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With an oil pressure gauge:
Remove the oil sender unit and install an oil pressure gauge at the cold engine and let the engine warming up. And record oil pressure data.
You will see if the oil pressure match your problems if so then there is an internal leak or bad oil pump or old engine oil.

Hope it helps.

2000 Pontiac... | Answered 2 hours ago | 53 views

Many things could be your problem
1- coolant temperature or wiring defect
2- Cooling fan not working
3- Need to retrieve any engine faulty code with a scanner.
4- With a scanner look for any data that is not normal.
See a good auto technician

Hope it helps.

1999 Pontiac... | Answered 2 hours ago | 49 views

You need to know Battery Voltage is very important for PCM, Sensors and so on.
With a voltmeter on the battery terminal engine off, with a good full charged battery you should read 12.6v. If not the battery needs to be charge.
Clean battery"s terminals for a good connection and ground terminal body side.

Hope it helps.

1997 Pontiac... | Answered 2 hours ago | 42 views

Here is a link that may help.

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Open the left front door and between the 2 hinges, you can see where are the electrical wires see if any wires are open circuit by pulling on each wire.
You will find your problems there.

Hope it helps.

2000 Pontiac... | Answered 3 hours ago | 40 views

You need to retrieve the BCM (Body Control Module) faulty code with a scanner. Fix any code that you find.
Try to erase any code and see if the problem is solved.

Hope it helps.

1997 Pontiac... | Answered 3 hours ago | 44 views

Transmissions Problems.
1- Retrieve engine faulty code from the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) with a scanner.
Gas Problems.
Check gauge alert means there is something wrong with one of the gauge. You need to fix it before going further.
1- Could be fuel tank gauge defect, wiring.
2- Fuel pump stopped working.
3- Bad fuel or water in-tank.

Hope it helps.

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sometimes it just wants to put the 32 first even though its not what your system is, really? yup. then it will put 64. *shrugs* mine does that also.:)

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While driving, you may notice a yellow or green warning light that features a wrench with the open portion pointed upwards, or a symbol of a car with a wrench lying vertically in the center of it. Both these symbols indicate the car needs service, usually because some sort of time-based milestone has been met, or there's a fault with the car that needs professional intervention.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 3 hours ago | 19 views and the search word SC571 gives a number of possible fixes. Unsure which model Ricoh copier you have, but when you read the search results you will be able to identify your model and see if the problems described match yours.


Ricoh Office... | Answered 3 hours ago | 12 views

if this is a standard plug & recepticle check that terminals on the recepticle are tightend down firmly, if it is hard wired from a junction box check wire nuts behind cover.

GE Computers &... | Answered 3 hours ago | 17 views

Right click on the wireless internet icon on the lower right of your screen. Then left click Troubleshoot problems.

If that doesn't work, go to Device manager, network adapters, find your wireless adapter then right click on it and then select uninstall device. Restart the computer and it will find the port & reinstall it for you.

Acer Aspire 4520... | Answered 3 hours ago | 36 views

That sounds like your hard drive may be dead...

Compaq Computers... | Answered 3 hours ago | 18 views

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