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Try using a different format video type to put on the DVD. Sometimes the video format can effect it. The format of the DVD can be effected also by the encoding settings of the video. Sometimes it can't read the video correctly due to insufficient memory on the computer. Sometimes caused by background programs running. Or the memory settings being too low. There is nothing you can do about the disc you burned, so you will have to do another.

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Probably - if you google the make and model, followed by the word manual, there should be links to it.

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If you tell us the make and model of the equipment, together with the settings and circumstances under which this occurs, someone here may be able to help you.

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All these inexpensive dash cams have issues with the micro SD cards. They do not like anything over 8GB, no matter what the manual or distributors say. With 16GB they just record for a few minutes and then crash, and not even that with most 32GB cards. Whether class 10 or any other class. You then have to reset the dash cam with the reset button, format the card, and start again. Since most dash cams only use about 40MB per minute of recording time when set to 1080p, and less without sound or date imprint, a 4GB SD card will give plenty for a 10 min loop, which is the max loop time anyway. In fact even class 4 or 6 cards do work very well and do not crash. Try to find any old 4GB SD card (a little hard these days, but still possible), and give it a go. 8GB cards might just work as well, but not sure, didn't try them.

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For a manual, try Googling (Samsung)(VP-D305i)(manual) without parens.

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Please could you explain this matter in more detail, paying particular attention to the make and model of the camcorder and exactly what you are hoping to achieve. Thank you.

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At any shop that sells them, whatever it is - it does not appear to be photographic equipment.
What you do is, you go to the shop, hand the clerk some money, and he gives you the item. Quite easy, really.

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Using the msconfig command in your run box, remove this item from your startup . Also go into services.msc using same run box, locate item there and disable it!

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Yes, dear, very nice - what about it ?

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Without knowing the make and model of the camcorder, and the recording medium, we can offer no advice.

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If this is possible, the answer will be contained in the manual - for whatever equipment it is.

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Look in the manual which was supplied as part of the package when you purchased the camcorder.

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If you tell us the make and model of the camcorder with which you have this problem, we may be able to help you.

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Disconnect from the wall outlet and count to 10. Plug it back in. If it still doesn't work you need a television engineer. There are three board, and the inverter that could have gone, plus blown capacitors. Correct diagnosis is the key, the course to become a television engineer is 2 years.

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There are probably no drivers available for this piece of kit. This often happens when you 'upgrade' your OS.

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no feet in 8mm
roughly 8mm is 1/3 of an inch or 3/8 "

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refer your shop

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Probably by the hour, unless you have negotiated a flat fee.

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