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I assume by Cart you mean Card. You can put any size card you like in the equipment - however, it will not function unless the card is 2 GB or smaller.

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Take it apart and on the back and you will find a magnet pull the magnet apart. And cover it with engine oil then put it back in and it should work i did this with about 88 wash machines

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i would assume youd have to contact them

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Move the switch on the left hand side of the card away from the locked position.

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Hi, Bryan and the usual suspects are:
1. The Run-Off switch is in the Off position.
2. Corroded contacts inside the Run-Off switch need cleaning.
3. A faulty wire from the Run-Off switch to the starter button.
4. Corroded contacts inside the starter button need cleaning.
5. Faulty wire leaving the starter button going to the starter relay.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
SLR 650 1996 01 HONDA SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL Download Manuals Technical $15

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Unless you fix it yourself, likely not. There are probably bad capacitors on the power supply board. I assume that the warranty is long since expired...

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The only thing you can do is send back to Nikon for repair, that is expensive.

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tell your students you arent too smart for posting on a REPAIR WEBSITE

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Check the plug connection(electrical) make sure it's VERY tight. I had that problem and it was the connector.

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Check fuel mix for being too lean. It will run hotter. If you are caning it around, they will glow.

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For hard to reach jammed paper I cut a 1” x 11” piece of 11pt synthetic paper. Then notched a series of V’s into one side. It’s a very effective tool to feed through hard to reach areas of the paper path and clear jams.
I chose synthetic paper since it’s extremely durable and won’t tear off and contribute to the jam issue.

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This unit actually uses a back light inverter. That means the backlight is CCFL. The best course of action is replace the inverter unless you noted a yellow tint to the picture BEFORE it failed.

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Check the back of the freezer is see if there is ice or frost on the back wall. This would indicate it not defrosting causing the problem. The other thing to check is if the fan in the freezer is coming on.

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Sorry we do not have access to this info here.

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