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Is the camera in airplane or power saving mode?

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Hi Have you tried resetting the camera back to factory settings? This should clear up any problems...if it doesn't it may at least let you know what the problem is? not use an SD card no bigger than 2 gigs, What is thee display showing? Make sure the date and time are correct! Get back to me if you need any more help...Thanks...John,

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Check the MODE. With ANY camera with manual mode you can take black (underexposed) photos all day. If photos are black try and use an AUTO mode. Typical it has a GREEN Camera symbol. So many things can be set wrong on the camera and they are beyond this answer.

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Sorry to hear this. Dropping something on concrete creates a high G force. Can you make sure the battery is fully charged before you put it in. If you have a good battery and all it does is blink something must have been broken. I think a D40 is a rather old camera too. Sorry I do not think I can help you. In most times a LED green blinking means it is charging. When carrying a camera you should wrap the strap around your wrist. If you do it correctly if you drop your camera it will not hit the ground. It is best to keep it from dropping on the ground.

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of course you will need a program to be able to retrieve those files, try recuva, ease use, or zero assumption to recover

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The symptoms you describe make it sound like it will not be worth the cost of a rush repair. Because these 18-55 were shipped as part of millions of Nikon cameras they are cheap and easy to come by in camera store and pawn shops.

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I am assuming it is a TTL (Through The Lens) Viewfinder meaning a mirror, Prism and screen gives you the image. This is based on reality and not any settings. This question confuses me. If something gets in the way and the viewfinder darkens AND the image you take is dark this means there is something very wrong with the lens and possibly with the camera. The Viewfinder image is what bounces off a mirror and when you take the photo the mirror flips out of the way. What is left is the lens, some air space and the sensor. It may be that one of the aperture blades may be moving when it should not. I am close to saying send the lens in and ask for a quote..

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Please try to charge the camera completely. Then, after it is charged, disconnect the charge cord and tun it on. This is all I can suggest with the data you shared.

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This, most likely, will not help you. If it is stuck and you smell something burnt I think your camera has serious problems. I think this is the time to decide REPAIR or REPLACE.

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What Mode are you in? In many modes the +/- setting that is usually easily adjust on the camera is exposure compensation this has no effect on manual mode. If this is set to -2 many modes will take dark photos. If you shoot manual then ISO, F-Stop and Shutter speed are all you need.

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hi Jfurbees.
this is all i could think off just to help you out in till you can get it fixed.

I don't have a permanent fix, but one thing that works is folding up a small piece of paper and holding it over the memory card while closing the cover so that the cover pushes on the paper which holds the memory card in place automatically when the cover is closed. You just have to experiment to get the folded paper the right size and thickness. Again, its not a fix, but it has worked for me.
I shone a really bright light into the SD slot and sure enough, behind the gold springs at the bottom of the card slot, was a tiny black sliver of plastic that moved slightly when I tipped the camera. About 3mm long.
I removed the camera battery. Then I got a big long sewing needle, and with some very gentle manouvering, so as not to scratch anything inside the camera's SD slot, it fell out just when I was about to give up.
After I'd got the plastic sliver out, I trimmed the splintered edge of the SD card and put it back in

this is not to say it will work for you but give it a try but this will be at your own risk.

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Check your pics on the computer. Are they still dark? If they're OK then problems in camera's display.

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Try a que tip with rubbing alcohol into the battery compartment of the 300s. Rub the terminals with the moistened que tip gently and look for dirt, dust, debris in the compartment.

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I find connecting to the camera with a computer to be occasionally problematic. I STRONGLY suggest taking the SD card out and reading it directly with the computer.

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either bad lcd or software corruption.

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Given its age - almost 10 years now, while you don't want drama you can expect them.
I had same probs with a Sony - green and yellow lines - then later on a horizontal split in the pics - with the bottom out of alignment with the top.
Nikon should be able to quote for a repair - its a quality, full frame camera worth a proper repair. Despite its now small size 12 meg sensor it will still beat a lot of today's cameras
in the hands of a good photographer.

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maybe U change the firmware or version on the software or in the camera .

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The D60 was released BEFORE HD SD cards came out. The 4 gig card MAY BE TOO BIG. HSD I think is the Nomenclature you may need a normal SD card. I think 2GB is as big as you can go but don't quote me.

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