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I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM! or at least this works for my my book 1tb external hard drive. when i initially connect it i get the 'new device detected' pop up thing, but then it doesn't show on my computer. However, I have found that keeping the device pllugged into the computer but removing then replacing the power source from the device causes it to show up. That's all I did, unplug the power cord on the back and replace it. The computer says 'new hardware detected' and 'found my book mass storage device,' then it appears on my my computer tab. Hope this works with you as well!

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At the link below you will be directed to a tip i wrote on this exact issue. Click on the link below to navigate to page.

Click HERE.

Please feel free to let me know if you need any further assistance.
Thank you for using Fixya!!

Kind regards

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https://www.easeus.com has recovery programs.
First off, I assume that you have a USB Hard drive that use between computers. One big mistake people make when moving a USB device from the computer is they fail to use the EJECT method. For example, when you go to File Explorer and select a drive from the "This PC" whereby all attached devices are listed and you are able to make a section from the icons showing on the screen. Assume you bring up a USB Drive, use the drive for some reason, and then when finished, you simply PULL the USB drive out by hand. NO! Use the eject format to disconnect the USB drive so you do not create STATIC Charge. Down at the lower right side of the computer screen is a ^. Hit that and Icons come up. An Icon that looks like a USB device (may be upper left) is the safety removal tool. The hard disc you have may have been statically charged and thus the FORMAT may have been damaged. Without a format, the drive is not capable of being read. Repair programs have the ability to read sectors and lift data that was lost to a Format problem.

Western Digital... | Answered on May 29, 2019

A common issue...I'm sure your hard drive is working fine, Windows is just not giving it an unused drive letter.

1. Insert the device (camera or usb drive)
2. Right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage".
3. Click on "Disk Management"
4. Right-click the item in the list that looks like your camera or usb drive, and then click "Change Drive Letter and Paths."
5. Click "Change".
6. Give it a drive letter that is not being used.
7. Click OK.

The device should work instantly after that.

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Hello jazzmania67
The best solution in this case is to use a recovery tool to recover and store your data on another drive
Free Recuva works fine : http://download.cnet.com/Recuva/3000-2242_4-10753287.html
Do not try to recover all at once but each category at a time , documents , pictures , music ...etc...
If it fails , try this one . It's not free but very efficient : Tenorshare Data Recovery. It can recover data after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data due to unwanted erasing , system sabotage, virus corrupted partitions,drives crash, physical damage,ect.. http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/index.htm
If you still don't have success , you will have to go to a recovery office but let's hope not because it will cost you a lot of money .
Regards ,
fanaudi .

Western Digital... | Answered on May 23, 2019

For me, the problem has now been resolved. What I was really worried about was the 18 Gb of data that I thought I had lost. I was however able to find the containing folder by going into the "Tools" menu in the Explorer window. After selecting "Folder Options" I chose the "View" tab and marked "Show hidden files and folders" and unmarked "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)". Nothing happened at first but when I came back to my drive later I found a hidden folder with all the data I lost that had some funny extension to it. Can't remember what it was but someone I spoke to thought it could be the result of an incomplete file transfer being interrupted. So it seems my problem wasn't more severe than this. However, everytime I try to use Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect my WD 500Gb it says I can't and that I should try later. So there's my new problem: how to disconnect the drive without interrupting a (non-visible) data transfer...

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How to get a WD Elements Drive recognized by Windows 10

Problem: WD Elements drive inaccessible when plugged into USB 3.0 Port on Windows 10 computer
Symptoms: Drive appears and vanished repeatedly, blinking Drive light, error message of "invalid directory", files inaccessible
Solution: Go to Control Panel. Click Change Power Plans. Go to USB settings. Click the plus sign. Beside USB selective suspend setting, click the plus sign. Change the "on battery: and the "plugged in" to disabled. Click apply. Click OK.
The drive should appear as per normal and files be accessible.
Note: The WD Elements drive WAS already accessible to a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. It failed to be recognized by Windows 10. This solution has been tested upon an Aesus and an HP under Windows 10 Home and Pro.

on Jan 05, 2019 | Western Digital Elements Computers...

not able to use disc that came with hard drive computer shows it's there but doesn't regester using as a second drive

Western Digital... | Answered on Nov 10, 2018

THIS WORKS....Here try this...unplug everything including the power cable...press and hold the button on the unit for 10 seconds. after that hook the unit back in the power cord first..and it should work...files and everythin are there...I got this from tech support and it worked for me

Western Digital... | Answered on Oct 02, 2018

Try the drive on a windows machine and a Linux machine. It depends on the drive has been formatted. If ex fat or fat then it should be read on a mac ok. If NTFS or Fat 32 then a windows machine should see it.

Western Digital... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

It sounds as if the files system has become corrupt after the break in connection. You can only now connect the drive to a system running Linux or use a bootable Linux disk in your pc and see if it can recognise your 5000bev. If you can see your data the copy it to another good drive. You should now be able to use it.

Western Digital... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

The "my computer" icon has nothing to do with the WDD hard drive. You do not say what the "other detail" is. Google on how to perform a System File Check and run that . If it repairs the system files then good, if not then run a chkdsk /R". That should resolve all issues. If you have further problems then tell us what operating system you are using and try and be more specific in what the problem/s are.

Western Digital... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

You should not even try to install an operating system on an external drive. Windows looks at the "C" drive and installs programs to "C" drive. You are trying to put it on the "G" drive. You will have too many problems and wish you never had tried. Buy a larger main drive and partition it with two equal partitions. Then "Dual Boot". You will find how to do this on the internet. Just Google "Dual Booting".

Western Digital... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

To recover your WD files, please follow the below steps:

First thing first - STOP using your WD drive immediately! If you continue using the disk drive, you significantly increase the risk that the files you want to recover will be lost forever due to overwritten. Every new file or action will take up more "free space" and reduce your chances of retrieving your deleted files from WD. So really, you need to act quickly.

The next step - get a good HDD data recovery software to retrieve the data as most as possible.

Learn more from: http://www.western-digital-data-recovery.com/

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Hi, I usually use leawo blu ray ripper to rip my blu ray movies, it has the ability to decrypt Blu-ray disc with MKB level ranged from 0 - 21 and with AACS and BD+ protection has made it the strongest ever to rip Blu-ray videos.

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Install ReclaiMe file recovery from www.reclaime.com in your computer connect the hard drive and you will see the disc the way it was before. With a few clicks you will recover your files.

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I had the same issue. Its not a power issue because it shows up in device manager. Heres what I did.

Right-click on my computer and click Manage>Disk Management

Your drive should show up there. Right-click on it. If explore is not grayed out, assign a drive letter to it and you should then be bale to see it in my computer.

In my case explore was grayed out. I had to click on the option to format the drive. After re-formatting the passport explore was available. I then assigned a drive letter to it and I have access again.

I guess somehow using it on multiple computers srcewed up the file-system on it. I was using it between windows and linux.

This fixed my problem.

Western Digital... | Answered on Jun 01, 2018

1. My Computer
2. Right click on WD SMART WARE
- Click on "Explore" or "Open"

and then double click on "Unlock.exe"
and input incorrect passwords until you get an error stating to remove your hard-drive.
then open up the "WD SMARTware" program
and it will ask you if you would like to re-format the drive. ;D this will format this drive all data will be lost
or is this your primary hard drive or just a hard drive used for storage You could try this software it sounds pretty good although I have not used it so I am unable to direct you on how but it reads as though it has a password reset tool as well as windows password cleaner and a blank the password utility on any user that has a valid account on windows system and many other tools you might find helpful http://majorgeeks.com/Dr._Freeware_System_Utilities_d6416.html Dr.Freeware System Utilities which includes data recovery software, data backup, password reset tools for Windows helps you to maintain your system. Dr.Freeware is freeware, you can download and use it for free.
Data Recovery/Data Backup: Supports Logical scan and Raw scan, Supports NTFS, FAT, UFS 1, UFS 2, EXT2FS, EXT3FS, and ISO 9660 file sytem, Supports IDE/SATA/USB Hard Drives.

Data Recovery - Recover your lost data
Available in Live CD to run offline
Recover accidentally deleted files in your hard drive
Recover data from RAW Drive(partition table or file system is damaged)
Support NTFS, FAT, UFS 1, UFS 2, EXT2FS, EXT3FS, and ISO 9660
Support IDE/SATA/USB Hard Drives, memory cards, "
USB Memory Drives"

Drive Dumper - Backup your hard drive
Available in Live CD to run offline
Available to run on Windows
Support Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (Windows Editition)
For data rescue, backup, migration, or computer forensics etc.
Transfer important important data from damaged Drive(partition table or file system is damaged, has lots of bad data blocks)
Support NTFS, FAT, UFS 1, UFS 2, EXT2FS, EXT3FS, and ISO 9660
Support IDE/SATA/USB Hard Drives, memory cards
, "USB Memory Drives"

Windows Password Cleaner
Available in Live CD to run offline
This is a utility to blank the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your Windows system.
You do not need to know the old password to blank the password.
Support Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista
Support IDE/SATA/USB Hard Drives

Hope this helps

Western Digital... | Answered on Jun 01, 2018

Yes there is. Please note that removing the drive from your external will likely void any warranty you may have with the manufacturer.
If ok with that, remove the drive from the enclosure very carefully. Then connect the internal drive directly to a SATA connector, do not use USB and see if able to access drive. If so, backup data right away.
If this model is only USB connector, or if still not accessible when connected to SATA, then you will need a reputable data recovery service provider.

Western Digital... | Answered on May 10, 2018

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