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To reset your passcode on iOS 7, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock, then enter your passcode. From there you can turn off your passcode or change it.

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1. Make sure the switch on the kart is positioned closest to the power plug as that is the off position
2. Plug in the controller to the cart and turn the controller on
3. Wait 15 minutes
4. Disconnect and turn the cart switch to the on position

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You directed this question at me, but unfortunately I'm unable to provide you with a real solution at this time.
FixYa has discontinued direct questions, so if you would care to repost your question, the repost will be visible to all members of the FixYa community. Hopefully one of them will be able to provide you with a real solution.
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There are several things that could have happened when the water entered the circuitry. First off, don't keep trying to turn it on! Remove the batteries. Take as much of the casing around the display as you can without damaging it further. Then place the circuit board and display either in direct sunlight or under a lamp. You need a lamp that has a regular light bulb, not a phosphorescent or LED bulb, and you need to get the bulb close (about a foot or so) to the game. Do not use a heat lamp! What you are trying to do is evaporate any water still in the game console, but you don't want to melt anything. Hopefully the water didn't blow any of the components and didn't wash the liquid crystal in the display away. You may need to leave it under the lamp for quite a while. You can't rush this by adding more heat, you'll only cook the poor thing if you try. Hopefully that will allow it to operate normally. Otherwise, something in the circuits shorted out or blew when you were testing to see if it still worked. Hope that helps.

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They only contain dorabase and dorabase2 on nintendo ds. sorry im sure it would be a amazeing game for nintendos wii. i hope this helps

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you will need a travel adapter to connect to the local power.

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Go to system settings -> internet settings -> connection settings ->new connection-> manual setup

if you are using the usb choose usb.

If you are using a router choose search access point choose your ssid and enter your password if you have one.

then save the connection and let it run the test... you should now be connected

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Press and hold the POWER button to turn the system off Please refer to the Nintendo DSi operations manual for details.
if you have an r4i card or similar you will have to update it online, download etc.

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Yes , this can break ur system as ur systems gets hot for being on for such a long this could burn ur Dsi's IC (integrated circuit).U should turn it for an hour or 2 .
If u have any more problems do contact me .....( ^ _ ^ )

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A human brain is the central processing unit or the control unit of the body. Every movement is a result of a command coming from the brain

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do you have wifi? If you don't have wifi it wont connect. Plus if you do have wifi you prob. put a sec code in to block outsiders. so you need that same code to access your wifi

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They are not legal any more - they lost their court case - You are talking about R4 cards.

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let them all stay away from each other

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toys are us or target

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This is an excerpt of a walkthrough:
---------------------- FINAL BOSS: Ganondorf ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Link and Zelda team up against Ganondorf in an epic battle to the death! Ganondorf blocks pretty much all of your attacks with his double katana, but doing so provides a distraction for him as Zelda fires her Light Arrows at him. Once he's stunned with one, slash him as much as you can. Eventually, after this process repeats itself for about three times, Ganondorf will wise up and smack Zelda unconscious. You're on your own for now, so just avoid Ganondorf's attacks. The most notable attack is his double-katana jump strike. Parry this and start slashing him. After enough parries and slashing, Zelda will wake up and attempt to fire Light Arrows at him again. However, it's ineffective, as Ganondorf keeps dodging them, even if you try to keep him busy by constantly clashing swords with him. Talk to Zelda and she will devise a new tactic. She will fire the Light Arrow at you instead. L-Target Ganondorf, and when Zelda is about to fire a Light Arrow, put up your Mirror Shield. The Light Arrow should reflect off of your shield, onto Ganondorf. Now, don't attack him, otherwise you'll have to try again. Instead, wait until he attacks and parry it to end the battle. If you're in need of some hearts and don't have potions, just Hookshot Zelda to steal her heart(s)!Hope this helps! Thank you for using FixYa!

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I'm the same... I've been looking at everyone else doing it online and they crash aand do it really slow and still pass... but I've been doing it heaps and I just can't get past it. Got the same version as you. Wii with that cover.

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go into settings in wii menu look for remote settings and change it there it could also be your not in right place for sensor bar

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Check your network settings and temporarily disable the firewall. The game is not able to reach the network. Check also game network settings.
If that does not work, try reinstalling the game with firewall disabled. Uninstall the game before reinstalling.

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switch the slider from french to english

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