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had to dig deep to find this answer.
lenovo has no service manual in the USA support site
but I see others do have it, in other countries.
i found 95 page with parts list and no coin cell mentioned
no COIN cell listed PERIOD.
so i try to buy your mobo and low and behold
it is soldered down (sucks no?) but would not stop me....
seen here lower right side, clear as day.
My wild guess, keyboard out you see left side, "Q:" key side.
I think rear is bottom here. see? jacks are right on PC.


Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Oct 04, 2018

there is no reset button, ok>?
why not post symptoms first.
then ask for help.
or at least tell use what's wrong, first.
ok? (even the most small clue as to what's up doc)?

MY PCs have like 20 resets or more.
BIOS reset. 3 of them. user, admin and default.
windows login lost.? (Long store, ask)
bitlocker HDD reset, sorry doom here, no resets by DESIGN.
windows inside has many resets, endless this topic!

there are windows RELOADS, called recovery.
the PC has hot key to recovery windows back to day one.
or with media if HDD failed, and new OS is needed.

it came with w7 , w8 or w8.1
is it still there? at day one new OS
or did you upgrade the OS>
we can't know that and matters BIG TIME THAT fact.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Oct 01, 2018

Here is the ATI driver page on the Lenovo support site. They list the XP driver for your model. Download and reinstall to see if this solves your problem. If you get errors or if you are not running XP please post beneath this thread with additional info so I can follow up with you...

Lenovo ThinkPad... | Answered on Sep 30, 2018

the pad is bad
get it repaired in shop.
DIY is not easy, unless skilled.
if skilled, buy a new key board,
install it, end story.
1 key fails and is bad, or got coffee in there, or? dirt
you get a Can-O-AIR and blow it out. (blow and pray?)

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 29, 2018

call google.
if you device is married to service provider, is it. call them.
it has GSM Cell phone, so really its not a computer
post to CELL phones is best.
but your service provider does all this, if Verizon call them.
who is your service provide, call them. is the answer.
they make you setup gmail account first. so all charges and updates are related to that 1 account.
call them first. asking here, is impossible on any phone not ROOT BROKEN/

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

it worked before today, (the other shoe drops, omg did it?>)
then what does detach mean.
it has wires, or what>?
USB can be wires, or bluetooth dongle, i cant see your Tablet

it has battery, time for new battery any time wireless devices like this fails.
1st things first..
2011 made pad.
Model 183825F (this is the tablet # model not keyboard)
Lenovo has zero hits on there web site for this #

but my guess, is the keyboard does not have Bluetooth USB device, ? but is just a USB keyboard.
ok found and old sales sheet in this pad
i see it came with keyboard.
runs Android OS
the only hint is see is in the spec, for docking station
it says supports wireless orig. keyboard.
so if it is wireless. detached, then the battery is dead
easy no, wireless can not run lacking POWER.
no wireless of any kind works with no battery or power supplies

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

do the pairing again, read the manual on your twister,
it tells you how to do so and is unique
answer is RTM.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

first which os are you using and have you tried Hiren's BootCD 15.2

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

You could try installing the OS again and see if this solves your problem.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 25, 2018

I am not aware of any in Dubai. You can upgrade up to 16Gb.
See link for details. It is not complicated to replace the RAM.


Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 25, 2018

jason please start your own post
with your, OS ,windows, yes, windows what? version?
and what you see on the screen exactly
we cant guess and all that matters.
now my wild useless guess, HDD is bad.

the infamous boot loops.
are usually
1: bad HDD
2: corrupted OS< non stated by any one here, not one.

nor what the screen does, in the loop(details not stated)
words on the screen matter, for sure.
like "bitlocker" stuck, and more , lots more.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 22, 2018

ok PC is not dead.
fans , I dont know but the this PC has 1 fan and must blow air out the hot air exit port and the radiator behind that port must not be packed in lint or the PC will overheat and shut of, as all do like that.
by DESIGN, (cpu self shut down or BIOS does it)
so the PC processes.
the PC runs
The PC BIOS works
leaving dead OS or DEAD HDD.
run HDD tests. is next , and for sure.
if HDD is bad, all next steps fail. see?

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 22, 2018

never use those ever. Universal power packs ever.
NO PC stated, some need 90watt power pack
why not buy the correct power pack for Lenovo
and end this pain.
no PC stated, so can't show you the correct pack sold on ebay.
some PCs come with 3 different sized packs.
the higher power one matches the gaming version of the PC
or called multimedia option with faster CPU /GPU that needs more power to run.
what does that mean ,we need the full model number of the PC
or ask Lenovo, we are not Lenovo,.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 18, 2018

Amin ahmed
hyjacker .
YOU nor the OP said what OS, but XP drivers do not work on w7up.
this PC is old .
we are not lenovo
go tto lenovo.com
get your drivers.
do you need spoon fed, ok here.
ask them, they made the PC, not fixyah.
again are you upgrading from XP , y'/n
if yes, what?


Lenovo IBM... | Answered on Sep 14, 2018

the WSOD, (white screens of deathh(sic))
a very rare thing, and the 2 beeps.
step one, dump out the huge battery and test with only AC power pack. battery this old are bad and short, remove it first. first things first rules.

rule 2, carbon14 dated by me at 2009 made, so the RTC coin cell battery
can be bad (pink bunny spec is 7 year design life)

rule 3 , If BIOS screen are ok, my guess no, WSOD'd.
2 beeps, the silly manual on it does not cover beeps.
beep codes very by model and year and are poorly documented.

i hate lenovo's I buy dell/hp we have real service manuals on our PC USA, by American and win.

or at least ASUS of Twain. (nationalists are cool)
Lenovo's chapter on troubleshooting is useless. for sure WSOD or any hard failures are not covered at all,....
The Infamous SOLDER BALL :ERA:

the WSOD might be the BGA, GPU chip solder failures.
back then they made millions of PC that must pass USA no solder lead rules, no Pb lead. and failed by the millions, 2008/200.

white-screens or worse lines on screen or dead.
twist the screen bezel gently does the screen change.
now do that to the base(GPU side) and does it change. if yes. think bad GPU chip BGA.
BGA = chip with ball grid array pins.
Do more tests?
see left side, see 15pin Dshell VGA port? connect this to a real monitor, VGA get better results? there is hot key for turning on both. page 12 in your manuals states and I quote:

"Press Fn+F3 to shift to other connected display devices."

just key doing that , every 10seconds to see if VGA wakes up.
on many PCs this Press, toggles as 3 or 4 ways below:
internal screen
VGA ext.

that is all I have, more tests are possible and more complex.

one more overheating, clean the vents of lint.
its got a decade of lint inside. so....

1: big battery out (leave out until PC works again)
2: new RTC coin cell, the old one is bad or near.
3: clean the lent out.
4: reseat ram sticks.
5: test with external monitor , VGA port.
6: do the long reset trick>?
a: big battery out,, ac pack unplugged. push power for 30
seconds, release.
b: put only AC power pack fully connected now, and test PC. beep still?

7: last test is complex, we unload the motherboard.
of all modules (any can short, is why)
and test the PC stripped down to near nothing.
see photo of HP stripped to zero.


8: remove all ram sticks and test them all 1 by 1, in bamk 0 as the book on your pc shows for RAM population.
warning my PC has 2 top and 2 bottom raM BANKS.
on mine the keyboard off reveals bank 2(RTM is wise)

9:Ask real lenovo forum what 2 beeps mean?
fixya is not Lenovo.

The key to diagnosis, is know things short out, not just open connections like simple ram sticks can do.
(dirt caused on sticks.)

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Sep 13, 2018

Battery could be defective.

Lenovo Tablets &... | Answered on Sep 10, 2018

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