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Contact Amazon to see if it is valid or not:


If you are a seller on Amazon, that may be a legitimate charge.

If you recently made a purchase, the charge would occur upon shipping of a purchase. (Check your own purchases if you have made any recently.)

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Does the thermostat kick in when adjusted?

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Google (brand)(1440)(manual) without parens for instructions.

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How soon did you start it up after you moved it & put it in its place?
If you plugged it in to soon after moving. Oil may have still been up in the wrong place of the compressor. Unplug it for about an hour. Then plug it back in. By plugging it in to early after moving you could have burnt up the compressor. This happens often.

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Check your voltage with power vehicle (place key to run.), If the batteries are draining down overnight it is time to replace BOTH Batteries. If one is failing it will draw down the other. if you have to charge battery more than once it is time to replace. Yes the price will grab you wing wang and make you squeak.

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Disconnect the power cord. Spray a little WD40 and shake the button with a finger to release it. Clean the excessive liquid with a napkin/kitchen paper. Hope this will help.

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You can either take the dispenser out , unclip top part of dispenser, then prise out the insert which has the holes fof the water, or if dispenser is in place ,with a small screwdriver, gently prise the fabric conditioner downwards and with an old toothbrush , remove the black mould

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That is shown as being 20.3 cubic feet.

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Yes, it should show a code and is more serious than a steady check engine light. A blinking CEL usually indicates that your vehicle's engine is misfiring, which could severely damage your catalytic converters. ...Engine misfire is a severe condition that requires immediate attention to avoid expensive repairs or even a car fire! You should stop driving and seek immediate repair.

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That is a good question since it is an older camera and the max included sd card is 64mb. If the formatting of the software reader at the time is compatible with more modern advances in sd storage, it "should" allow for a larger card, but I have seen some older devices that are only setup for the capacities at the time they were released for sale.

Suggest you put a larger card in the camera and follow the formatting instructions in the manual to see your device will format the card. If it can read the card and format, it will probably work.

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