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Barring any medical conditions, it's the result of blood rushing from your head due to the changing pressures in your cardio system. If this happens often though, you should seek a medical opinion.

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so search for it and stop wasting this websites time

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Google (Wexford)(CT408RTFV1)(manual) without parens OR contact Wexford directly to request the manual.

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buy it

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What? Brake drum, appliance drum, musical drum???

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Read "User manual" or may be helps this : The USB plug is on the bottom of the mouse towards the back . Just pop it out and plug into your computer

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On the back of the watch is a module number, It is usually in a rectangle box. Look up that number on the g-shock site and it will give the directions for that watch.

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How soon did you start it up after you moved it & put it in its place?
If you plugged it in to soon after moving. Oil may have still been up in the wrong place of the compressor. Unplug it for about an hour. Then plug it back in. By plugging it in to early after moving you could have burnt up the compressor. This happens often.

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You will need to contact your service provider and verify that the SIM card is actually active. They may say it is activated but sometimes the system does not recognize it. The other thing to verify is that the SIM card is fully inserted. If you have another phone available (maybe a friend or family member) with the same company, swap their card in and see if the phone comes up with their number. It will not affect either account, but will show you if the issue is with the card or the phone.

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Google (alcatel)(3026)(manual) without parens.

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How do you know there is no signal to injectors? If you verified this is true, then you may have a driver circuit problem in the ECM. If not and you have the injectors being pulled to ground but they are not firing, you could have plugged injectors.

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The codes p0452 and p0463 refer to the fuel sender unit. There may be a wiring problem and the gauge is not working properly.
p0128 indicates that the engine is running too cold. Possible stuck thermostat in open position. This would cause the engine to run a richer fuel mixture.

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If you have backed it up with Facebook, just login to your FB account that pops in the home page of candy crush. Or if you had backed up your progress by selecting the KINGDOM option in the lower left corner of the map, you can just login using your email address and password from any device. Other than these, there is no other way to restore your progress. Thanks!

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Use a good scan tool to monitor vehicle parameters when trying to start and when the vehicle is running,this should give you direction to the problem area.

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Page E-72 of the online manual at the link below suggests it may take some time to recharge after exposure to light, but unsure if that is your issue or not.


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If the lid is locking, the actuator is most likely the issue

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what is the question?

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