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Have your alternator and, battery checked by an autoparts store

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only flush using normal engine oil as flushing oil is not good for the engine
If you want to flush it out , the best oil to use is diesel oil 20w-40 as the detergents in that oil will clean out the engine
change the oil filter and then change it again in 2,000 miles , then again as the oil will remove sludge that will be caught in the filter
change the filter one last time , depending on the oil color on the dip stick
as for the smoke at the end and the turbo, that could be from a failing turbo seal allowing oil into the exhaust side
Have it checked out at a specialist turbo repair shop

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You have a break in the ground (black) wire. Follow it along lighting harness and find where it's bolted to car sheet metal.

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If the sunroof mechanism has not been lubricated on a regular basis (once per year), it is likely that some of the mechanism has become rusted or sticky. I would recommend lubricating all pivots and channels on the sunroof, and it will likely operate correctly again.

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take it back and make them sort it out, they have a duty to sell goods of merchantable quality unless they sold it to you "AS SEEN", in other words....without warranty

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Go to auto parts store or google it on the Internet

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Its likely rust on the lever or pivot.
Start by opening the tab on the fuel door release cover (5). A small flat screw driver will do the trick be gentle its plastic. Remove the phillps screw then wiggle the cover off to the side. Now inspect the lever and pivot pin for rust. Try some WD40 or similar lubricant and let it soak in for a couple of mins. When trying to free up the stuck lever you need to pry/lift by the metal part and not just on the plastic as its going to break with too much force. In the worst cases you can remove the entire lever and bracket from the floor and use heat to free up the lever. This is done by removing the door sill trim then lifting up the carpet. Now you can access the floor mounting points for the lever. With the nuts on the mount removed you should be able to slide the cable out of the slot in the lever arm. Be careful when heating so you don't melt the handle.

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My first guess would be failing coils gunked up injector or spark pug failiure

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just a thought the plug leads are in the right order on the cap, your not firing out of order at all are you.

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Probably metric! Ask the Subaru dealer parts dept. They will help!

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Heater is leaking

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The timing belt is broken. The starter will spin a little faster than normal

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Top of enging p/side at rear

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The engine is fine, it is the idle air control valve that is defective. It is not an internal engine part. It controls air flow and engine speed when the car is at idle only, meaning when your foot is off the gas pedal. There is no maintenance to perform on that part. They just go bad and there is nothing to do to prevent this from happening.

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Battery drain, or use is when a load or short(a positive and negative wires are touching ie a fan motor running a radio playing a light eliminating ) turn all accessories off especially after market power amp off when engine is off.

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It has a leak somewhere. You need some stop leak and it'll take more than 1/2can of refrigerant to engage clutch due to low pressure switch

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Sometimes the thermostat gets stuck and will block coolant flow.
Here it a tutorial.'s-Thermostat-Is-Stuck-Closed

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Subaru calls this the malfunction indicator lamp and it is turned on and off by the engine control module. The lamp may have burned out or there may be a malfuntion in the ECM in which case you probably would have other things not working as well.

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