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Speed sensors will only disable the abs system not keep the transmission from shifting.

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You've posted this question in the Car and Truck repair section of the Fixya site so my suggested answers will be limited. You could contact your local authority or council directly and ask them where the polling stations will be.

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1700 is a generic code for many makes and models referring to a transmission issue.1751 is directed to the shift solenoid valve b. May be able to replace just that solenoid and be ok. Cheaper than a transmission.

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Check the owners manual. It will show you. If you need a manual then follow this link.

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Most likely your wiper motor needs replacing as it could be drawing too many amps. Also could be wiring grounding out. Unplug you wiper motor and see if the fuse blows

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Who knows???

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I have a 2005 chev Colorado the idle low what is the problem.

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Usually between the battery and the fuse center. Close to the battery.

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P0440 = Evaporative Emission System.
P0441 = Evaporative Emission System Incorrect Purge Flow.
P0446 = Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit.
The vehicle is fitted with a system that recycles unburnt fuel in the exhaust gases, usually referred to as the EVAP system. This sounds like a possible issue with the valve built into this system.

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They are a pain in the rear. On either side about one foot in on the bottom get somethings like a long prybar and lift up on the seat cushion. Then get a light and look for a skinny hook on each side. There is a metal tube they hook to. Get another prybar and push the hook towards the back of the truck and lift upwards at the same time. They are hard to see. Good luck

2006 Ford F-150 | Answered 1 hour ago | 24 views

Possible low fuel pressure. Should be 31-35 depending on which engine you have. Check to see what you have.

1999 Jeep... | Answered 1 hour ago | 64 views

Fuel pressure ? Bad tps switch? Have a scanner hooked up and see what is not working when this happens. Better than guessing.

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The owners manual will show you where, If you lost it try this site.

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P0316 is a misfire code. P0301 is a #1 cylinder misfire code. So your probably looking at a problem with #1 cylinder. Could be a bad spark plug, coil, injector, wiring, PCM or lack of compression. I'd start by replacing the spark plugs (don't use aftermarket spark plugs) and switching the #1 coil with another cylinder so if you still have a problem and it sets a code for the cylinder that you put the #1 coil in you will know the coil is your problem. You can do the same thing with injectors.

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Check the owners manual. If you need one look here

Jeep Grand... | Answered 1 hour ago | 463 views

With a test light follow the wires from the battery to the fuse box to see where you lost the connection. You may have a burnt fusable link. . Run 12 v directly the the fuse box and see if that helps.

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The spark plugs are high up on top of the engine. You will probably need to remove the air filter box to get access to them. I'm not sure if the box is bolted down or a 'pull off' type. They are covered by the plug shaped coil packs. These just pull out and push back in. The attached photo has them marked with a red circle.

2004 Daihatsu... | Answered 1 hour ago | 202 views

Make sure you have enough trany fluid and it is fresh and not burnt.

Jeep Liberty... | Answered 1 hour ago | 23 views

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