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sounds like the new entry is incomplete and the phone is waiting for you. Have you pressed "save" on completion ?

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I have many questions that I have to ask before we get into the nit and grit.

When you say the phone is not working what do you mean?

*Does the battery not keep the phone charged?
*Does your phone not make calls anymore?

Please reply back to this thread in order to troubleshoot this further.

Have a great day!

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You should have left it dry instead of turning it on, you probably have corrosion now, find a local place that works on phones to see if they'd work on it.

If you want to try to completely dry it, put it in rice for 24 hours minimum to draw out all moisture.

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I will suggest you get a replacement battery first, insert this and try powering your phone back up again.
Check to see if a friend uses your type of phone or that his/her cell phone uses same battery type as yours; then briefly swap.
This way, you'd be able to confirm whether its your cell phone battery that's bad.
In the event you confirm your cell phone battery is still OK, you may have to hard rest your cell phone in order to correct any error with the firmware as thongs stand at the moment.
Note of caution: hard reset wipes your phone clean of passwords, downloaded media, pictures, messages, etc.

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Master Reset
  1. From the standby screen, press the Menu key.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to and select Other Settings.
  4. Scroll to and select Initial Setup.
  5. Scroll to and select Master Reset.
  6. Enter the Security Code, press OK. NOTE: The default security code is 1234.
But... it doesnt sound like this will help your problem as i have a feeling that you have a logic board issue and even if you get it to work its going to do it again... and again... and your not the only one.... is quite common fault Do Not Choose Motorala would be a good recomendation for your next phone! maybe LG or Huawei...

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Have you done any updates to it if not connect to internet and try updates

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There must be a recycle bin somewhere within your phone that must have stored the deleted files perhaps.

Another explanation could be that instead of deleting those files you invariably succeeded in relocating them into another folder.

2 apps which could prove helpful are "ES file explorer" or "Share it"
Connect to the play store and download/install either of these.

Okay, go with ES file explorer apk

With ES file explorer, all media present or available, or stored in your phone/tablet will be displayed once you launch the app.

Moreover, there is a recycle bin folder (under Tools) which you will need to empty or 'Clear All' once you delete any files you don't want.

Feedback or update here if you require further assistance please

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Make sure the volume control on the head piece is turned all the way up. Borrow someone's Bluetooth device to mak sure it definitely is the headphone and not the device. RJ

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turn off your phone, take your simm card out and put it back in right and all the way in turn it back on should work
also check your settings for your local carrier

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need to notify straight talk when dealing with your account

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SIM locked means that your device is NCK-locked. You're to contact a former provider to request unlock code or use unlocking local service.

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Replace the battery since it is worn - or get a new phone.

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Maybe going out? Call customer service and get to the tech support side. Maybe they can help?

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well you want to notify google for assistance

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Your phone is locked to the provider you were using and it will lock completely if you try to use another providers SIM card.
You will be charged to unlock it as you have broken your contract.

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SORRY but FIXYA has no way to do what you asked

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2 days old and defective return for refund or replacement

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I think the issue is with the ROM flashed to your device. Get another ROM into your device. Google will help you for the necessary guidance.

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