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Hi, it could be the engine going into limp mode because you have not had the issue associated with the illuminated warning light checked out. Thiis clearly needs to have an OBD scan carried out by a qualified, experienced technician. You can obtain an OBD scanner from many suppliers if you wish to carry out the procedure. Look up the procedure for getting any fault codes and then either do the work yourself or engage the services of a decent mechanic.
The engine light warn when the computer / ECU senses something wrong. I t can send a signal to the gearbox not to allow gear enagement at all pr limit the vehicle to low speed. Have this checked first, it might not be a gearbox issue at all, if the problem is not resolved please add more detail and repost the query.

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PLease google this fault code and you will find the answer for its cause.

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The loading mechanism has failed for the DVD, you will need to remove the unit and have it repaired by an authorized Lexus repair center. You can find them in the internet. They can also provide instructions on how to remove the unit.

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Download the Lexus RX300/RX330/RX350 Owner's Manual > Lexus
Aug 4, 2011 - Download the RX300/RX330/RX350 online owner's manual below in PDF format. The Lexus RX Series is a premium line of SUVs that made ..

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almost certainly yes, sounds like it but it is extremely unusual for a car that has only covered 26k. Have it seen to ASAP in case your spring is damaged to

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temporally remove radio fuse from fuse panel under dash for about 10 seconds. On some models the main fuse under hood needs to be pulled to erase memory. But most only require the radio fuse.

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Try changing your key fob battery. look for a indentation on the remote.Take a small prying tool or screw driver Very carefully go around the remote with light pressure to open.Once inside the remote you see a button type battery or a coin size battery. Remover and replace with exact replacement battery.This should release your door locks.

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Follow the wire that is being pulled when the interior trunk opener button is pressed. Check the mechanism that open the trunk. Compare it with that opened by the button on your key.

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Have you checked the gas pedal linkages ?

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check voltage to actuator when energized(pushing button on key)when pushed should have 12 volts dc,if yes actuators bad,if no bad connection somewhere

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Common Causes For Boiler Leaks

Having a leaking boiler is understandably an inconvenience none of us need or want. The cause of a leak is usually due to 2 factors - the age of the boiler or poor work by the engineer. However, these things happen and it's important to take the right steps to diagnosing the problem sooner rather than later. Prolonging the issue can ultimately lead to further damaging the internal components of your boiler, making for a more expensive repair.
Pressure Valve

A boilers pressure should be sat at one bar on the pressure gauge. If the pressure exceeds this amount, the pressure relief valve should leak water to prevent your boiler from bursting. If for some reason it don't, it's likely you will encounter problems with other components on your boiler.
Poor Fitting Installation
Common with newly installed boilers, it's an easy mistake for engineers to make to not seal pipework correctly which ultimately causes the fittings to leak water.
Boiler Pump
When you incur a leak with your boiler pump, you have two options to resolve the issue. Replace the pump entirely or, reseal the pump. However, depending on how much an engineer charges to replace the seal, it may or may not be worth replacing the pump with a brand new one.
Expansion Vessel
Most plumbing systems will need an expansion vessel as they will need to contain the water as it expands when it heats up. However, in time the pressure will takes it's toll on the vessel and it's been known to split the vessel, leak from the hose and/or leak from the fitting where the braided hose joins onto the tank. If you encounter all three problems it is best to replace the expansion vessel and the braided hose. Furthermore, if you have a leak on the fitting then it may just be a case of a poor fitting by the previous engineer. Therefore, it wouldn't hurt to get an engineer to PTFE the joint and adequately tighten it back together correctly to ensure the system stays leak free.
Pipe corrosion is a common problem that can be cheap or some-what costly to fix in some circumstances. A cheap fix would include corrosion on a part that is small and easy to access and replace. An expensive situation would incur a wide-spread corrosion in multiple areas which would likely result in replacing your boiler.

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There are many factors in these mini splits.
Was it working previously?
If it is a new install it could be a long line set, low on refrigerant
While in heating go outside and feel the bigger of the two coper lines that should be warm to the touch.
Force it into cooling and a good P.S.I.G. is 125 on the service port.
Last, did tke line set get kinked?
So if in cool you have 125 psig. In heat you have a warm line on the fat coper line at the outsid unit, no kinks and a short line set, Time to call a service technician out.

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If you have, or can obtain a second remote, see if another remote replicates your problem. If it does, the problem is likely in the receiver antenna connection or the receiver itself.

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Typically when you go in from the electrical compartment remove a board and the motor and the wheel should slide out to the right.

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Apparently, an E3 error is a fan motor failure. Most air cons have a 5 year warranty. check with your Dealer or service Agent.

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Is the compressor running and then shutting down from thermal overload? Is the contactor pulling in? Do you have high voltage present?

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sounds like a "g" wire issue. one way to test would be inside the air handler put red and green together. if fan runs it is either the tstat or the wire.

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