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In your world, what does best results mean to you.

how are the hifonics mounted? open air, closed box, vented box (optimized to what freq)? trunk or inside vehicle?

all these variations weigh heavily on your configuration. As does what 'best results" means to you.

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Request the schematic diagram directly from JL Audio.

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Internal amp short on that channel. Repair or replace.

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Most modern amps are DC coupled. That means the bias (and therefore the quiescent current) for the later power stages (those stages that do the work and get warm) is set in the earlier stages.

The high gain of the earlier stages means a tiny change there can produce big changes in the way the later stages work. Those early stages are sensitive and more delicate so some damp and dust or dirt can cause far reaching damage.

Time to consult a repair shop...

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Check your ground to make sure it is properly grounded

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Disconnect all the speakers one at a time and see if it stops doing that, if it does you have a shorted speaker or wiring

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what set are you referring to

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It is risky to do that ,but it can be done.This is not recommended without an Oscilloscope.

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Amps that big are usually fused on the feed wire, under the hood of the car, near the battery.

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If wired in parallel, you'll get more output, but the combined impedance will be half.

If this is a system you are building, and you are putting both drivers in the same box, the Vas will double. A driver with a Qts above .5 will require a very large box. If they have a low Qts, then the optimum box will be smaller, but the lower bass output will not be as good.

If the Fs/Qes = 50 or so, a sealed box is generally better. If it's around 100, then a ported box is likely to be a better choice.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/david_29ad5d1dd86564b0

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Wiring speakers

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U can replace the fuse but they usually do not just go out - they do so when there is an internal problem causing excessive current flow.

Get 2 - if it blows again that amp needs to be serviced.

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Check your speakers wiring to make sure they are not touching. This will make your amp go in protection mode.

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If the door seems to be unable to close, look at the edge of the door to see if the latch striker has closed and is covering the slot where the door latch pin is supposed to seat. If the striker is covering the slot, simply pull on the door handle as if you were opening the door, and while holding the handle out, flip the striker bar out the way with your finger or a screwdriver. This happens occasionally on GM vehicles and is not a problem if you know how to fix it.

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Here's the Datasheet on the TDA7297 IC: http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/25110/STMICROELECTRONICS/TDA7297.html

This should work for you. It also shows a recommended circuit for the part.

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Do not drive till checked out!

fuel leaking or exhaust leaking!

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I agree with the last answer. I have 1 ten inch sub on my 500/1. it hits great but it would not drive 2 of my Skar wwv dvc subs

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