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why are you telling a repair website this??

Jet Cell Phones | 20 views | 0 helpful votes

if the pumps is slow starting i highly doubt its the pressure switch. more likely the pumps motor

Jet Plumbing | 70 views | 1 helpful votes

Ok, if this is a heated tub then it is possible that it works off of 220-240 Volts AC. Either you have a disconnect close to or connected to the tub, or it may be wired directly to the main home panel. One side of the 220 volts circuit breaker may be tripped. (being that what makes up 220 volts is two lines of 120) Your circuit breaker may look like it is not in the tripped position, so shut off the circuit breakers then turn them back on again and see if that may have helped.

Jet Home | 63 views | 0 helpful votes

Google has step by step procedures. Power off, open faucet to drain. Power on and adjustment screw under wire covering.

Jet Plumbing | 72 views | 1 helpful votes

They run the pump that sprays the cleaning solution.

Jet Health &... | 56 views | 1 helpful votes

Refill service for the Duster, PATHETIC!!! This shouldn't be so hard to find the slots to put a new duster on the wand. NOT WORTH the Money!!! Shame on me for giving you my hard earned monies, for a ** product.
I agree with a lot of what some people are saying except the person who said they don't make the xlarge wet cleaning size sheets. Yes, found them at Lowe's. Expensive but good idea about individually wrapping them. Kudos to the person who thought of that. I give you 4 stars but please make sides a tad longer for more tucking in tabs. You do that and I will give you 5 stars. Also make them easier to find.
Loved the fact that it was a quick and easy in between regular mopping with a mop and bucket. After using it for about a year I noticed that my kitchen floor was looking dingy and tacky (even though I used a regular mop with hot soapy water at minimum of 3 times a month). I ended up on my hands and knees scrubbing with a scrub brush with dish soap and bleach... the dirt that came up was unbelievable! I won't use the WetJet anymore. I always loved the regular dry Swiffer for hardwood floor and still recommend that for a quick dusting or removal of pet hair, (not crazy about the wet pads though). The solution from the WetJet is totally the issue... It leaves a film that attracts dirt and holds it in the grooves of the flooring. I wish I had invested in floor steamer as I probably spend the $100 on the WetJet, pads and solution I have used in a year.

Jet Vacuums | 57 views | 0 helpful votes

Search for on google

Jet Home | 115 views | 0 helpful votes

Does your feed pipe in the well have a non return valve at the bottom? It should have unless the well is very shallow. Check to make sure it is free moving and sealing properly. Then you can fill the pipe and the pump with water and it will create suction.

Jet Plumbing | 160 views | 0 helpful votes

The nozzles have probably become clogged with sediment over time. Soak shower head in CLR for 3 - 5 minutes to dissolve sediment. Run water. If nozzles still not free, repeat the CLR soak. If still not working then nozzle head probably needs replacing.

Jet Home | 63 views | 0 helpful votes

check impellers for debris or build up --motor bearings possible failure

Jet Plumbing | 389 views | 0 helpful votes

Yes the batteries are defective.

Jet Health &... | 30 views | 1 helpful votes

the jet action of the unit is dependent on good quality blades on the impeller
Sand , muddy water , plastic, weeds all affect the impeller and wear down the blades
what you describe indicates an impeller to housing clearance wear problem from one or all of the above

Jet Boating | 108 views | 1 helpful votes

How long ago did you use it? If you did not use it often, probably the ink crystallized on the printing head thingy. What you need to do (assuming you installed cartridges correctly) is to run the clean feature several times until the black comes out... maybe between 6-8 times. If that does not do it, you might need to get a new printer... which is not a terrible thing, considering a new printer has new ink on it and with ink prices now you're not paying much for the printer.

Jet Office... | 268 views | 0 helpful votes

Hi if u have 2 x 12 volt batteries connected in series :::: this bring the voltage up to 24 volts u can use it ..cheers

Jet Health &... | 31 views | 0 helpful votes

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