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Replace the mas air flow sensor. There's a resistor it must have blown already that's why it's not calculating the right amount of air. Also check to confirm if the air cleaner housing is ohk.

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many reasons are possible such as needs tune up bad gas idle control needs attention o2 sensors --cat converter - exhaust restriction -fuel delivery are just a few --have vehicle for any codes

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It's on the throttle body where the intake manifold is this is round and has a plug facing up and 2 bolts where it attaches with a diamond shaped base

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Check vacuum hoses going to the IMRC for leaks

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I don't see that engine listed for that year make or model. Are you in the U.S.?

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Hey Mike ok I'm pretty sure your looking at the pressure sensor switch and no you can just get that switch and replace it take it out and bring it to an auto parts store to make sure it's matched up to what you have spray out the connector with electronic contact cleaner or brake parts cleaner alcohol will do and clean the inside pump threads with just a rag with alcohol and let dry if the switch is bare plugged put silicone sealer or Teflon tape to seal the threads and your done but you must jack up the vehicle on both sides and put the steering fluid in and with the top off turn the steering wheel back n forth only from 10 o'clock -2 o'clock until the air bleeds out of the pump otherwise you will blow the seals in the power steering pump or the rack n pinion so just back N forth a little bit (DO NOT TURN THE WHEEL TO THE STOPS BLOWN UNITS WILL OCCUR) THEN SHUT OFF THE ENGINE WAIT TILL FOAMING BUBBLES HAVE STOPPED CHECK THE FLUID LEVEL AND ADD AS NEEDED THEN AGAIN SAME THING UNTIL THE FLUID IS AT THE FULL LINE WITH NO FOAM THEN CAP IT AND TAKE IT OFF THE STANDS THEN IN 10 MINUTES CHECK IT AGAIN AND ADD AS NEEDED NOW THERE SHOULD BE NO AIR IN THE SYSTEM and the level should be at the fill line as close as you can get it a little either way will be ok but try to get it at the line good luck Mike if you have time go to rockauto.Com and look up your vehicle and then the switch and the plug so you can see them and if no rush you can order it from them they are the cheapest or a parts store where you are for immediate repair if needed depending on where you are the switch should be about $35.00 -$40.00 rock auto is from $20.79 -$34.79 + shipping auto zone is $38.49- $52.49 but thats for nyc where you are could be more/less so look them up at each site to match it up and others and balance it out for your needs ok good luck stephen

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there are 2 engines 2.0 / 2.3 and they both have chains if you are getting a rattling sound from the cover front the guides are worn or the chain tensioner are worn the guides have nylon chain runners on them and if they wear down the chain is rubbing against the metal arm that the nylon is mounted on if this is a high mileage motor I would suspect this because the chain can not be kept tight because of the worn guides have now caused the chain to be slack and its rubbing against the front engine cover but you must be sure before opening it up that its not the water pump or belt tensioner pulleys making the noise if that's what your hearing the water pump will sound like a marble tumbling around in a can the pulley's will sound like constant friction grinding of the dry bearing inside against the bearing race there also may be a chirping sound of the belt being made from it grabbing each time the bearing catches inside and releases the chain will sound like a constant rattling as if you drag a metal chain on a ceramic tile floor and engine running condition will be rough idling and missing a bit especially when you come to an abrupt stop it may stall

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fixya doesnt sell products --dealer junkyard or online search

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It's built into the GEM module (smart junction box) not replaceable as an individual unit.

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go to rock auto .com and look up your car and go to exhaust and emissions and you will see pictures of it so you'll be able to find it

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dealer -auto store - junkyard - online search

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Absolutely no,please check your coolant bottle and make sure it has antifreeze in green/yellow so we know that you are not leaking it into the engine if the liquid is antifreeze is it in all cylinders or just one ? Or is it water? This needs to be done today and if it's water and your coolant bottle is filled with antifreeze then we can rule out a leak from your engine and look for missing fender splash guards/ or broken wiper cowl by the windshield or a missing lower engine cover water can be getting in from carwashes/rain so you have to do a little looking around or get someone to help you ////either way your engine should be misfiring running rough and check engine light is on ////when you say oily water do you mean just water with a slick on it(outside water getting in) sort of how salad dressing looks or is it a mustard looking color?(engine leaking antifreeze)if it's just a slick get someone to pull the spark plugs use a sweat sick and a long screw driver to clean the plug Chambers where the plug screws in use carb/fuel injection cleaner on all wet cylinders and leave the plugs out so it can dry up inside the cylinders for about 2hours the cleaner will mix with and help dry up the water examine the spark plugs and the wires boots or coil on plug boots to make sure they are not burned through and dry if burned replace them after this process is complete start the engine and observe the running condition for about a half hour if no water is present then we know it's coming from rain,carwashes and something is missing letting the water in go to rock and look up your car (body section inner fender splash shields)(engine section cover)for pictures so you can see what your looking for if you are running your engine with water and you find water after cleaning depending on what cylinders it's in possible cracked head///blown out head gasket if the water is in the combustion Chambers under the plugs but not on top where the plugs screw in ///either a cracked block or head gasket is the car steaming smoke from the exhaust if so then big problems if not the you are still leaking water into the system a loose hose clamp bad thermostat gasket or a broken hose or pipe leading to the heater core please write done everything you have done for me and post back with precise info and I will do the best I can to help you obviously I'm not there so you have to think carefully about what you say in your post do not be vague because we will never be able to get to the problems cause good luck Stephen

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You have to check all fuses and relays first before you start replacing things chasing the problem and spending $$$$$$$for the wrong reason was this the same issue before you changed the neutral safety switch yes/no? That switch has to be adjusted on most cars before it will start anyway go to your battery cables check for looseness that they are clean of sulfer/battery acid /corrosion around the terminals and post and that you can not turn them by twisting now go to the power distribution box and do the same thing under the hood there's a relay there that should click when you turn the key after the cleaning check that and make sure the cable connections to the box the stud and the cables lugs are clean and shiny also the ground to the engine and those starter cables I understand everything works but that's possible because a limited amount of voltage is needed for this components to operate also this could've happened if corrosion was present you could've lost power momentarily which would sound the alarm or the horn it would've put the car into theft mode if the remote keyfob was not used to stop it you have a pats system (secure a lock) from ford with a chip key any break in power will cause your vehicle to go into theft mode and you might not have known that it happened this will give you a totally dead key no click at all as well as the neutral safety switch same thing if not adjusted properly if that applies to your car you need to have someone turn the key to start while you are moving the switch to adjust it then it will crank,and remember that obviously I'm not there so I need you to be as precise as possible in your post of (a) symptoms before you changed any parts (b) all the things you did upto now and write it all down so you don't forget to include it in the next post we will get there good luck stephen

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You can yes. The wiring maybe a bit different so hopefully the tape deck will have the wiring diagram on it still as most did then use a test light to find your constant power as well as you ignition power, ground and of course just matching speakers. The only thing I could see being a problem is if the vehicle has a factory amp in the vehicle then the answer would be no

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