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There are a lot of possibilities. Bad starter relay, Bad ignition switch, bad starter solenoid, bad starter, anti theft engaged. First try hitting the starter while someone has the key in the start position.

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Check HTR - AC fuse and HVAC fuse.check blower motor. it could be faulty.

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Have the car scanned for diagnostic trouble code's . Full vehicle scan , GEM - generic electronic module - this is ford early body control module , the instrument cluster also has a microprocessor inside that can store DTC'S . It's hard to try an fix something when you don't know how it works .

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The fuel pump is located in the gas tank! The relay that controls it is under the hood in the fuse box/power distribution box!

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Some fixya user told me a website reliable-store it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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I believe it is. There is a shifter interlock that goes from the ignition switch to the brake that locks the transmission in park until the brake pedal is depressed with the key on. Most all vehicles have an over ride that allows the interlock to be bypassed. If you have an owners manual, it will tell you how to do this.

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Take it to a qualified repair shop , you don't have the diagnostic knowledge or tools to fix this , just because you can read codes doesn't mean you can diagnose an fix it ,

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Hi! My name is Loni, I’m an ASE master tech with 29 years of experience. I haven’t seen a Capri from that era in almost 20 years! Ok, time to stop throwing parts at this problem. I hope your car needed all those parts, because none of those could have been the source of your problem. There are still lots of possible causes for your issue, fuel pump, mass air flow sensor, computer, oxygen sensor, etc. old fuel injected engines like yours run in ‘open loop’ until they warmed up, engine coolant temp comes up and oxygen sensor heats up, then they go into ‘closed loop’. In open loop, the computer ignores most of the sensor inputs and adds fuel and timing based on minimal inputs, just trying to get the engine to warm up. Old engines spewed harmful emissions out the tailpipe at this time. Once warmed up and in closed loop, the computer adjusts fuel trim and timing based on all the sensor inputs. I believe this is when your problem occurs. If this were a newer car you could plug in a high quality scan tool and read the data from the computer, but computers weren’t very tech friendly and lacked the ability. It would still be worthwhile to have your computer checked for any codes that won’t necessarily turn on the check engine light. To further duagnise your car, you will need a lab scope, as your ohm meter just won’t do the job. I would scope the oxygen sensor signal to see what’s going on. From that data, you can tell if the engine is running lean ( I Suspect) or rich, or if you have a bad oxygen sensor. You could also try disconnecting your mass air flow sensor after the engine is warm and is acting up. With the MAF disconnected, the computer calculates how much air ‘should’ be passing the sensor rather than how much is actually passing the sensor. If it runs ok with the sensor disconnected, you could have a bad sensor or you could also have a vacuum leak. To check for vacuum leaks, you’ll need a smoke machine. I hope this helps you a little trying to understand your problem, and regrettably you are going to need more tools to diagnose it


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The engine computer needs to do a idle relearn . It will fix it's self after driving for a little bit .

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That is the first step to troubleshooting a no start. Spark, Fuel, Air. Basic small engine troubleshooting. I am sure it is fuel injected. Proper fuel pressure is critical. Check the fuel pump fuse first.
If it is good, and your workspace is quiet, try turning the ignition switch to run position just before starter position and try to hear the fuel pump.
You will still need a fuel pressure gauge to check if fuel presser is within spec. On many vehicles, about 25PSI but only a service manual for that car will have the spec. If it is not to spec and the fuse is good it could be the fuel pump.
Also, timing could be an issue if fuel presser is good.
Best of luck.

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I got this free Pdf manual from an online store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the all the times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

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When checking the compression on an outboard motor... you aren't looking for the final number as much as the percentages of variation. There are so many things that can vary the compression numbers, like throttle position, air temperature, and even the tilt of the motor on a four stroke, that the manufacturers don't put the numbers out. What you are looking for is less than 10% variation between all cylinders. So if 3 cylinders are giving you 120 psi and the forth cylinder is giving you 105 psi, that hole has a problem. In the old 2 stroke days what we would find is people were using air cooled 2 stoke oil, which has a much higher burn temperature, and fouling the piston rings with tar.

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That behaviour is sort of normal. That tells me that you may have a thermostat that is sticking slightly and then opening up just after the fan kicks in. You may be a bit low on coolant level. On the radiator or near the thermostat housing there is a cap. With the engine COLD, press down and turn the cap anti-clockwise. The coolant should be full to the top. The separate coolant reservoir should be full to the line.

check out this video

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View this site for help in setting the timing.

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Possibly a bad bearing in the tilt motor? Try disconnecting the motor from the tilt mechanism if possible then operate the motor. If it makes noise but less of it, it will be because it is no longer under load. Good luck.

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what you are trying to say is that the engine wont rev up? or it revs up fine with no load but cant rev up when trying to push the boat? maybe its still running on 5 cylinders

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