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The EC-23 machine. If it is making the clicking sound . Unplug it empty it. unscrew the 6 screws holding the back on. You will see a couple of circuit boards. You want to repair the upper right board. It has a 1000uf 13.4 volts Capacitior that has failed. You can unsolder it remembering where the negative side is and positive side. Replace it with a 1000uf and any voltage above what the cap says. Never go under the voltage specified. I put a 45v 1000uf. I found these at Radio shack. Put the new one in. Put it back together and your good to go. Most important is to put the new Cap exactly the same way keeping in mind negative and positive. I don't hope it will work. I know it will work!. lol Follow my direction and the machine will be like new.

Koolatron... | Answered on Mar 02, 2019

Take it back. It’s designed to cool, not heat.

Koolatron... | Answered on Dec 09, 2018

check the thermistors ..Check ur cold control thermostat, ur thermistors in both fridge and freezer ( they should be checked for both ohms and for amount of current being put out as per ur model ), ur air flow vent from freezer to fridge.( to make sure it opens and closes without any restrictions) On thermistors check for A close circuit and amount of ohms not just an Ohm reading. As per ur model. Most should atleast show 1200 ohms. Also Check door seals for leakage.
Evaporator coils
Poor cooling is often the result of a heavy frost build-up on the evaporator coils. You can't see these coils without removing a panel on the inside of your freezer. A sure sign that there is a build-up is the presence of any frost or ice build-up on the inside walls, floor, or ceiling of the freezer. Such a frost build-up usually indicates a problem in the self-defrosting system or damaged door gaskets.
If one of the components in the self-defrosting system fails, the refrigerator continues to try to cool. Eventually, though, so much frost builds up on the evaporator coils that the circulating fan can't draw air over the coils. There may still be a small amount of cooling because the coils are icy, but with no air flow over the coils, cooling in the refrigerator compartment is quite limited.

FAN check to see if it is operating or restricted A fan that is not blowing or restricted will not circulate the cold air properly.

Often, the first thing that folks do when their refrigerator starts to feel warm is turn both controls on the coldest settings.This is exactly the WRONG thing to do.Turning the cold control to the coldest settingwillkeep the compressor running longer and make lots of cold air.

But turning the air door to the coldest settingclosesthe airway to the food section. Lots of cold air is made, but most of it stays in the freezer section, and the food section actually getswarmer.

defrost terminator thermistordefrostterminator-do14a2fbasaynlmbumjtahuz-1-0.jpg

door seals bad door seals-do14a2fbasaynlmbumjtahuz-1-2.jpg

thermistor badgoodthermistor-do14a2fbasaynlmbumjtahuz-1-5.png

Koolatron... | Answered on Dec 08, 2018

there are a number of repair videos on you tube. Most systems will have a fuse, probably on control board. However, they don't normally fail unless there is another issue like a bad power supply.

Koolatron WC18... | Answered on Oct 25, 2018

Koolatron is one possible source. Fixya is unable to suggest others.

Koolatron... | Answered on Aug 21, 2018

Home Depot

See photo

Koolatron... | Answered on Aug 20, 2018

Any power supply that has the output you indicated will do the trick provided it fits into the allotted space.

Koolatron... | Answered on Aug 07, 2018

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