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Its like calling into a radio station going on the air, and having your radio turned up while on the air you will always get an echo. Or at least a delay that other people will hear on their radio. it's the same way, with using a Car Bluetooth because they are hearing their voice coming through the speakers and going back into the microphone and then they hear that and there is your Echo. Unfortunately there is really nothing you can do except for ask them to deal with it :-(

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If u tried hard resetting the device and have closed all your apps, if its still doing it i would recommend a backup and restore

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The battery or batteries may have failed and will not recharge.

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you bought it off ebay --your battery probable at fault but also depending on what you have -running or downloaded apps-photos -music will drain battery in stand by mode even if you replace battery if your usage is high [dont have to be on phone ] from what you have on it battery drain can be the same

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This is something that you will not be able to do on your own. If you go to your cell phone provider's store, they will be able to help you with the contact recovery for a small fee. I know Verizon stores charge $35-$50 for this service. If you happen to have a backup program on your phone (like Verizon has one), you can transfer the information to a different phone, but only if you activated the service ahead of time. Good luck to you!

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There is the two way to unlock your pattern
  1. you have to chosen recovery pattern if you set up before
  2. and you have to go to the local store who repair the phone then can help you to remove the pattern by updating your software

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Go to bluetooth and see what is listed click on it and remove device. Start over.

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Sounds like you have too much running in the backround. Try uninstalling some of the programs you dont use. Even though you dont have the program open and being used, most programs start automatically and run in the backround to receive push notifications, etc. The 3g arrows thing is normal, its just indicative of if data is being sent or received (or both) at that particular moment in time.

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this is HP forum
post to motorola?

moved yah.

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Try plugging it in before you shut it off.

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It *should* connect to your phone by just pressing the call button with a call comes in. (They all work this way). My guess is, based on your description, is that you are not just pressing the call button, but holding it. This resets the headset back to default and unpairs the phone. When you receive a call (after making certain it's paired) is to just tap the call button once.

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In this HX550 Reset to factory default You will find the information you need to reset your device. Hope that helps.


Motorola Support

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Sometimes pairing is hard but your phone especially Bluetooth device to your phone cell phone to not recognize your Bluetooth device may not pay very well with some phones I recommend a universal Bluetooth earpiece has high capacity to go with any model carry your phone1 only get you one or two

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Hi Aggie,

So sorry to hear that, let me tell you that we don't longer manufacture those devices but if you are able to find a battery in a third party site like Amazon or best buy.

Hope you can solve the issue.

Motorola Support.

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could it possibly have totally dies ,needing new batteries installed

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Hold down on the screen next to a icon or on a empty page also you could go to wallpapers in settings

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I was having the same issue. When it switches to off by turning the earpiece it will flash a blue light 3 times. carefully place it in the case but do not press down. use the lid of the case to close it all the way. Mine at least seems to stay off. before I was pushing it into the case and it would come back on even in the closed position. hope that helps you.

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Try this: Press phone icon then go to upper right corner of screen and pres the 3 dot icon. Then press "settings" The TTY and Hearing Assist functions must be set to off. This should restore the phone function if there was a software glitch.

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Hi Angie,

In this link,2690,5350 you will find some tips that will help you.


Motorola Support

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