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The Janome 6019QC has the reverse stitch button to the right of the threading path below the thread tension dial. The thread tension dial is under the top cover but the two points help triangulate the button. The reverse stitch button is shown as item 27 on the first illustration of the parts of the sewing machine in the manual (page 2 of the manual, page 4 of the PDF). Janome has the manual on the retired machine page: https://www.janome.com/support/retired-machine-manuals/ . The manual is in the right-hand column under the Other Machines heading. The current link to the manual is https://www.janome.com/siteassets/support/manuals/retired/other-models/inst-book-6019qc.pdf .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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You tried disconnecting the stitch regulator?

No, try machine without regulator.

Yes, make sure you have power at the wall socket. Unplug sewing machine and plug in a lamp, radio, or vacuum to test for power. If power at wall socket, then plug sewing machine back in to wall socket. If still no power, disconnect and reconnect power cord at machine end. If still no power, try cycling the sewing machine ON/OFF switch a few times.

If still no power then likely the internal fuse or other.

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sadly I can not but try it either way and see if it works properly , if not reverse

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Janome has the manual for the Memory Craft 7500 on their retired machines support page: https://www.janome.com/support/retired-machine-manuals/ . Look under the Computer Models in the left-hand column. The Memory Craft 7500 is near the bottom of the list. The current link to the manual is https://www.janome.com/siteassets/support/manuals/retired/computer/inst-book-mc7500-en.pdf . You can also find the manual at ManualsLib: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/866820/Janome-Memory-Craft-7500.html . Some sewing machine parts shops online will sell you a PDF or printed copy of the manual. (One shop with the manual is https://www.sewingpartsonline.com/instruction-manual-janome-mc7500.aspx? .)

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Likely you will find it has an elastomeric connector between the LCD and its circuit board that has failed. If you have experience with this type of connector it can be replaced IF a suitable connector can be found. So not likely a DIY repair.

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Try taking the bobbin out and see if the machine will turn by hand movements using the flywheel or running the motor, you will feel and resistance if there is any but do not force the machine! if the machine turns without getting stuck then try a different bobbin as this might indicate a problem with the bobbin. I am also assuming you have placed the bobbin facing the correct way meaning the thread which is an easy mistake to make. Next, try eliminating different parts of the machine like turning it on different settings or without a needle, open the front part of the machine where you would normally replace the light bulb and watch as you hand turn the machine for any knocks or places of resistance, also unscrew the very backplate at the flywheel as the machine is usually connected by a rubber belt going from the motor to the machine and check that it is not caught up or broken. On older machines that did not have an onboard computer made it more easy to solve problems because if there is a problem the machine wouldn't just shut down, So elimination should solve the issues.

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Google (janome)(V/74088/627)(manual) without parens.

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Just as a test try selecting a straight stitch and short stitch length. Then advance hand wheel a couple turns leaving needle at the highest position. If feed dogs remain higher than needle plate, power machine off wait a few seconds, power on. It should power up to a straight stitch with nominal width and length. Rotate handw heel if necessary for needle maximum up. If dogs are still higher than needle plate... not sure. Comment below and I'll search for model specific issue.

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Here's Janome LO error;

LO: Replace the foot controller.
  1. Check for a tight or stuck clutch by the hand wheel.
  2. The machine may be jammed. Remove the timing belt to locate whether the bind is on the upper shaft or lower shaft. If it is the upper shaft, there may be thread caught in the take-up lever or crank pin. If the lower shaft is binding, check hook clearance, hook backlash. Check the lower shaft rear bushing for any black 'gunk'. If there is, replace the lower shaft and rear bushing.
  3. Clean the sensor on the DC motor and check if the shield plate on the motor is not loose or hitting the sensor. If either the sensor or shield plate is damaged, replace the motor.
  4. Check the upper shaft sensor. Make sure the shield plate is going perfectly thru the middle of the sensor. Replace the sensor and/or shield plate if damaged.
  5. If you still get the error, replace the DC Motor or upper shaft sensor (in this order).
My first thought is if you're running nearly non-stop for an hour the motor is overheating. Not sure what the maintenance schedule is for this machine <?>. May need a good cleaning/lube. Then foot pedal, then other.

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I suspect the bobbin thread has escaped its tension spring. If you give the bobbin thread a quick short tug and the bobbin spool spins then likely the thread is not behind the tension spring. This usually causes hook jam but not always.

First be sure you have threaded per machine instructions... see below.

Next turn handwheel and position needle at the high point of stroke (always when loading bobbin). Remove and re-insert bobbin. Now, to be sure the bobbin thread is fully positioned behind the tension spring, before you move the bobbin thread into the notch, place your right index finger on top of the bobbin spool to prevent the bobbin spool from turning. Hold thread snugly (in slight tension) as you move it towards the back of the notch. You should feel the thread slide in place behind the spring. Let loose the spool and lightly pull thread. Note the resulting change in tension. (don't forget to set top thread tension back to a more normal setting)

Comment here if you require further assistance.

If you need... your manual may be downloaded at no charge from the Janome site.

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Usually because it needs cleaning, lubricating and the timing redone. Take it for professional service.

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"The Freemotion Quilting feet are available in two styles; Open Toe and Closed Toe. Open Toe Foot for general use and extra visibility, and the Closed Toe Foot for general use with lace and catchable fabrics. The feet are available for high shank and low shank machines.'

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