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Use the below method with caution because it wipe all of your data
1. Turn Off Your Device. if the device is freezing Remove Battery and insert few second.
2. Press and hold Left key + Right Key Together Press Power Buttonuntil vibrates.
3. Now select "factory reset (full wipe)"
4. then select "Yes"
wait for few seconds
5. after finish Hard Reset Select Reboot System Now
Your Device will be auto restart

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Apparently 10 year old phones can still be purchased on and other web sites. Perhaps purchase an identical model to see if parts can be used or what can be swapped.

Perhaps a local repair shop could help you.

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Here is how to unlock Sony ericsson -03d network unlock code
get the direct link and apply for unlock code
Unlock ericsson Phone How to Unlock ericsson Phone

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do not know if a hard reset would solve the problem but you can try

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First I'm not a Sony tech.
* Wow, this phone has a lot of Issue; You should check your warranty and call for service. Check your service provider too as they may not support your phone (message system)
*** The following is for information only. ***
* Data Issues;
* Text won't send (somewhat technical);
* Phone (software) Issue;
* Network Problem;
* Common Problems;
* Touch screen issues;
* Hard Reset (when all else fails);
* Manual Hard Reset (multiple languages);
* Still have problems? Call for vendor for service (and check your provider.)
Aloha, ukeboy57

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There is nothing you can do. Try taking to a repair shop

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Probably not your phone then. Doesn't take much to remember an important code/clue etc.

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You could purchase it from the software distributor.

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Check the battery to see if the sides are bulging in the middle. Do a spin test. Take the battery and put it on a flat surface, then spin it like a top. If it spins at all, the sides are not flat and the contacts are moving away from the contacts in the phone.

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"Sony HBH-DS220 HEADSET battery"

$13.15 shipped NEW from eBay:
eBay: 182763761261
*you may find a better price elsewhere*

is shown in this YOUTUBE:
HBH DS 220 Auseinanderbauen disassembly

It's REALLY out of focus but you should get the idea!



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there are phone repair shops all over the place that can replace the glass quickly
the glass is fairly expensive but there are different qualities that increase the life of the glass on dropping
ask around , get quotes and consider having a person with experience do the job as it takes very little to break the phone full stop

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there is a problem with the signal receptor chip... show your phone to some mobile expert on repair shop...... chip can be replaced...then it will work fine

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First method:
  1. If the display is off, hold down the Power button to turn it back on.
  2. After that, from the Main Menu enter Settings.
  3. Then find and select Phone.
  4. In the next step choose Phone Managment and tap Default Settings.
  5. Finally select OK to confirm the whole operation.
Second method:
  1. Start by downloading PC Companion, for example from here:
  2. Afterwards install it and run.
  3. Next, you will see window with 4 options.
  4. In the next step choose option "Support Zone New!", and click "Start".
  5. Wait for the program to install the appropriate add-on.
  6. After that you will see next window with 3 options.
  7. Go to option "Phone / Tablet Software Update", and click "Start".
  8. Select "repair my phone / tablet".
  9. Now follow the instructions and accept all informations.

  10. Please be patient and wait until preparing computer for software update is complete.
  11. Afterwards choose your phone / tablet model.
  12. If you see this window, then connect your device into your PC.
  13. Good job!

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How old is the battery? They can reach a point where they will not take a charge and need replaced.

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Upgrade the phone software and try with updated PC companion it will work.

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Try to reset the phone back to factory settings.

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The wire to headsets can get damaged (usually not visible from the outside, as the wires inside the covering can be very delicate, to keep the size of the wire down) from throwing them in the pocket, purse, etc. Try a set from a friend to make sure the device is still working itself.

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