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You should be able to adjust the clutch cable from the top by the clutch lever on the handlebars. There should be a thumb screw at the end of the lever.

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try changing the gear oil it needs run till it gets the gum off the shafts etc inside the gear case

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If you saved anything to the SIM card and then removed the SIM card, there is no method to capture what you placed on the SIM card, as it is now absent.

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Sounds like a voltage regulator problem....clicking at the starter solenoid is an indication of a dead battery....since You are not mechanically able to trouble shoot the voltage regulator problem Your cheapest fix will be to wire a Battery Tender to the battery and charge it overnight....Make sure the Fluid Level in the Battery is Correct.......

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Use alcohol on a cotton swab to clean it, if this diet work the use WD40. Spray the the metal parts of the plug give it afew minutes like 10, then rubb it gently with cotton rugg, it should dissolve all the oxides and loosen the dirt completely.

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Limp Mode is the Engine protecting itself as one of the engine sensors has found a fault listed as serious. Are there any warning lights showing on the dashboard?
You will need to get it plugged into a Diagnostic System or an OBD2 scanner to find out if there are any trouble/error codes. This will guide you to what the possible problem is.
Most garages and dealerships will charge for this but you can buy simple and basic OBD2 scanners online.
Please comment below if you need anymore help or how to translate the trouble codes.

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Are any of the indicators shown in the manual displayed?

Can you provide any more information using the Comment menu in FIXYA?

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You would better served if you changed all of them, they are the same age.

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One thing it could be is that the water solenoid not closing completely. Water drips from fill tube into icemaker and freezes, not allowing any water to get through. This is fairly common and with a couple of tools, you might be able to fix it yourself if you're handy. Could be other causes too, this is the one i'm familiar with.
UPDATE> If the water filler tube that empties into the tray is frozen solid, then it;s probably the water solenoid (not shutting off).. And you want to avoid cycling the system (the heating element coming on) without water in the tray. That's what i saw in a video. Hope that helps.

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unplug it. turn OFF breaker and then take cover plate off of outlet and check for loose wires. if they are slightly loose tighten them up after making sure the wires are all seated tight reinstall the outlet back into box and reapply cover plate. then turn breaker back on. you can also save time by taking cover plate off then turn machine back on but watch outlet to see if you see a spark when breaker trips. If you do then you know you need to tighten wire on the nuts of outlet or replace outlet.

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If you wish to get some details; visit the sites linked here. Pull up older posts.
Faults & possible causes to LCD & Plasma screen are given with illustrations. You can get an idea about the fault to an extent. Search the site by type in the "BRAND NAME" of your device; (Exclude the model number), in the "Search box at the top right of the display window of the Homepage" to get gathered related posts.
{View the site in web view by mobile or a desktop to see the search box. Mobile view has no search box.}

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Have you tried setting the time on your clock? Owners manual should walk you thru the steps.

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There are replacement remotes and universal remotes that may work. This one is an exact replacement without the Emerson branding: https://www.remotes.com/emerson-p/emerson-rtnb118ud-insert.htm .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Is the llid closed?
this happens on every cycle?
Can you visually see the switch?
If you stick a pen cap to much the switch in does it start washing?
do you give it time(I have to ask)?
Unplug and the plug it back in?
Were there any sounds smells or damage before this happen?
give you model number and pictures and anything you have to help
good luck

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