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I take it you don't want to just remove the upstairs 3 way switch and wirenut the 3 wires together and put a blank cover plate over the box<?>.

Need to know more info. Does the upstairs box have 3 wires only? If no, then likely you will not be able to abandon the upstairs switch box as it will need to remain as an active junction box. If yes, then it becomes a rather lengthy procedure (textual). I'll sketch it out but need an answer the number of wires in upstairs box.

Comment below so I may assist further.

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There are a lot of DIVA models and you did not post the model number. There are multple configurations and wiring methods.

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You might look to see if the outlet is GFI protected. It is possible the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) tripped and needs to be reset.
If so, push the red button (reset button) firmly until it stays down (pushed in). If it does not stay closed, replace it.

Also check your light bulb fed by "the switch that does not work", to make sure it did not burn out.
Your switch could be good, but the bulb bad.

If your light switch is not on a GFI circuit and both Lutron switches are fed by one breaker, get a volt-ohm meter, set it to the volts in a voltage range to read house hold voltage (around 121 volts), and check to see that both switches are receiving 121 volts. Usually you measure with the black probe touching a white (neutral) wire, while the black wire is usually the wire that is in series with the lamp. A black wire may come into the switch and leave as a black wire going to the bulb. If you do not have full voltage reaching your switch, you may have a wiring problem where a wire is no longer making good contact. If you are not sure about how to test with a volt meter, search on your tube for further explanations on how to test to see if a light switch is good.

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Not sure if you can just splice the extra wires together. The ballast information is what matters converting to just on-off, not the finger switchswitch

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find out the what voltage value of the led ( are they ac. or dc. ) and upon those findings you buy the dimmer switch
for dimming

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Let's start at the beginning please. You have a source cable fed into an overhead outlet box or to a switch outlet box on the wall? This is critical because it tells me what kind of arrangement you actually have.

If the source is in the ceiling, then you are using switch loops and the wiring gets tricky because you have to "re-task" the Neutral (White) wire (Assuming you are here in the U.S.A.) that goes to the switch because it will become the feed to the wall switch.

However, is the feed is at the switch, then it is much simpler. Please let me know what you have in the form of wiring.

Also as an FYI, if you are using special switches, you may have to have equipment grounding conductor present at the switch. The electrical code no longer allows the use of a Neutral (White) conductor as a grounding conductor.

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sounds like an internal part has broke and you will have to replace the whole switch. anytime you have trouble with something like that it is always best just to go ahead and change it. it doesn't if its a day old or 10yrs old. not worth the chance of burning yourself down.

be glad to help you further if you need it txt me at 865-888-1220

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Sounds like the transformer in your track light. In the box where the green light is, the voltage is converted by a small transformer from 120v to 12v for the halogen lights. With the breaker off, try jumping out the dimmer going to the track light (disconnect the dimmer and connect the two loose wires from box together). With the breaker back on, if you have 120v power on the wires (black/white) going into the track light transformer (measured at the track light), and the green light won't come on, I'd say it's the track light transformer. You may have to replace the whole track if you can't get the transformer as a part.

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You could do that but it would not be up to the electrical code requirements. Take the old one out and remove the wire nuts and put the new one in. There should be a ground wire stuffed in the box somewhere. Unless the house is really old. You connect the ground wire to the bare ones in the box.

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If there is only a white and black and ground coming into the box from the fixture then that white is probably really a black. The black is hot, meaning it has power. The white takes the power back to the light. If you can open the light fixture box and see what wires power the light.

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On single-phase wiring systems, the neutral and ground wires are connected to the same bus bar in the circuit breaker panel (thus they are the same potential). So it should work that way, although it may not be up to local electrical codes.

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The power supply for the led's may not be dimmable. Not sure if this dimmer is for led but I assume that's why you bought it.

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Often led s hesitate even with single pole switch. It's probably not the dimmer. Led s get powered from a transformer inside the fixture and it just takes a second for them to get going. I've found its not consistant. The same two recessed lights have different start up times.

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it shouldn't get hot like that with only 660 watts. are you sure that is total wattage??? if so there is a problem somewhere in the circuit

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Unless you install a device to 'cleanse' the power coming into your home this will happen due to fluctuations. Think if you have seen on movies when someone is in the shower and the toilet is flushed causing the cold to change in pressure burning who is in the shower. Many people are using the same power you are so it fluctuates up and down easily seen by watching a light bulb or listening to a box fan on low

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Hmmm a lot of rope lights are just mini xmass tree lights inside a plastic tube. If one of the bulbs burns out for that section the it takes the whole section out. Sounds like it's time for a new led rope light.

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