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You may need Administrator privileges on your computer.
Plug in flash-drive.
Allow time for Windows Explorer to read it.
Run AV scan if suspect.
To get a list of attributes:
Launch Start > Run > CMD.
From the command console enter
attrib F:
(or whatever the drive letter is for your flash).
to redirect output to a text file enter (example)
attrib f:>%homepath%\flashatb.txt
From the list you should see [H]idden, [S]ystem or [R]ead only attributes for write-protected files.
You can also do it via Win Explorer by right-clicking the drive icon.
Remove all above attributes.
As a last resort, you can full-format the entire flash via explorer.
Which should wipe all files / folders on the drive.

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does the card contain important data? if not would formating it help? have you a computer you could plug the sd card into and see what windows makes of it?
check nintendo site and see if that helps.

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Flash drives give notices like that when the files or system on them is corrupted. Put it in again, and select "fix problem" if that option shows up. If not, go to file explorer, find it and right click on it and click "format". (you will lose any files on it, but by this time probably anything on it will be useless anyhow.) If none of these work, you may need to buy a new one.

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USB flash devices don't need drivers. I believe you might have removed one or both of these drives from the PC without using the proper procedure, and the PC (or notebook) is now "confused". Re-attach one or both devices, but this time, either use (Windows) Explorer to "electronicaly" eject the device (right click, then choose eject) or use "Safely Remove Device" shortcut, usually on the bottom right=hand corner of your screen (the taskbar).

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The H2TestW test program gives failures. That means that there are serius errors. Which errors does H2TestW give?
Try to reformat the FlashDrive. If that fails too, the drive is faulty and should be replaced.

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Reformat the drive to restore.

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There is a little tab on that unit that slides back and forth. If the tab is missing, you need to use a piece of scotch tape to simulate the tab.

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plug the flash drive into a usb port
it will register on the desktop and will be recognized in the computer
and given a designation--- example:- drive h---
select what you want and save as --in h
or copy /paste to h
or if you have 2 screens click and drag to h in the computer section of the second screen

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There is a small tab on the card that you can move to change this.

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The chip inside that is used to store information went bad. There is no way to recover the drive.

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Return it if it's under a year old - it may be a fake/faulty item.

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Please check this link. How to Use an SD Memory Card

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Upload the files to the jumpdrive. Remove jumpdrive from computer 1 and insert in computer 2. When computer 2 recognizes the jumpdrive, copy the files to a directory folder where you want to save the music. Unplug the jumpdrive.

Lexar JumpDrive... | 84 views | 0 helpful votes

Either there's a little switch on the side, or the card has failed.

Lexar... | 79 views | 1 helpful votes

Probably because the files you are trying to play are not .MP3 files (an .MP# file has a name that looks like 'songname.mp3). Those are the only files your player recognizes and can play.

Lexar MDA256-100... | 108 views | 0 helpful votes

This is most likely a file format or digital rights management issue. Make sure the files are in a compatible format. The computer can play them because it is just looking at the player as a storage device and does not rely on it for playback.

If the files are .wma, try converting them to .mp3. Your device may have come with software that will perform this function for you.

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Go into your photo gallery and hand select the ones you want. If you hold down control button as you select you can choose multiple photos to transfer without selecting them all. Hit save and you are done.

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chek if formating is in fat filesystem, fat 32 has a size limit for single files of 4 GB fat 16 limits it to 2 GB so if you are trying to put a dvd-rip of 4.5 GB there is your problem, anyways right click on the drive in my computer, click-properties, under general you will see what file system it is, to change you will need to format the drive, and be careful because formating deletes everything off targeted drive - to format right click on the drive and select format..., choose ntfs file system and quick format if you want (speeds up the process), (be sure you saved data on hdd beforehand) and hit format. if the issue is not file system related i rly don't know what else could it be

Lexar Echo ZX... | 69 views | 1 helpful votes

Insert the flash drive in a USB slot and see what drive letter gets assigned to it. Right click on the new drive letter and select format from the drop down menu. Follow the directions on the next screen to format the drive.

Lexar FireFly... | 138 views | 0 helpful votes

Once the device is recognized by your computer, locate the icon for the drive and select it, right click and scroll down to the format option on the context menu. Be sure you don't format over a drive that has necessary files as formatting will erase all files on the drive. Choose the appropriate format for the system it will be used on.....Windows, Linux, Apple etc.... Often you will have other options, such as Quick Format (most appropriate) or Complete and Utterly Long Format (which - as you might infer - takes for freakin' ever!)

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