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All printers are not equal. Some utilize cartridges with ink reservoirs and print heads all in one. Some only have a Separate Print head carrier with a main print head and slots for ink-filled reservoirs. You can purchase and use less expensive cartridges from on line vendors. If you elect to refill carts, be prepared for a messy venture. What many printer users fail to recognize, is the print heads do wear out and prior to complete failure, the heads either cause streaking or poor color density. To clean a print head, run under the tap for a few minutes, very hot water on both sides , metal bars and where the ink enters. When all signs of ink have vanished, replace in the printer. Do not touch metal contacts as oil will interrupt electrical communications. Do a printer test and alignment. Should work.

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Are these new or refilled?

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heres a good 90% of the time....unplug machine for 10 mins and restart...hopfully this will clear the error...GL my friend

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Check the scanner glass. Copier machine ussually has 2 glasses. The small one uses for the feeder, check it if you can find any material sticking on it and clean it with cotton cloth with glass cleaner solution. Please add also some details specially the model of your unit.

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I figure it can be done on the computer settings for the printer.

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Go to the Lanier web site and download the manual. If you can't find them then contact them through the site and ask for help. See:

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download the manual and read page No. 80,81 and 82 for scanning detal.

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I not sure why you need to do a reset for? Did you refill your toner cartridges and your printer still wont print, showing a message in effect stating " Printer Cartridges Empty " or something to that effect, I can tell you hoe to reset the printer to accept the newly filled cartridges. (1) Turn off your computer then power down your printer. (2) unplug the USB cable where it enters the printer. (3) Power up your printer and remove all cartridges. (4) Make sure the cartridges holders are in the locked position and power down your printer , wait 20 seconds then turn it on again. (5) repeat the power on/off cycle 5 times leaving the printer power on long enough for it's " seek and find " cycles typically about 8-12 seconds. This will reset the printers count memory of the last 5 cartridges used. This procedure will work for MOST printers that use a RF IC chip that monitors how many pages have been printed by the printer. This is especially true of Lexmark printers, the number one printer manufactures who uses this technology. When you post questions in any forum here, try and leave the make, model number and the specifics of the nature of your problem. Without any further details I would be shooting in the dark in regards to doing a factory reset. A reset to accomplish what end result. if your question is in regards to doing a reset to get your printer to accept a refilled toner cartridge, above mentioned procedures should work. BOL.

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Here's a workaround while you're searching.
Download CutePDF or PDF redirect and install.
Now after you scan to picture, copy and paste to a document and print or just print the image and send to the new 'printer' to PDF thingee and voila ...
PDF reDirect The free PDF Creator alternative to pdf995 cutepdf and freepdf

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look for the cord, it will be above it

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To clear enter service mode and cycle power,(push in sequence clear modes(yellow) 1 0 7 then hold the stop(red) for 5 seconds) -Carl

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Easier to replace hopper P/N B0273501, not too pricey. -Carl

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So far, I have not found that this unit, when equipped with the optional WIFI card, is AirPrint compatible. However, if you have a Windows PC on your network, and it has drivers for the MP171, you can get an AirPrint Print Server program called "Presto," from Collobos.

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Paper problem or lift problem in tray 2, remove and reload paper, cycle power. -Carl

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SP 5-810, press 1 hold down OK and original type key at same time to reset. -Carl

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Hey there "Lanier" do you still have the Hiccups ? if so, I will tell you how to get rid of them in 30 seconds.

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