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reboot router, reboot the device.

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Wires are rated to handle a certain amount of amps. Your dryer cord is bigger than your coffee maker cord because your dryer pulls more amps. What is going on with your heater is your heater is drawing more amps than the wire can handle. Therefore the wire is getting hot, melting the insulation. Hopefully it shorts out before it catches on fire!!! BOTH BAD SCENERIOS!!! It is possible your machine is just excessively dirty, therefore working extremely hard, drawing high amps. If you are able to give a good cleaning, do so. Let dry and turn heater on DURING A TIME WHEN YOU CAN MONITOR IT, NOT OVERNIGHT. See if it has made a significant improvement. If not, it's time for a new heater!! Best Wishes!!

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

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Nickel Chrome hard wire in coils for heater element are not worth stocking as new complete heaters are very inexpensive and as a qualified electrician must fit it, to replace the heater element is not cost effective.

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Request pictures directly from Patton.

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I doubt that they have any Teflon in them, and it would certainly have burned off by now if it did.

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On google

Patton replace heating element Heaters Questions ... - Fixya > Forum > Tags > replace heating element > Heaters
Patton heaters replace heating element related questions and answers. Ask yourPatton ... I can't seem to find a phone number for the manufacturer to call for parts. Any help? ... Question about PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater. 1 Answer ...

Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater Quartz elements ... > ... > Patton > Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater
Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater, quartz elements replacement related ...Element. Where can I find replacement quartz tube heating. Element Infrared ...

Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater Element ... - Fixya > ... > Patton > Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater
Patton PQH307UM Electric Utility Heater, element related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Patton experts. ... The heating element is above the thermostat, and all you will see is a round disc with two wires attaching to. Ad.

Patton PUH680-U Utility Heater Replacement fan motor ...

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Check on google; 1000SW and 1500W

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The blade may not have been reinstalled correctly and/or the nut may have gotten cross-threaded or stripped in the proces

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You need to include more information: Model number would be helpful. You could also try checking your product manual and seeing if they list a way to unlock the phone.

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Best place usually is grangers if you just need a motor. Take in motor and they can match up the exactone for you.

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Possibly not the correct pods in the milk house heater .try asking the MFG's tech support

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possible only way is to ix what it sees as the problem

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The thermostat is probably shot. These units are repairable but disposable, meaning the repair will likely cost as much as a new unit. 25330911-xrysbksmd4oe40lchygmaasz-5-0.jpg

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Most have a one-time thermal fuse wired into the motor. You would have to remove cage and fan blade, unscrew motor mounts, open motor casing, locate fuse by cutting open or sliding off the thermal sleeves, cut fuse out and resolder a new thermal fuse in. Should be able to locate replacement thermal fuse online. Can also just splice ends together but then you lose thermal protection and a fire can result. It is a good temporary fix to diagnose if you have burnt out one of the motor coils.

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