this is the case, you may want to have it checked for contamination of the coolant by exhaust products.

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U replace it with a new thermostat that will open and close per conditions.

Leaving old one in will not damage the engine - only thing is that it will take the engine longer to heat up. Up North you might just want some heat asap. But down south it is no big deal other than you are operating your engine for a longer period of time at cooler temps when it is less efficient.

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run the fault codes and look for a problem throttle position sensor or throttle actuator motor fault

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Dealer only ! unless you have the ford IDS factory scan tool !

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if it starts if you bypass the relay then replace the relay as it is faulty

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Do you know how your starting system works ? Do you know about the starter relay ? All power comes to an through the starter relay . The park neutral safety switch is on the transmission. VEHICLE RELAYS Testing from the relay base If you have a anti-theft system problem the engine computer - PCM will not let the starter engage . Go to for a free wiring diagram of the starter circuit on your vehicle .

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Restricted air flow. Replace the air filter if dirty. Clean the throttle body and MAF sensor. I use brake clean. Use a tooth brush on the throttle body , just spray down the MAF sensor. Leave the MAF off, start the car and spray some in the throttle as you rev it up. If the engine light comes on, it is because of the MAF being off. It will go out in a day or two. Or you can have it cleared.

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State your vehicle, so we have some clue as to what your referring to!!!

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sounds like blower switch

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Some wire has lost its cover-layer of insulation, and the bare wire is contacting the metal frame of the vehicle. Kapow!
Get a technician to look for this "short-circuit".

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