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Have you just changed ur battery? If not i would suggest replacing the battery, in the mintime switch off the pc remove from power supply remove the battery. Connect to power again and try switching on without the battery. If it works fine, switch off and put back the battery and try switching on again if it happens again u need to find another battery. Good luck.

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v110 (is a what) Lenovo 110-15ISK (got it)
here is your service manual, see how to remove the big battery is first.

step1 is do the long reset, as stated here and all PCs makers websites a zillion times
disconnect the AC pack
hold power for 10 to 30 seconds, and release the button
now with AC pack attached
power on.
the super secret power reset is done.
fails again...
next remove the large battery connector inside
see on page 37-38 in your manual
1:AC pack removed.
2: gain access to battery , page 37
3: unplug said battery conn,
4: AC pack plugged back on , see if PC turns on.
if still 100% dead it needs service, (a 12 step plan) ask for it.

the silly word in the manual FRU means
field replaceable unit, (A PART, or in UK Bits)
if you read the manual you quickly see there are 2 classes of PC
here, one with simple battery pull one and one that is not.
you never told your full model, so cant tell you which PC you have.
but there you go, all laptops have short life, due to that one part
the large battery dies or worse shorts out.

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Sarthak Sharma and Carla Bunis want more answers
there are many ways to EJECT
1: the botton on the try , is marked EJECT
do so>>
2: the tiny hole on front of same tray use unbent paper clip, stuffed in hole and try ejects manually.even drive chassis in hand. by self.
3: windows is this ,not stated,but windows explorer
right click the DRIVE D:>? and click REJECT.
4: in windows, make sure the device manager does not list, the DVD as dead,red/yellow or unknown.
if device manager shows the drive missing or bad you need to get the new driver for it.
so right click the drive (be online) and click update drive.

no full model number stated, 330 is not full. number. so says Lenovo.

btw even a empty tray will eject.
if the disk is cracked or label fell , then only way
2 might work and cleaning the jam by HAND.
if way 2 fails.
only total dismantling the DVD drive can fix it.
true jams are hard work. ok?> physical world deal there.

not one poster here said, the button is dead.
saving this post from going to ALL wAYS it can fail and long.

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is the PC dead,(?)
is windows,,dead?
the answer is 2 answers , this is the toher.
Lenovo OneKey Recovery (OKR)(secret partition) most modern PCs do this, HP, DELL and this pc
the difference is the magic key strokes are NOT the same
that is why we RTM read the manual
.aio = all in one
ok, now my first click can work
over 25 sub modes so i pick the 1st in the list guessing
and land here
lenovo made many 520s

AIO 520-22IKU All-in-One (ideacentre) -

lated Articles


what you have there now is anyones guess.
I'd have do hands on.

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Go to Lenovo.com and enter the service tag number from the tablet.

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Lenovo ideapad 330S
330S-nnnnnn what is the sub number on model.
nnnnnn is 11 to 17 and up to 3 latters at the end.
4 years old max 2015 made.

answering for dead screen, no text, no lenovo logo icon on screen.
no prompts, and BIOS hot keys are dead. ok?

remove AC pack and all usb devices
push power button for 10 to 30 seconds and release
this is Forced cold power restart,
NOW is this a cure to the problem?> with power pack put back in? plugged end to end, AC wall to PC.
OK no is not:
remove AC power pack. unplug it)
next is the more hard, remove PC covers 10 screws. page 34
and unplug the battery connector.
as seen on page 36 of your service manual below.
then plug in the AC Power pack now.
does the PC run ok with no 4 year old battery inside?
end no battery test,what was the results now?

moving the battery inside any PC does not make it last longer, only harder to remove and service.
the price we pay for Light and thin.
"higher cost of ownership"

see page 36


you asked I told.

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did you read the manual first the chapter called RECOVERY? here lets read that together now,,, (answered here vast times now) the book is first then the pages. if the PC has not been SLAMMED (with wrong OS) the recovery works if the HDD is still good. ok? and search for E550 and find this. and Chapter 9


I must guess 1st that you have no recovery disks. so only have 1 recourse. the magic recovery key using the recovery parititon. the F11 key, power on and hammer F1 from dead cold turned off, this the F11 key may only work in w8.1 or w10. I think (reading the book is not very clear here) but it implies w7 had Norton Image on it. it means day one you image your PC, then today recover. so if you didnt do that step in the manual then there is no recovery image now. there you go. I guess the recovery partition magic F11 only happened w8 and newer PC. here is your support page, this is all there is at lenovo, we are not them,

, https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-edge-laptops/thinkpad-e550?linkTrack=Homepage%3ABody_Search%20Products&searchType=3&keyWordSearch=E550%20(ThinkPad)

if the Lenovo recovery fails, buy windows 10 from MS and install it.

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Reset Chrome settings to default
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced. Chromebook, Linux, and Mac: Under "Rese tSettings," click Restore settings to their original defaults Reset Settings. Windows: Under "Reset and cleanup," click Reset Settings Reset Settings.

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check with the place you purchased to see if you still got warrenty, also you can find the exact same model here or a new model at discount prices>>www.discountbargainprices.com

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how to , those 2 words?
or is statement and the cell phone died typing.
removing the side ...... I cut my finger, what do I do?

my guess is RTM fails> reading the manual.
your model name is all wrong. a fact
best I can decode there is this, beast
Lenovo™ 3000 J200 (9690-A12) Desktop Computer
? seems yes, its a relic, and junk now, 2005 made zero value.
14 long years old.
it is a Lenvo 3000 family, this one is more features.
here is 1 free manual read page.
Lenovo seems to have lost this.
page 91 , finds this (this was found with 1st google hit on manual)

what works better for help is tell the full serviced tag data first.
then exact facts can be told.

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ive no idea your plan or purpose, nor history.
no PC stated
no OS stated, is this windows XP you are asking about safe mode.
well safe mode turns off by itself if you get rid of the errors first.
or if booted, go in to (runbox) msconfig.

click boot tab
turn off safe boot.
not telling at least your OS version makes any answers vastly more hard, w10 is totally different.

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You have to have the box. That's were the activation code is stored. Try reaching to Lenovo to see if they would help trace your purchase.

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Yes! As long as you remember your login user name and password. All your google stuff is safe in the cloud and not on the computer at all.

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take it back, and upgrade to Dell PC?

seems it got lost in setup pages
pretty lame. no?
a very low cost, TAB $50
The Tab E7 runs on the new Android Go,
says 1 month of free streaming, did this TIME OUT?

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ipsw ??????????????? integrated power switch wiring?
In USA ? we be. the maker shows no such computer made https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/

IPSW iPhone Software
IPSW Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (Fields Institute, Canada)
IPSW International Passive Sampling Workshop (environmental monitoring conference)
IPSW Interruption Processor Status Word (computer technology)
***** IPSW iPhone Software Software *** IPSW Interruption Processor Status Word *** IPSW Interrupt Program Status Word ** IPSW Industrial Problem Solving Workshop * IPSW International Passive Sampling Workshop * IPSW International Probe Storage Workshop * IPSW Index Picasso Sites on the Wor * IPSW Image Processing and Scanning of Wood * IPSW iPhone Software file File extensions * IPSW Ipswich Bancshares, Inc. Nasdaq symbols Read more at

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