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That is likely a job for an experienced repair technician, not for DIY.

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mirror box has been knocked out of square.

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So I assume you have changed the batteries and made sure there isn't any corrosion on the contacts. If your mirror is flipping up but no shutter, it sounds like a bad shutter. Check the shutter from the back, then from the front behind the mirror. Look for abnormalities or residue. It is a great camera and uses standard batteries (!) but the 1/2000 shutter has a half life like any other SLR. If you are going to throw it out you may want to open the back and use a q-tip to drip a couple drops of 90% alcohol on the top and bottom (and sides) of the shutter. As a last ditch, I throw cameras or lenses in the toaster oven at 200° for 10 min. and retry (take out batteries and film). At the least it will kill any fungus at the worst it hardens some lubricants. It does make you feel like you are doing some specilized scientific work before you toss it in the trash.

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According to the manual you have 4 electrical contacts. I would suspect one on the body is not working to fire the shutter. Try a eraser on the FA body winder contacts. If not, I would say the body has the problem.

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It is well past the end of its expected life - retire it and ask for a new one for Christmas.

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Your camera is not that old, for a film camera. But they are all electronic. Something in the shutter is bad (mirror going up), and is usually a sign of a dead camera. Repair is impossible and inprobbable. You can pick these up for $40. This mode can use all the newest fancy lenses. I would check the contacts and the battery. If the contacts are clean... it's dead.

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I fixed the problem. thanks

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Does the shutter operate when the back is closed? (In other words, does it expose the film?) If so, don't worry about it. If not, it may need service -- or it may be set at such a high shutter speed (1/2000, for instance) that makes the shutter open and close so quickly that you can't see it move.

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Press down and slide one way or the other. It's generally held by two pins that slide into hole slots and lock in place

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I've read recently of a slew of older Nikon amateur film cameras from the late '80's to mid-'90's that have electronics that have failed. Their prosumer cameras (8008, N90, F100, etc) don't seem to be affected as much as their amateur cameras (N2000, N60, N65, etc). You could try cleaning the contacts of both the camera body and lens - as well as the battery compartment, but if that doesn't work, you may be out of luck. The good news is that you can pick up another N65 for less than ten bucks at most camera shops, both online and brick and mortar.

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Sounds like the aperture control actuator ring in the camera body is not opening the aperture diaphragm blades fully a repair quote and decide if a different body upgrade may be a better option

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If the shutter blades get bent they are hard to straighten out. Better to find a local repairman or you could do more damage to the shutter. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Technical fault not a settings problem

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If it has been stood for a long time, more than 6 months without use, the organic capacitors leak rendering the boards no longer working.

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Sounds as if the tripod socket in the base of the camera is too shallow for the thread on the QR plate. You can undo the split ring that holds the screw in the plate, and fit a washer beneath it to shorten the protruding screw. What I do is keep a plate permanently attached to each of my cameras and camcorders, so that I do not have to continually remove it to put another camera on.

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You're on the right track with oxidation. Try cleaning the contacts in the body and on the lens with contact cleaner, and let it dry. Remove the battery, and clean the contacts inside the camera.

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I have done a lot of photography, some professionally, and am old enough to have used film cameras longer than I have used digital :>)

My immediate thought is what ASA speed do you have the camera set to? If it is something like 3,200 ASA, rather than 200 ASA which your film may well be, everything is going to show overexposed in normal light. Perhaps 3,200 ASA is an exaggeration, and in the reviews below, the ASA specifications of the camera as regards metering are not mentioned. Guessing it will be in Mode - Settings?

Nikon 35Ti Review - Ken Rockwell
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Discovering the Dreaded Nikon 35Ti - by Marc-Olivier Gilbert - 35mmc Sep 21, 2015 - If you asked me 6 months ago, I never thought I would want a compact camera. But that was 6 months ago, and now I have a Nikon 35ti. nikon 35ti Google Search

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Hi. Pay careful attention to the way the end of the film fits through the take-up reel. Open the back (empty) and give the wind knob a few twists. That will tell you which way it is turning. Put the end of your film through the slot in the take-up reel so itd winds onto itself as it advances. There's usually enough extra unexposed wound onto the factory reel that it won't cost you and pix at the end of it. Pull enough out of the cassette to be sure your winding-load position is really going to hold when you advance. Good luck.

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