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I recommend you talk to a Nordic Track service representative or technician. I am guessing that the motor that raises or lowers the incline is broken of malfunctioning. Our representative never told us the consequences are if the intermittent, routine diagnostics the machine runs do not complete or "freeze" up.

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This seems abnormal. These machines seem to have an intermittent diagnostic that they run which includes (or simply consists of) raising and then lowering the incline or slope. If this process seems to hang or the machine never returns to "normal life", you may have to call your service number.

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hi, the running belt is a little loose you have to fasten it you have two screws from behind two sides you should use special hex driver key and turn the screw clockwise only one turn for the two screws so the belt will be tight again

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Without insulting you, I assume that you have waited long enough for the incline calibration to complete (while standing on the treadmill, say one or two minutes). I also assume that you would agree that moving the machine has somehow caused it to malfunction. Check that the new location is reasonably level and that all four "feet" touch and rest on the floor. If nothing remedies, it may be time to call a technician.

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The owner's manual has figures and descriptions for adjusting these rollers. The trick is knowing which way to turn the adjusting screw which may take some trial-and-error to see which way the belt is sliding after an adjustment.

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Our Nordic Track machine intermittently runs its own diagnostic when you turn the machine on after it has been powered off. This includes the first time you take it out of the box. If you notice that the display screen is on but none of the function buttons work, listen for a humming sound at the base of the machine where the motor is housed. A tell-tail sign is that the motor that slopes the running track is raising or lowering the slope (as part of its diagnostic check) which is difficult to recognize when the track is not running. After perhaps one or two minutes, the button functions return and the machine "comes alive". If not, then you'll want to locate the Nordic Track service number and talk to a technician or representative.

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There are a number of possibilities which a technician may have to help with and fix your machine. Here is a possible explanation: Most electric motors include a capacitor in their circuit (likely these days to be a component on a circuit board, a place where I give up quickly due to the complexity). The capacitor acts like a "primer" that gives the motor a little "kick" to get it moving. This capacitor is automatically switched out of the circuit when the motor comes up to speed. When a capacitor is non-existent or fails in the circuit, the motor will still function normally after you give it some "manual encouragement" as you described by making the belt move with your feet. On older motors, I have seen capacitors sitting in a clamp directly on the motor body. This would be an easier fix than messing with a circuit board to find the bad component.

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You may have to call a technician. The motor that drives the belt could be shot. Also, a simple test can be done to see if it is a capacitor: Try making the belt turn by moving your feet and see if the motor "kicks in" and moves the belt by itself. If so, it is the starting capacitor, something to save a repair person some time, but probably will not reduce the cost of the service call...

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The backlash or free play in the incline motor or gearing is likely making the calibration fail. I view the calibration as a "courtesy check" that the Nordic Track performs to let you know when some component is failing or has failed. It is annoying and inconvenient when it fails, but it is something like a "fix engine" light on a car. It is telling you that something needs immediate attention, likely needed to be done by a technician or repair person.

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if it's the walking belt, make sure that the rear roller is parallel to the back of the walking board. Sounds goofy, stand on the mill looking back away from the front of the display. Look down to where the walking belt goes around the roller, the roller should be parallel to the walking board.

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you will need to replace the belt.
and look to see why this has happened.

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1) Please use electronic spray for electronic and LUBE the small POT in the electronic Board.

2) Adjust the Speed sensor, and test it, and see is ok or faulty, clean it and ajust 1mms near of magnet. otherwise replace it.
Eletric treadmill Speed Sensor Adjustment

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You must take out the cover, and examine if there
are part with lack of LUBE, and corroded.
Normally this happen because the equipment has NOT maintenance in the time, determined by the factory.
Proceed according. LUBE.and repair

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How to Replace an Elliptical Console
Please see the video, and follow the steps.
However clean very well the spring with electronic cleaner contacts, and see if the wires are o.k or loose or desolder and repair.
Use ALKALINES batteries for Heavy duty.

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