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If your products are already in the frozen state the answer is yes, you can make an immediate transfer. Normally a couple of hours run to allow the temperatures to stabilize is sufficient. The cool down run time also insures the the unit is functioning properly. If you plug it in and transfer the products right away make frequent checks to insure proper operation.

Nor-Lake Freezer... | Answered on Sep 14, 2008

try this link - 28k -

Nor-Lake Freezer... | Answered on Aug 11, 2008

Sounds like a defrost problem. Check to see if there is any frost buildup in the back wall of the freezer. If so, it is not defrosting as it should.
  • possible causes:
  1. bad defrost timer/control board
  2. bad defrost heater (in freezer)
  3. bad thermo switch in freezer
If you don’t know what these are then unplug the machine and let the ice melt in the freezer overnight with the door open. Then try it the next day, if is cooling fine then you need to have a service person replace one of the above items. 
  • if you already checked this and think it is a different problem then let me know, i will help you figure it out. 

these are the usual suspects.

heater in the back wall of the freezer:

thermal switch also in the back wall of the freezer


Nor-Lake Freezer... | Answered on Aug 11, 2008



Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Jul 26, 2008

check the ice-maker itself, it has a teflon coating (like a frying pan) that sometimes flakes off leaving little black flakes in the ice. if this is the case you have to change the ice-maker.

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Jun 28, 2008

use a volt meter that reads dc voltage

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on May 15, 2008

Refrigerator Freezers are controlled by the refrigerator temperature and NOT the freezer temperature. Move it to a warmer location.

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on May 07, 2008

Heat exchangers for rejecting heat to air are built into the outside walls. This is normal. Just make sure you have enough clearance for free air circulation around it.

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on May 07, 2008

Step by step look for the obvious such as; is the condenser clean on the unit outside the box, is the condenser fan motor running, is the coil inside iced up. These are common problems with freezers.

If the coil is frosted over the problem may be related to the defrost timer. Rotate the timer as per the arrows to the defrost position to defrost. This should cause the coil to defrost. If this does defrost the coil replace the timer.

If the condenser fan motor does not rotate with the compressor running, rotate the fan blade manually, if it is the least bit tight the bearings may be dry or gummed up, oil the motor with non-detergent oil SAE-20.

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on May 07, 2008

stopped up drain in the freezer remove back freezer panel and
unthaw the drain pan and the tube, the tube connects to the bottom of the metal pan, you will see a hole about the size of a dime direct the heat from the hair dryer at this hole it may take 20 min, to thaw
pour some water down the hole if it is clear of the ice the water will run to the drain pan at the bottom of the ref
if it does not keep thawing until it does

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Apr 17, 2008

not all causes are a FREON leak. is the compressor running

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Apr 17, 2008

YES see if you have 12 volts dc at the evaperator motor if you do then the motor is bad if you do not then the mother board is bad and ge recomends in this case to also change the fan motor at the same time

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Apr 17, 2008

They are usually mounted on the front panel of the evaporator or mounted on the wall behind the evaporator.There is a possibility that the temp. control is at the condenser,and the sensing bulb was slipped thru the wall.Look for the bulb at the back of the evaporator and follow the cap tube.

Nor-Lake Freezer... | Answered on Dec 05, 2007

Is the compressor running? How about the fan motor? Chck. those items first and when there be sure coil is clean. Now coil is clean, fan and compresor are running, then you may have leak on the system. Quik test, unplug frige from wall and plug it back after a few second, if compressor runs, you have a leak.

Nor-Lake Norlake... | Answered on Oct 25, 2007

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