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Assuming you are already familiar with the functions of your calculator computing compound interest is a formula in and of itself. Look at this link to the video on computing compound interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwb3hGla4qw
Buy the way, computing compound interest is easier with a financial calculator like the HP12C
using the Solver you can enter in the equation if you know it.

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It doesn't generate it's own pin. You need to connect the printer to the wifi with the PIN of the WPS function of your router.

or, just fill in the password, which always works.

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try to type in google in the browser bar to get it back or you will have to go in setting and factory reset the tablet

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Usually, a saddle valve is connected to a water line below the refrigerator (basement?). The leaky plastic line has to be repaired/replaced.

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Page E-72 of the online manual at the link below suggests it may take some time to recharge after exposure to light, but unsure if that is your issue or not.


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Does the 2011 Grand Cherokee have bluetooth? Although newer vehicles often do, one that old may or may not. I will try to offer some basic info that assumes your vehicle does have bt. First go into Settings on your phone. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Within bluetooth settings find Pairing. Make sure your device is set to discoverable. If your vehicle does have bluetooth, you almost certainly have a screen with some sort of Settings or Setup option. In Setup there will probably be a selection for Phone or Bluetooth. Then select Paired Devices>Add Device and follow the on screen instructions. The owner manual should provide some guidance. If you cannot find any of this, your vehicle may not have bluetooth. All is not lost, though. For $20-$40 you can purchase a bluetooth adapter of some sort that will allow you to add bluetooth. Some are standalone, ie, have their own little speaker, while others plug into your AUX port and use the vehicle speakers. I purchased one of the latter for my daughter, and it seems to be working well for her. Regardless, the process of connecting (pairing) any two bluetooth devices is more or less the same.

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Google (Wexford)(CT408RTFV1)(manual) without parens OR contact Wexford directly to request the manual.

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sadly I know of no fixing the focus

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First you need the manual see what it is look for it in Google or company web.

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