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Most pandora is sterling silver. If the charm doesnt have enamel on it (or paint) you can dip it in sterling silver cleaner (blue solution you can find at a jewelry store or at a repair shop) or you can buy a polishing cloth. What I sometimes use to clean my jewelry is warm water and a bit of Mr. Clean cleaner from the grocery store.
(I work in a jewelry/watch repair shop)

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Wow, the question was how to turn off captions on CBS All Access, not on your TV. In the All Access app, select Live TV. The CC indicator doesn't appear immediately. Select a live channel. Then, hit the back button to return to the live TV channel selection screen. You will now see the CC symbol in the lower left. Navigate to it and toggle the setting with the select button on your "streaming" remote. YAY! As far as I can see, this is the only correct answer on the net. A search reveals nothing. BTW, it's a horrible location for that toggle!

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You are right, it is not running since there is no water
that goes out. It is just humming - which be due to
stucked impeller or busted starting capacitor. Let's start with checking up the impeller. Unscrew the strainer, and take it off. At the suction port, try turning the impeller by your finger. This is to check if it is stucked. If it is stucked, open the bolt holding the impeller case, so that you can free the impeller from
being stucked. Once the impeller is free, you can assemble the pump and switch it on and make it run.
If it doesn't run, then the final touch is to replace the
starting capacitor at the topcase of trash pump. In
doing this, make sure that in the reassembly of the top case, you must maintain the right force to close
the top case bolts water tight. Just send you e-mail
for further assistance. God Bless you.

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First, when there is one problem many things will adjust to maintain drive ability with out hurting the emissions system setting many codes. Repair the #6 miss fire and erase all the codes and see if any come back. Or just erase all the codes now. If the check engine was not blinking then the miss fire is not a real bad problem now and will not set again until it reads the miss again.

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Can you tell me code for my Volvo?
Please send E-mail:
Thanks in advance :)

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