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Toyota Tacoma... | Posted 22 hours ago | Be the first to answer

Those are typically ECU addresses...... 7EA and 7EB are response addresses HVECU and the Traction Battery

// ECUs
// -- request/response
// -- 7E0/7E8 for ECM (engine control module);
// -- 7E1/7E9 for TCM (transmission control module).
// -- 7E2/7EA for HVECU (Hybrid contol module)
// -- 7E3/7EB for Traction Battery
// -- 7E4/7EC
// -- 7E5/7ED
// -- 7E6/7EE
// -- 7E7/7EF

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 22 hours ago

Look for a black plastic box about 4 x 6 inches under the hood, usually near the battery. This houses relays and larger fuses. the underside of the cover will identify purpose of each element. there are test procedures for fuses, use alligator clips and a battery charger for power. the contacts can be tested with an ohmmeter.

2005 Toyota... | Answered Yesterday

Check and replace the water temperature sensor. Your engine is staying in cold start mode because the sensor is faulty and not sending pulse to computer for it to take it out of cold start mode. The engine is constantly flooding. Like keeping the choke on with the early carbureted vehicles.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered Yesterday

Hi, yes it can be refurbished but may not last like oem. I had a supra and with the old part was able to find the same under a diferent part number

Toyota Cars &... | Answered Yesterday

make sure the pcv vavlve has been changed if not try that

1997 Toyota... | Answered Yesterday

I'm led to believe by another source that this immobilizer ECU may be located on the firewall behind the HVAC case which would require removal of the entire dash assembly and discharging the A/C system and engine coolant system to also remove the entire HVAC case assembly.

Toyota Sienna... | Answered 2 days ago

Check fuses, also check fuse links that look like wires but are marked "fuseable link" there may be one on the battery stud of the starter also check the ground wires coming off the battery.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago

In the rear of the engine passanger side on the headof the engine

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago

To do this put a short jumper wire between the terminals TE1 and E1 in the check connector near the fuse box, start the engine and using a strobe timing light set the timing at 8 degrees BTDC. When done remove the jumper.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago

These are terminals in the diagnostic check connector usually located under the hood on pre 1995 models using the OBD1 diagnostic system, when a jumper wire is put in between both terminals and the key is on the check engine light will blink, giving you a two digit code
This code number can then be looked up to determine the fault of the engine control system.
Specifically, terminal E1 is ground and TE1 is linked to the computer's diagnostic section,.

1991 Toyota... | Answered 2 days ago

Hello, the check engine light will also cause the other lights to turn on, those will usually go off when the cause for the check engine light is fixed or the check engine light is cleared by disconnecting the battery. The P705 is a transmission fault code, it refers to a problem with the transmission range sensor, this is part of the neutral start switch located on the side of the transmission where the shift selector attaches, it has a large connector with wires on it, these connectors can corrode so remove it can check and clean as needed or if nothing like that can be found replace the neutral start switch.

Toyota 4Runner... | Answered 2 days ago

The best to fix the problem is to getting help from service and repair manual which will guide you step by step to locate and fix the problem on your own easily and you will get the manual from the given link

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

The given link will help you to solve the problem easily so get the solution from the link

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

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