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Back to basics. You need spark, fuel, and compression (manifold vacuum). Before you replace any more parts, check to make sure that you have no stored codes. If your check engine light is on, retrieving the codes will point you in the right direction. If you have to, tow it down to your local Autozone. They will scan it for free! If the check engine light in not on, the problem is most likely the fuel system. So, locate the fuel pump relay under the hood next to the driver side front fender. Remove it and CAREFULLY remove the top by lifting the two clip tabs with a small screwdriver. reinsert the relay and crank the engine while observing the relay to verify that the relay pulls min. That is, that the contact moves. If it doesn't, check the fuse and the relay itself. (Swap the AC clutch relay, they're the same). If it does, try manually closing the relay with the key on while someone listens at the open fuel opening, (take the gas cap off first) If you don't hear the fuel pump running, it is probably the pump. Please note that I own a 97 voyager that is very hard to start, and I have often had to manually operate the fuel pump relay in order to prime the engine so that it will start. Hope this helps!

1996 Plymouth... | Answered on Feb 16, 2019

Does it have fuel, does it have the correct valve timing?

1986 Plymouth... | Answered on Feb 16, 2019

The carburetor may be flooding with gas.Sticking closed choke may also be at fault or both.If you are using fuel with ethanol in it, the carb may be damaged from the fuel.

Plymouth Cars &... | Answered on Feb 16, 2019

The front and rear ac units have different heater cores. The front core may be blocked and needs to be flushed out. You can check this by locating the front heater hoses and feeling them to see if they are hot. If they are cold then disconnect one hose and connect a garden hose to it. Take off the radiator cap ( make sure that the radiator has cooled down and there is no pressure in the system) and flush out the heater core.

Plymouth Cars &... | Answered on Feb 11, 2019

Working in the wheel arches there will be screws to remove inner wing liner , easier to take wheels off, you will then have access to the bumper fittings, then in the boot\trunk remove for carpet and trim along edge to access the retaining bolts / screws, fitting is just a reverse

Plymouth Breeze... | Answered on Feb 05, 2019

Regardless of what vehicle you have, brake fluid should be changed about every two years because it will and does absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Water or moisture in your brake fluid will turn to steam under pressure (heat) as in repeated braking, braking going downhill, etc. You can't compress the steam as well as you can brake fluid, so replace it and avoid potential brake failure. It's an easy enough job to do yourself with a brake fluid replacement kit. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it. Be sure and get a Hanes, or other owner's manual, or check with your auto parts store to find out the ORDER in which you bleed each brake. Most cars start with the front lines, then work around, but check to be sure what the order is for your particular make. If it hasn't been changed in awhile it will be dark. Keep adding and bleeding until the fluid runs clear. Here's a good YouTube video on how to bleed your brakes:

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

1998 Plymouth... | Answered on Jan 24, 2019

Most likely the air flow diverter/blocker isn't moving. Can it only blow from the dash vents or can you get floor heat as well? If not then most certainly that is your problem and if it's never been serviced it may need replacement. Good luck!

Plymouth Cars &... | Answered on Jan 23, 2019

Might be corroded contact points where the ignition wires plug into the distributor or connect to the spark plugs. Could also be moisture or corrosion inside the distributor itself.

1984 Plymouth... | Answered on Jan 22, 2019

This is for a 3.3L motor
Hope this helps, it it does please leave feedback and vote Thank You and Good Luck


  1. Release hood latch and open hood.
Removal/Installation of Battery Cables 81929864

  1. Disconnect battery negative cable.
  2. Remove windshield wiper housing, refer to the Windshield Wipers and Washers for proper procedures.
  3. Remove accessory drive belt.
Generator Mounting Bracket 81929870

  1. Remove bolt holding top of generator mount bracket to engine air intake plenum.
  2. Remove bolts holding outside of generator mount bracket to generator mount plate.
  3. Remove bolt holding top of generator to mount bracket.
  4. Remove generator mount bracket from vehicle.
  5. Rotate generator toward rear dash panel.
Generator 81929868

  1. Disconnect the push-in field wire connector . from back of generator.
  2. Remove nut holding B+ wire terminal to back of generator.
  3. Separate B+ terminal from generator.
Generator Pivot Bolt 81929871

  1. Remove bolt holding bottom of generator to lower pivot bracket.
Generator 81929872

  1. Remove generator from vehicle

  1. Place generator in position on vehicle.
  2. Install bolt to hold bottom of generator to lower pivot bracket.
  3. Place B+ terminal in position on generator.
  4. Install nut to hold B+ wire terminal to back of generator.
  5. Connect the push-in field wire connector into back of generator.
  6. Rotate generator forward away from dash panel.
  7. Place generator mount bracket in position on vehicle.
  8. Install bolt to hold top of generator to mount bracket.
  9. Install bolts to hold outside of generator mount bracket to generator mount plate.
  10. Install bolt to hold top of generator mount bracket to engine air intake plenum.
  11. Install accessory drive belt.
  12. Install windshield wiper housing, refer to the Windshield Wipers and Washers for proper procedures.
  13. Connect battery negative cable.
  14. Verify generator charge rate.

2000 Plymouth... | Answered on Dec 28, 2018

You just go to the link below, I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem


Plymouth Cars &... | Answered on Dec 27, 2018

Power and ground to the switch. If you have it there, power and ground at the bulb.

1988 Plymouth... | Answered on Dec 08, 2018

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