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by removing them. also if you are going to do that you might as well change them

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If engine light is on, get the error codes out and it should be more definitive. Possibly a maf sensor?

2012 Ford Escape | 14 views | 0 helpful votes

The fuel pump relay along with the A/C compressor an the PCM power relay are located in the CCRM - constant control relay module . Located in the engine bay .

constant control relay module-b1hfygicrz3anbnxev13hl5k-1-0.jpg Free wiring diagram here Enter vehicle info. Year , make , model an engine size. Under system click on engine , then under subsystem click on fuel control . Click the search button then the blue link.

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try rocking the car back and forward see if you can get it out
if not
drain the trans oil and see if you find any filings
or shine the light on the trans oil which you have drain in a clean pan you will know the different good and bad oil
you can know if the synco are bad

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You can try out some guide from here reliable-store
they also provide live chat feature for instant help and it's very useful

1995 Ford Escort | 33 views | 0 helpful votes

Any codes? check fuel pump fuse, could be fuel filter plug up.

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Make sure that there is a good connection at the cable ends to the battery. Check the main fuse at the power distribution center.

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Nothing is wrong , computer needs to relearn additive memory . The vehicle is old an worn . Disconnecting the battery the computer looses learned memory . Take an drive it , a couple day's maybe less it will get back to normal

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It is located in passenger fuse panel it is the one labeled ASC (automatic speed control). Hope this helps.

screenshot_2018-09-02 t14502escortog-fus - 02estog1e pdf-jso4dfnfwpg4ap5bby2if3n3-4-0.png

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Built into the transmission range selector on top of transmision

1998 Ford Escort | 430 views | 1 helpful votes

The orifice tube is inside the line going to the evaporator you have to disconnect the lines to get to it you should change the accumulator tank because that's a very likely leak spot a/c systems never need freon unless there's a leak in the system and that tank is almost always responsible buy a can with dye in it to get the system charged enough to get the compressor to cycle the leak will show up wherever it is then repair and have the system evacuated with a vacuum pump do not skip this step you will have a bad result of blowing seals in the compressor or the orings on the lines plus you just spent $$to fix it do it right one time ok good luck stephen

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Get solution for this online at and get complete guide on whether to repair or not, service it, and how to repair etc

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It's called the clutch start switch. Yes, it could be bad or needs adjustment.

Push the clutch in and the switch closes contact, so power flows from the ignition switch start position to the clutch switch and on to the starter motor-well, actually to the starter solenoid on the starter motor. If you have a voltmeter or test light, you can test the clutch switch . A red and white wire to it and a red wire from the switch to the starter solenoid. When this wire gets to the solenoid, it is a black wire with red stripe. It should have voltage when key is held in start position and the clutch pedal is depressed.

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Wiring, schematic, electrical diagrams, fuse diag, error codes,
torque settings etc are basic contents of these online books they have here on this website I have attached. Must check it out

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Depends on what you are trying to do and the model you are doing it to.

I have worked on a few ******* around that vintage but I don't remember any particular problems removing the front subframe. All ******* of each age share the same basic construction and layout but details differ depending on model, making a repair manual desirable though not necessary. I found most tasks fairly intuitive.

I suggest you take another look, using a strong light and a mirror if necessary.

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You have the timing off. If you crank the engine you will bend every valve in the head and be looking at $2K in repairs.
What stopped the engine from turning is the valves are hitting the piston.

Ford Zetec 2 0 liter timing belt replacement Part HD

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