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If you wiah to get some details about treadmill repair and service then check the following link

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Oct 03, 2016

Do you know which version of the Precor 9.21 you have? There are a few different versions you can view here. Click on your version to view the parts list and look for "Cover, Motor" or "Motor Cover".

For instance, if you have the 9.21 (AYYZ), the proper motor cover is this part #5019749

However, this part #5005569 is listed as the proper motor cover for the 9.21 (F5), 9.21i (2X), 9.21s (F6), 9.21si (2Y), and a couple others. Make sure you have matched up your exact model number with the motor cover you need so do you not order the wrong part.

Precor 9.21... | Answered on Aug 24, 2016

If you wish to get some details a bout treadmill repair then check the link bellow.

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 20, 2016

HI There,

Did you get this worked out? Possibly the IFT drive?

Precor 932i... | Answered on Apr 25, 2016

Replace the battery

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Precor EFX 546i... | Answered on Apr 23, 2016

A noise issue can be anything. I recommend you hire a service technician

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Precor Exercise... | Answered on Apr 23, 2016

c966 have Precor transported from one place to another place is not rash to give any signal in transcri could you help

Precor C966i... | Answered on Apr 23, 2016

Hi Emily, The safety switch... If that's the plastic part with the steel plate inside it that attaches to the console and when you remove it the treadmill won't operate then try cutting the top off a can and using that until you find the safety switch...Good Luck.....CHEERS..

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Apr 14, 2016

Yeah - the sensor is the problem... It is magnetic... You can find it next to the wheel on the belt - It is fairly small.... There is a metal disc in the wheell on the belt that is a magnet.. As it passes by the sensor - the sensor registers the magnet and can simply calculate speed based on the frequency of the passes... Sometimes the sensor slides too far back and ergo can`t register the magnet passing by - Then you get the L5 error...
Follow this link to a picture!

Precor C954i... | Answered on Apr 06, 2016

Tip it over - there was a version that had a problem with the frame cracking where the ramp attaches. There is a kit to fix this, if that is what you find.

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

Precor EFX 546i... | Answered on Mar 27, 2016

Error 45, Lift Moving in Wrong Direction It maybe the lift motor itself the potentiometer maybe defective, the ribbon between upper and lower boards

Precor C954i... | Answered on Mar 08, 2016

Precor Error 30, 31, 32 and 33, Communications Error Probable Cause 1. Bad interconnect cable between upper PCA and lower PCA.
2. Interconnect cable is mistakenly plugged into the CSAFE connector at the upper PCA.
3. Elliptical 5.17 equipped with old software version 1.01 in upper and lower PCA.
4. Upper and lower PCAs have mismatched software.
5. Another component plugged onto the PCA is overloading the +5VDC power supply.
6. Bad lower PCA.
7. Bad upper PCA.
Corrective Action
  1. Test unit with a know good interconnect cable or test the interconnect cable for continuity. Replace interconnect cable if necessary.
  2. Disconnect the interconnect cable from the CSAFE connector and attach to the proper position on the upper PCA.3.
  3. Replace the upper and lower software of the 5.17 elliptical with the most current versions.4.
  4. If one of the PCAs is found to have software version 1.01, replace it with the most current software version.
  5. Disconnect all components from the upper and lower PCA leaving the data cable connecting between the upper and lower PCAs and the AC power going to the lower PCA. If the unit shows any error other than the error 3x, reconnect components one at a time. Reset power between each newly connected component until the error 3x reappears. Whichever component was last connected when the error 3x reappears, is the cause for the error. Replace the faulty component.
  6. Test unit with a known good lower PCA. Replace the lower PCA if necessary.
  7. Test unit with a known good upper PCA. Replace the upper PCA if necessary.
Precor Error Code 30 31 32 33

Precor EFX 5.25... | Answered on Mar 07, 2016

If you wish to get some details; check the site Pull up older posts. Surf the site with patience. Check for treadmill running belt adjustment

Precor C964i... | Answered on Feb 26, 2016

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