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A bad fuel filter or fuel pump or a combination of the Two will act like that, the EGR valve can do that but then it wouldn't idle also check the air filter. If it's never been tuned up now would be a good time for that as well. I hope this helps. Take care.

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered 2 hours ago

If it's idling too low there's a problem somewhere perhaps the throttle position sensor or maf sensor, a scanner that can read the live data stream can quickly pick it out, Sensors can fail "in range" so they may not set any codes because the computer see's a valid nimber even though it's incorrect. If it has a maf sensor that can be cleaned with brake klenn or carb cleaner you might try it. I hope this helps. Take care.

1998 Pontiac... | Answered 16 hours ago

Your dealer is right, the expense is in removing the console and dash. It may be a light bulb or it might be a soldered LED. See if you can see or feel anything under the dash if you lay the seat flat and get your head down by the pedals.

I have an LED out behind the seat heater button in my 2005 Lexus. Dealer quoted about $250 to get to it, but that is only part of the front centre console.

2006 Pontiac... | Answered Yesterday

its tricky. its behind the engine. If you pop the hood and you go to the left side, look behind the block and it chould be about half way down or so. You should see the cap for it. I think that was a horrible idea on pontiacs part. Happy motoring!

2007 Pontiac G5... | Answered 3 days ago

you have an engine miss, any time the check engine light starts flashing the engine is missing, should be an easy fix sounds like either a bad spark plug or a bad plug wire if you have the codes checked there should be a code telling you what cylinder is missing, but if i were you i would tune up the engine all new plugs and wires and filters......GOOD LUCK

2001 Pontiac... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019

Do you know how to test automotive electrical systems ? Know what a wiring diagram is ? How to use a DVOM - digital volt ohmmeter ? If not your best bet mite be to have a qualified repair shop check it out.
Your vehicle has a safety system that won't allow it to be taken out of park if the driver isn't pushing on the brake pedal . Could be the brake switch is bad , do the brake lights work ? Or the lock solenoid that keeps gear selector from moving could be bad or wiring problem .

Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Description and Operation

The automatic transmission park lock control system is a safety device that prevents an inadvertent shift out of PARK when the engine is running. The driver must press the brake pedal before moving the park lever out of the PARK position. The system consists of the following components:
• The automatic transmission park lock solenoid (serviced as the automatic transmission shift lock actuator), located within the floor shift control assembly with vehicles equipped with floor shift.
• The body control module, which controls the voltage supply circuit of the park lock control solenoid.
• The engine control module.
The body control module controls the voltage to the park lock control solenoid through the park lock control solenoid controlled voltage circuit. The following conditions must be met before the body control module will supply voltage to the park lock solenoid:
• The ignition is in the ON position.
• The engine control module sends an input via GMLAN serial data to the body control module indicating the transmission is in the PARK position.
• The body control module determines the brake pedal is applied according the brake pedal position.
Since the park lock control solenoid is permanently grounded, the body control module supplies voltage to the automatic transmission park lock control solenoid, unlocking the park lever allowing the driver to move the park lever out of the PARK position as the solenoid de-energizes. When the brake pedal is not applied, the body control module turns the control voltage output of the park lock control solenoid OFF, energizing the park lock control solenoid. The energized solenoid mechanically locks the park lever in the PARK position.
During remote start operation, the body control module will energize the park lock control circuit, locking the park lever in the PARK position.
The rear hatch could be just as complicated .

Rear Hatch/Gate Description and Operation
The liftgate can be opened by operating the switch on the instrument panel. Battery voltage is supplied to the liftgate actuator through the body control module (BCM). The BCM will pulse the liftgate actuator when a release input is received through the key fob, or the instrument panel switch.

Pontiac Torrent... | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

Unfortunately, no. But the tank isn't that bad to drop and get to the pump. Just remember to clean all around the sending unit before opening it up to prevent all of the dirt and debris that collects on top of the tank from getting inside.

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

Below is the diagram you requested. Please return to rate this solution. Thank you very much.

2001 Pontiac... | Answered on Apr 16, 2019

Surely the new sensors with fitting and calibration should only have cost you 1500$ once and subsequent failures covered by warranty?

Common Law says repairs must represent value for money and in order to obtain value the repair or replacement must last a reasonable time, ie,. a similar period to how long the originals lasted. That is the basis of the contract you made with the repairer when you took your problem to them to have it fixed, assuming the repairer didn't tell you their work would last only two months...

Apart from the fact the repairer is clearly in breach of the contract he made with you, the new sensors would have at least a 90 day warranty and usually one year and if dealer parts were used, subsequent replacements should be free of any labour charge.

I strongly suggest you begin to jump about waving your arms and shouting a lot until the repairer begins to take his legal responsibilities seriously.

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered on Apr 14, 2019

The safest and best way to empty the fuel tank of most modern cars is to use a dedicated fuel retriever which is a hand operated pump with integral fuel tank and this is the only method accepted by business insurers and related safety authorities. If fuel cannot be accessed and drawn through the filler neck the fuel pump should be removed for access to the fuel.
I have used several methods including a home made fuel retriever powered by a 12 volt SU diaphragm pump with the power supply too far away to cause problems, shorting the fuel pump relay and collecting the fuel via a disconnected pipe in the engine compartment and by a similar method but independently powering the fuel pump.
It is a good idea to remove fuel during the night in the open air when the temperature is at the coolest and few people are moving around. If the vehicle is in a workshop, have the doors open so air circulates, use only explosion proof lighting and guard against static discharge and above all never perform fuel removal within a dangerous distance from a dwelling (20-25 yards)or over an inspection pit.
Most fires/explosions in these circumstances are caused by inspection light related ignition...
The removed fuel should be stored in military style jerrycans or in purpose made 1 or 2 gallon fuel containers that are moved off-site as soon as they are filled.

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered on Apr 14, 2019

Fuse # 33 40 amp. & PCM fuse # 15 10 amp

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

Likely, you ignored the real problem 'till it was too late. (the old "closing the barn door after the horses have run away") The clutches in a transmission are paper thin and do not respond well to heating: any slippage causes internal heat. At this point your only option is to have the unit rebuilt. I know that you won't like this answer, but it's fact.

1992 Pontiac... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

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Pontiac Grand Am... | Answered on Apr 12, 2019

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