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lift The brush hog up and place on blocks or other foundation that wont fall over. disconnect the power take off shaft from the tractor. Now look for two round openings in the middle of the deck one on ether side of the gear box (the thing on the brush hog that the pto shaft from the tractor hooks up to to make it spin there might be a slip clutch on the shaft but go to the box in the middle) Now turn the shaft till you see the blade nuts in the hole These could be castle nuts with a small carter pin locking them so they don't unscrew. Remove the pin and with a large socket set unscrew it from the bolt then knock the press fit bolt down and the blade will come off, do the same to the other blade if you need them both off. To put them back on use something under the blade and bolt to hold it up so you can start the nut then reverse the order and put everything back on. The blade bolt might be stubborn to get out just take something that fits through the access hole like a wood doll or long punch and drive the bolt down till it comes out as it is press fit and is jammed up to keep the bolt from turning, when putting it back on you will need to make it tight so the bolt can repress back in. Be Careful when reaching under to set the blade and bolt back in. There is not much you can mess up it is just a big nut and bolt Just make sure you put the blade on the way it came off if you do one blade or one at a time you can look at the other to see which way it goes.

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a company called SKF has what you need they have a online catalog
most Grainger outlets can get these for you (

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-Make sure sway chain is tight.

Good luck.


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take the whole thing apart... Wow and I looked, thats ugly

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hello, you have a bad axle seal that needs replacing,replace or keep putting in gear oil,

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First check the gear to make sure that there is no brakingparts or bolts stuck in the gear. Now slide the top gear (toothed inside and out) back on theshaft replace the snap ring. You may need to add some gear oil also. Hope this will help you. Good Luck.

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You are talking about a three point hitch ... they can be tricky. Might be worth the time to go to the farm supply store in your community and take a look at how it should be hooked up and operated. It is dangerous to operate this device with out some training.

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lime should be applied at 50 lbs per 100 sq ft which is heavy mark off 100sq and see what it takes at 3mph

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most gear boxes have a bottom drain and a side fill plug , you fill until the oil runs
out of the top plug

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First remove the nut on top of the pulley using a 1 1/16 in. wrench or socket. Then you will need to pry the pulley of the shaft using two pry bars. A bit of force may be required. It will kind of pop off when it does finally break loose. Be careful not to lose the half moon key that will still be in the slot on the shaft.

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Caterpillar Yellow is about as close as you will come.

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Sounds as if you might have destroyed the gearbox or cooked the internal clutches or both....nothing to do but disassemble the gearbox to find may have a broken gear tooth or teeth jamming the pinion...the FIX may be more expensive than the cost of a new Tractor Supply to see if replacement parts are even available...sorry to be the bearer of such bad news... ;-(

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I have run into a couple of issues with these. First is the traveling wheels sometimes don't lift high enough or fall The second is that the unit sometimes works better with cement ballast added to the top of the unit. This may not be your issue at all, but I hope it helps. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance:)

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In Gearboxes use gear oil (type GL5-85W 140 or Triple Zero
Grease; which can be poured, and has "EP" i.e. "Extreme Pressure" additives.) Fill the gearbox to approximately half-full level.

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go to the second site first, it will explain your "problem.". Your problem is you need to adjust the length of the pto shaft to your particular application. not all pto shafts fit all attachments "out of the chute"
once the shaft is adjusted OR prio to modifying it, view the first video. both or very well presented. i've been there!
Happy tilling!!

steve wood
Rancho de Suenos
Albuquerque, NM

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